March 2016

31 March

Eureka! Join Daniel Negreanu for Romanian homecoming

By now, if you are any fan of Daniel Negreanu, you know he is a man of many countries. He is a proud Canadian who lives in the US and will be voting as a citizen in the USA's next election. You might also know, Negreanu's heritage is Romanian. That's...more

29 March

blakjak19 outlasts Christopher Brammer and Joao Fernandes, wins 3/29/16 Super Tuesday

As this week's Super Tuesday headed toward its 12th hour, among the three players remaining were two who had won the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars before. In fact, Brazil's Joao "jricardosc" Fernandes and the U.K.'s Christopher "NigDawG" Brammer had both won the tournament just last year. Fernandes...more

Jack Wu dominates ACOP Platinum Series XII

Last week, the 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room completed ACOP Platinum Series XII attracting festival totals of 725 players and more than HK$2.8 million in prize money. Taiwanese poker pro Jack Wu had a monster week with 2 wins and 3 final tables. Wu biggest victory was in the HK$5,500...more

28 March

Weekend Review: Big prizes in the holiday weekend Majors

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights * João "XxJoaoFeraxX" Otávio wins more than $213,000 in the Sunday Million * miki21221 takes down the Sunday Warm-Up Round up of latest results A brief Easter update of the action on PokerStars. The extended...more

27 March

Sunday Million: João "XxJoaoFeraxX" Otávio ends up on top, earns $213K

The Sunday Million returned to normal this week after last week's huge 10th anniversary bash that saw over 55,000 take part. Of course, "normal" is still something special, and this week's installment of the $215 no-limit hold'em event on PokerStars was extra special for João "XxJoaoFeraxX" Otávio of Brazil. That's...more

Sunday Warm-Up: miki21221 is so fine with the four-way chop and $58K win

With so many Sunday Majors on the agenda it is easy to downplay how much these players are vying for at the start of each week. Take for the example the Sunday Storm, which has a small buy-in of $11 but on the April 17th 5th Anniversary Edition there's a...more

25 March

There will be Sunday Majors in NJ this weekend (and more)

Approaching the end of the first week of online poker in New Jersey for some time, it almost feels normal. Work behind the scenes to get PokerStars back in the United States had been so central to the company that now we're finally there it feels like we never left...more

24 March

Jaime Staples: From Twitch Hype to (PS)TV Star

The advent of poker on Twitch has changed the way that poker content is produced. For the first time you don't have to have an army of cameras, an expensive set and a bunch of fluffy boom mics to produce entertaining and fun poker shows. Now all you need is...more

Celebrate the Sunday Storm 5th anniversary

We're not even a week removed from the monster 10th anniversary Sunday Million celebration, so we decided, "Why should we stop the party now?" After all, it's been five years since PokerStars introduced the Sunday Storm! Every week, the Sunday Storm packs a $300,000 guarantee punch, but on April 17,...more

Jaime Staples Twitch Highlights - 17 March 2016


23 March

Begin your Card Hunt to win up to $5,000 in cash every day

What are thoughts on $5,000 of free money? Well, if you're interested, that's on the table between now and April 15 during our new CardHunt promotion. All you need to do is complete a daily poker puzzle in your Challenge Window to be in with a chance. Alright, so how...more

22 March

AnyGameSir chooses no-limit hold'em, crushes 3/22/16 Super Tuesday for $103K

This week's Super Tuesday featured another collection of top poker talent playing from all around the world, with a big group of 547 showing up for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. The finish came more quickly than usual, with those 547 playing down to just one in...more

Mountain Series: Start climbing for millions

George Mallory said it best. Asked by the New York Times why people climbed mountains, Mallory said, "Because they are there." Now, there is another reason: you could make a lot of money. In just a couple of weeks, PokerStars will launch the brand new Mountain Series. What's that, you...more

Mixed Games for Beginners - Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome


