Zoom Accumulator: One more week to cash in

Hey, you're a busy person. I get it. You've had laundry to do, Netflix to binge on, and a lot of staring off into the distance without thinking about anything. The day can get away from you pretty quickly.

Even in your fugue state, you might have heard about people winning big money by taking down pots with specific hands like aces, kings, and 7-2 off. It was all part of the Zoom Accumulator promotion, a chance to play a $250,000 freeroll just by doing what would do on any other day.


Now, there is only one week left, and your job is to win with pocket queens. If you do so, you can get a seat in a $250,000 freeroll on Sunday July 5 at 14:20 ET.

Here's how it works: you sign up for the Zoom Accumulator in the Challenges window of the PokerStars lobby. After that, you play Zoom poker and try to win with pocket queens. Every time you win with queens, you get 1,000 chips (up to 10,000) in that July 5 freeroll.

Visit the Zoom Accumulator information page for full details.

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Brad Willis
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