UKIPT6 takes centre stage for season opener in London

There was a time when the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour played the role of the understudy. It was new, exciting, full of energy, but always in the shadow of its older, bigger, more glamourous European cousin, the one that had more money and boasted about spending spring on...more

21 March

Blood type: AC+

One of my mother's journals described how she and my father used to visit Resorts in Atlantic City for blackjack, back when rules were highly favorable to players: "Several times a week Mike and I left our little son with a babysitter, rode the chartered bus with our unborn daughter...more

Phoenix, New Jersey: Inside the re-launch of PokerStars in the USA

You might have thought that it would look more impressive when it actually happened. About 90 minutes ago, at 12:01am on Monday, March 21st, 2016, PokerStars officially became a regulated online gaming operator in the Garden State of New Jersey. Perhaps you'd have imagined handfuls, maybe dozens, of NJ Department...more

PokerStars Announces Revised Pricing

Following a review of the current business environment and the pricing policies employed across the competitive landscape for online gaming, PokerStars will change its pricing for a select number of games in its shared liquidity market, effective March 28, 2016. Even after these changes, PokerStars will still have the lowest...more

It's back! Welcome PokerStars to New Jersey, USA!

It's been nearly five years since Americans saw PokerStars shining on their screens inside the United States. It's been five years of watching players from nearly every other country in the world play Sunday tournaments, fun cash games, and satellites to live poker events. It's been five years of wondering...more

Weekend Review: A big win and a Jersey Bounce

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights * a.urli wins the tenth anniversary Sunday Million * Mr. Bucis takes down the Sunday Warm Up * The countdown ends to PokerStars' New Jersey return Round up of latest results Well I saw it....more

Sunday Million: a.urli tops 55,059-entry field, wins 10th Anniversary Milly for $970,000

A little over ten years ago PokerStars began what has become a signature tradition on the site, a weekly $215 no-limit hold'em tournament with a $1 million prize pool known as the Sunday Million. Or, more affectionately, the "Milly," the nickname perhaps sounding like something given to a family member...more

20 March

Sunday Warm-Up: Mr. Bucis takes down the title, $91K (3/20/16)

There's an old saying that no plan survives contact with the battlefield. You can prepare however you want, but once you make the final table of a tournament, there's no one path to victory. Sometimes it pays off to be the biggest stack, or to be the most active player...more

18 March

Sneak into the $10 million Sunday Million tenth anniversary

Unless you've been locked in a very small pantry and surviving on dried foods for the past several weeks (and, if so, we're really sorry about that), you know that this Sunday PokerStars will celebrate 10 years of the world's biggest online tournament. It's going to be a $10 million...more

17 March

An accountant, $2.5 million and the perfect storm

It's been around for maybe 200 years, gaining popularity in the American south in the 1800s after being introduced by the French. Or was it the Persians? The point is, no one really knows for sure how poker started. What we do know is that it was played more in...more

Join me in the Elite Series

Hello, I am Christin and I am a poker player! I love poker and I want to enjoy myself when playing this amazing game. It's been almost ten years since friends in Brooklyn taught me how to play Texas Hold'em at the kitchen table. It's been nine years since I...more

16 March

Best Poker Moments from Social Media - February 2016

Roughly every four years, the Earth celebrates the fact that we get an extra day tacked on to the year's shortest month. Rather than the usual 28 days of February, we all got 29 in 2016, which ensured that our calendar lined up correctly with the planet's revolutions around the...more

15 March

Victorious again: Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov tops 3/15/16 Super Tuesday

It's never a surprise to see familiar usernames and avatars going deep in the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely brings out the best and brightest in the poker world. This week was no exception, with several players returning to make deep runs in the tournament...more

Jaime Staples Twitch Highlights - 10 March 2016


Beware the (sl)ides of March?

If you've ever been told to beware the ides of March - and admittedly this usually only applies if you're a Roman general - those ides refer to this very day. The expression comes from Shakespeare, who in turn took it from the Roman calendar which didn't count days, just...more

14 March

Cheltenham Festival Money Back Special!

Cheltenham is here, and BetStars is your place to put your money down on your favorite horse. BetStars announced today that it's got big plans to give you your money back if your horse finishes second or third. If you're ready to get your bet down, head on over to...more

Weekend Review: Name change as Kanit wins Sunday Mmmillion

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights * Mustapha "lasagnaammm" Kanit wins Sunday Million * Mayu "marroca5" Roca wins Sunday Warm-Up * Wang Ping Yuan is crowned P1M champion in Manila. Yet another win for Mustapha Kanit Round up of latest results...more

Sunday Million: Mustapha "lasagnaammm" Kanit extends magnificent run, banks $177k

There are hot streaks, great runs, and lucky breaks in poker... and then there is Mustapha "lasagnaaammm" Kanit's last ten months. The 24-year old not only won the SCOOP Main Event for $1.3 million, not only took the #1 spot on the all-time money list in his native Italy, but...more

13 March

Sunday Warm-Up: Mayu "marroca5" Roca earns $70K victory

Mayu "marroca5" Roca is one of Columbia's live top money winners claiming fourth place at the European Poker Tour Grand Finale two years ago earning $579,682. Roca was already established as a force online before that EPT final table winning a WCOOP bracelet and SCOOP watch along with nearly four...more

P1M Guarantee- March: A dominating victory for Wang-Ping Yuan

It was a big day for Taiwanese player Wang-Ping Yuan aka Wayne who overcame a field of 361 entries at the P1M Guarantee Main Event to claim the trophy and the P332,648 first place cash prize. Yuan's run to the finish line began with him scalping many players prior to...more

12 March

P1M Guarantee- March: Final Day Updates

We are at the final day of the P1M Guarantee with 56 players returning to the felt for a battle to the trophy. The first place cash prize is P332,648 big ones plus a seat to the upcoming Manila Megastack 5. Top 36 players will see a profit with the...more

P1M Guarantee- March: Final Day Begins; 56 qualifiers

We are at the final day of the P1M Guarantee at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila. The combined day one flights saw a total of 361 entries - 168 for day 1a and 193 for day 1b - bringing the prize pool to a...more

P1Million Guarantee- March: Soo Jo Kim ends day 1b with a monster stack; Chip Counts

Although the day started slow, day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event eventually picked up momentum and recorded 193 total entries by the end of late registration. At the end of regulation play, only 28 players were able to hold on to their chips with Korea's Soo Jo Kim...more

11 March

P1M Guarantee- March: Day 1b Updates

Cards are in the air for day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room. We will post random updates of some of the action at the felt today. This is the last flight to qualify into day 2. Buy-in is P5,000 with unlimited...more

P1M Guarantee- March: Last Main Event day one flight underway today

The final day one flight of the P1M Guarantee Main Event kicks off today at 1230pm at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams, Manila. Buy-in for this event is P5,000 with unlimited re-entries until the end of level 8. Starting stack is a healthy 15K, which...more

The decade-long journey of the Sunday Million

For most people these days, it's hard to remember a time when there wasn't a Sunday Million. Some of 2016's best players hadn't even hit puberty when the Sunday Million first appeared ten years ago. Now, the world's biggest weekly tournament is about to celebrate ten years of changing lives....more

P1M Guarantee- March: Dave Colclough rides high above at day 1a; Chip Counts

UK poker pro Dave Colclough, one of the most decorated and experienced players at the PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee Main Event, came out way on top at the end of day 1a with 227,700 chips in his arsenal at bagging. Colclough earned a massive stack when his A♦K♦ connected...more

The PokerStars diet of cake and ice cream

If a PokerStars weekend was a diet fad, it wouldn't be one to get you healthy any time soon. Let' face facts. We don't do kale, we do treats. We don't do moderation, we binge. And while this weekend promises a meat and two vegetables kind of menu, we made...more

P1M Guarantee- March: PS Live Manila Day 1a Updates

Action is underway at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila for day 1a of the P1M Guarantee Main Event. They will be playing a total of 14 levels with late registration / re-entries open for four hours. Blind duration is 30 minutes. For those looking...more

10 March

PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee Main Event

We are back at PokerStars Live Manila for the poker room's second event of the year, the P1M Guarantee poker festival. The festivities kicked off on Tuesday March 8 at City of Dreams Manila, and will run until Sunday March 13, 2016. Today begins day 1a of the P1M Guarantee...more

Jamie Staples Twitch highlights - 6 March 2016


Spin & Go your way to the EPT Grand Final in Monaco

It's the same old story. You're desperate to play the EPT Grand Final in Monaco - the most prestigious event of its kind - but finding the time to win your seat in a satellite is often impossible. What you need is a solution that factors in the promise of...more

8 March

ivanvilchez8 cruises to 3/8/16 Super Tuesday victory; Team Pro Lodden fifth

It was another talent-rich field in this week's Super Tuesday, with a final table featuring several familiar names including the U.K.'s Erik "Popiedejopie" van den Berg, Hungary's Andras "probirs" Nemeth, and Norway's Johnny Lodden of Team PokerStars Pro. But with nine left ivanvilchez8 of Argentina enjoyed a sizable chip lead,...more

LAPT9 Chile: Strong start, strong finish! Rodrigo Strong claims title and $120,565

Over the last few days, we've mentioned a few different themes throughout our coverage of the LAPT9 Chile Main Event. Through both Day 1 flights, we talked about two-time LAPT champions, one of which was defending his title here in Vina del Mar, and a handful of players that were...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Ivan Luca defeats his girlfriend, Maria Lampropoulos, to win title

A big grin from Negriin Mysterious poker player takes the EPT by storm and over the course of 15 months final tables High Rollers and Super High Rollers for fun before bagging first major European title early in 2016. No we're not talking about Dzmitry Urbanovich, but Ivan Luca. Tonight...more

First look: 2016 SCOOP schedule first draft

The people behind the Spring Championship of Online Poker might have a career in politics. Yesterday, for the first time, PokerStars players got to decide the format of one SCOOP event all on their own. It was democracy in action. Now, in what amounts to a town hall meeting, you...more

LAPT9 Chile: Final table live updates

* LAPT9 CHILE MAIN EVENT IS OVER * Rodrigo Strong wins LAPT9 Chile for $120,565 * Click here for prize pool and payouts * Want more tournament action? Check out live updates from Eureka6 Rozvadov 7:30pm: Rodrigo Strong wins LAPT9 Chile for $120,565 Level 32 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000)...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Final table updates

11pm: Ivan Luca wins Eureka6 Rozvadov (€106,186); Maria Lampropoulos second (€95,404) Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante) It's all over and Ivan Luca has won the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event, denying his girlfriend the win and us the first ever female Eureka champion. On International Women's Day to boot!...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Final table profiles

Seat 1: Mick Heder, 25, Them, Denmark - 1,370,000 Mick Heder Mick Heder collected his biggest prize here in the King's Casino just two months ago when he was fourth in the EPSC Main Event, taking €24,603. He returned to Rozvadov and is now among eight finalists in the Eureka...more

Join Team Online's 'Katerina289' on Twitch this week to win great prizes

Katerina 'Katerina289' Malasidou is one of the fastest-rising stars on PokerStars Team Online and this week you have the chance to learn from her - and win prizes at the same time! The Greek poker pro will be hosting a special stream on the PokerSchoolOnline Twitch channel at 8pm on...more

7 March

Ivan Luca leads Eureka Rozvadov final table

Look who's chip leader! Was there ever any doubt? The Argentinian superstar started the day fourth in chips of the 63 returning players and quickly rose to the top. He stayed there for most of the day. When his compatriot, Andres Viola, was eliminated in tenth place to set the...more

LAPT9 Chile: Rodrigo Strong tops stacked final table line-up

On the first few days of this event, we relied heavily on our Latin American colleagues to point out the who's who of LAPT regulars (this is my first time covering an LAPT, and the same goes for my colleague Will, and we couldn't be happier to be here). So,...more

SCOOP 2016: The Players' Choice vote is in

The Spring Championship of Online Poker has been around for a long time, but now, for the first time ever, the players have decided what one of the events will be. As we told you last week, PokerStars decided to put the format of SCOOP Event 15 to a vote...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 3 live updates

* CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES * CLICK FOR LATEST CHIP COUNTS * 8 of 682 remain * FINAL TABLE SET, PLAY RESTARTS AT 2pm CET, TUESDAY * Click for prize pool and payouts * Live stream here * Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog...more

PokerStars announces $1 million freeroll

PokerStars today announced details of a new $1 million freeroll, with a chance for every PokerStars player to qualify, and win a first prize expected to be $20,000. Not only that, but between 30,000-50,000 players will finish in the money, from a starting field of 100,000. So on the one...more

LAPT9 Chile: Day 3 live updates

* CLICK HERE TO REFRESH THE LIVE UPDATES * CLICK HERE FOR CHIP COUNTS * 8 of 565 remain * Click here for prize pool and payouts * Want more tournament action? Check out live updates from Eureka6 Rozvadov 7:05pm: Final table set, eight return tomorrow at 12 PM...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 3 live updates archive

* This is an archive of Day 3 coverage. For latest updates click here. 6:30pm: End of the level Level 22 - Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante) The players are now on a 15 minute break. 6:25pm: No stopping Ivan Luca Level 22 - Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante) Ivan Luca...more

Weekend Review: CantWinAFlip wins flips and more to headline weekend

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights * CantWinAFlip wins the Sunday Million * Riffa Kriffa wins the Warm Up * The LAPT Chile Main Event is down to 32 players * The Eureka Main Event plays on in Rozvadov Round up...more

Sunday Million: CantWinAFlip can win the Million, banks $174k

Can't win a flip. We've all muttered it in disgust or frustration in the middle of a bad run. Can't. Win. A. Flip. Patience, keen reads, sound play, and good judgment can take a player far in tournaments, but when all is said and done, thousands of dollars in equity...more

6 March

LAPT9 Chile: Ricardo Matamala sets himself top on Day 2; leads 32 into penultimate day

In yesterday's Day 1B recap, Jack Stanton mentioned Oscar-nominated film The Revenant, in which Leonardo DiCaprio's character is left for dead and then comes back from the dead to get revenge. We don't want to completely piggy back off of that post but coming back from the dead was a...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Riffa Kriffa rips through field for $73K victory

With the Turbo Championship of Online Poker finished and the Spring Championship of Online Poker waiting behind some blocks of ice and snow there is still the Sunday Majors to keep everyone warm. The $425K guarantee Sunday Warm-Up brought 2,322 players into the mix all hoping to taking away a...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Daniel Rose blooms late on to claim huge Day 2 chip lead

Daniel Rose - two thumbs up for two big pots Sometimes the end of day chip leader is at the top of the counts throughout the day, steadily accumulating throughout to finish on top. On other occasions, like today at the King's Casino in Rozvadov, the chip leader bludgeons their...more

LAPT9 Chile: Day 2 live updates

* DAY 2 IS OVER * CLICK FOR START OF DAY 3 CHIP COUNTS * CLICK HERE FOR THE PRIZE POOL AND PAYOUTS * 32 of 565 remain (79 got paid) 12:45am: The wrap Check out all of today's action in the full Day 2 report. --JS 12:27am: We're...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 2 live updates

* DAY 2 HAS FINISHED * CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES * CLICK FOR LATEST CHIP COUNTS * We're in the money 65 of 682 remain (103 get paid) * Click for payout structure * Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE * Want more...more

5 March

LAPT9 Chile: Francisco 'Tomate' Benitez leads the revenants on Day 1B

Have you seen that movie The Revenant? In it, Leonardo DiCaprio plays frontiersman Hugh Glass; a man on a revenge mission after being attacked by a bear and then left for dead by his backstabbing colleagues. In fact, that's what a revenant is - someone who has come back from...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Arsenii Karmatckii finishes on top after turbo Day 1C

The third and final opening flight of the Eureka6 Rozvadov Main Event has just wrapped. The special turbo Day 1C - levels were 20 minutes instead of 45 - attracted 118 runners which took the total players 675, add in seven no shows and that takes the total entries to...more

LAPT9 Chile: Oscar Alache - your LAPT Player of the Year

It's not often you see an entire poker room stop and applaud for someone they're still competing with. However, when the player in question is as popular as Oscar Alache, it's not surprising at all. A Chile native who currently sits fourth on the country's all-time money list, Alache has...more

MPC24: Wayne Yap conquers record High Roller!

Congratulations to Wayne Jun Wen Yap! He overcame this star-studded record High Roller field with 114 entries to take home HK$2,292,720 and etch his name in Macau poker history. It was back to back hands that ultimately decided the winner. Yap started the heads up battle with Xixiang Luo with...more

Quentin Dellis tops Eureka6 Rozvadov Day 1B field

If Day 1A of a poker tournament is an amuse-bouche then Day 1B is a hearty starter. A total of 338 players elected to start their Eureka6 Rozvadov adventure today, easily eclipsing the 219 who played yesterday. The format, of course, was the same, 10 levels each 45 minutes in...more

LAPT9 Chile: Main Event Day 1B live updates

CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES CLICK FOR SELECTED DAY 1B CHIP COUNTS 12:20am: The wrap You can now find a full report of the day's action. --JS 12am: Day 1B is in the books Level 10 - Blinds 500/1,000 (100 ante) It's officially over here on Day 1B....more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 1B live updates

* DAY 1B HAS ENDED. CLICK TO READ THE RECAP * CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES * CLICK FOR END OF DAY 1B CHIP COUNTS * 132 of 338 players advanced to Day 2 * Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE * Click for...more

4 March

MPC24: High Roller live updates

Wayne Yap wins! (HK$2,292,720) Wayne Yap has done it! A stacked field of 114 entries took part in this MPC24 Red Dragon and after two days of play Yap has emerged victorious. He earns himself HK$2,292,720 for his impressive performance here. We'll have a full recap of the final table...more

LAPT9 Chile: Sergio Palma quietly leads through Day 1A

Vina del Mar, Chile welcomed the Latin American Poker Tour for the second stop of their Season 9 schedule, after the LAPT opened 2016 at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. We're now back to the continental tour of South America and if Day 1A of LAPT9 Chile was any indication, this...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Daniel Karacic leads Day 1A survivors

Season six of the Eureka Poker Tour kicked off today at the King's Casino in Rozvadov. A total of 219 players put up €1,100 to play some poker and when the ten levels were over 90 players had made it through to Day 2. Daniel Karacic, chipped up in the...more

MPC24: Three cheers for Ying Lin Chua!

A stellar week of poker, a record-breaking field and a new Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon champion! The atmosphere here at PokerStars LIVE Macau has been electric over the past few days. Not only did this iteration of the Red Dragon prove to be the biggest yet, but the event...more

On happiness, confidence & gratitude

People always ask me on Twitch or YouTube how I can be so "happy," motivated, and confident starting a brand new poker session every day - especially after I have had a stretch of big losses, bad beats, or bad play of my own. The simple answer to this is:...more

Valentine's Day Score

I was fortunate enough to score on Valentine's making the final table of the $10.50 Super-Knockout! Unfortunately, I also had a date planned with my girlfriend at the same time. It was your typical poker-life balance dilemma, one that full-time players are often faced with. In this case I...more

LAPT9 Chile: Main Event gets underway! Day 1A live updates

CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES CLICK FOR LATEST CHIP COUNTS 12:15am: That's a wrap You can read a full day report here. --JS 12am: We're done! Play is over for Day 1A but stick around - we'll be back with a full wrap of the day and all...more

Eureka6 Rozvadov: Day 1A live updates

* Day 1A is over, Day 1B starts at 1pm CET. For a recap of Day 1A click here * CLICK FOR END OF DAY 1A CHIP COUNTS * Sprechen Sie deutsch? Dann klicken Sie rein beim PokerStarsblog DE * 90 of 219 players made it through to Day...more

The perfect weekend ahead?

Sometimes all the elements that make for a great poker weekend collide creating a weekends you want to dive into fully clothed. Whether it's something to play, something to inspire, or something to read, we seem to have it all. For one thing there are the usual assortment of weekend...more

3 March

MPC24: Final table live updates

Ying Lin Chua wins! (HK$1,904,000*) It's all over here! Ying Chua has overcome a field of 1,075 players to become champion of the biggest Red Dragon event ever. Chua guaranteed himself the lion's share of prize money during the three-way deal and added a bonus HK$300,000 and a $100,000 ACOP...more

I had no other choice...

PokerStars festivals are, by far, my favorite. They're enjoyable in a lot of ways; you can visit a new country, meet old friends and make new ones, or just simply have a good time. For some players these are the biggest reasons. like to concentrate on the tournaments and try...more

MPC24: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Takashi Ogura, 33 (Tokyo, Japan) - 2,710,000 Japan's Takashi Ogura starts our Red Dragon final table second in chips. The 33 year-old says he's played poker for six years and got his start in cash games. When he's not running deep in tournaments he can usually be found...more

Low-rolling High Roller: The Life of an EPTourist

Today we debut the first part of an upcoming occasional series from PokerStars' Innovation Coordinator & Ideation Manager, Christin Maschmann. When she isn't coming up with new ideas and fun stuff at PokerStars, she travels the EPT on a surprisingly low budget. FANGIRL "Sure, just show up at the venue....more

MPC24: China's Liang Xu leading into final table

We finally made it! After a week of exciting poker action here at PokerStars LIVE Macau the Red Dragon final table is here at last. When things kicked off at 3pm we had 55 players and weren't sure how long the day would last. Approximately eight hours later and that...more

Katerina Malasidou on joining Team Pro Online (and how you can too)

How did you become a member of PokerStars Team Pro Online? If had to make a list of the all questions people ask me, that would definitely be among the top three. I've been familiar with Team Online since its creation in 2010 because my husband, André Coimbra, was one...more

2 March

MPC24: Day 3 live updates

11:00pm Liang Xu leads the way into the final table We've reached our MPC24 Red Dragon final table! Liang Xu will bring the most to the table tomorrow when the action kicks off at 3pm. Here's the final table draw. Seat 1 - Takashi Ogura (Japan) - 2,710,000 Seat 2...more

Draft dreams

Anthony Zinno stood against a wall at a posh Beverly Hills hotel. Dressed in a suit and blue tie, Zinno looked as if he'd plastered an irremovable smile from his face in lieu of shaving. A semi-circle had formed around him, a man who had earned more than $5 million...more

Who's your bet to win the Team Pro Online Heads-Up Challenge?

You might recall how last week BetStars took bets on the winner of the EPT Dublin Main Event. It was the first instance of them laying odds on a final table with pre-match favourite Dzmitry Urbanovich proving that the odds setters knew a thing or two about compiling prices (or...more

MPC24: Ukraine's Kamel Mokhammad back on top for Day 2

Eliminations and cold hard cash were the main features today. The poker room is dying down here now as Day 2 of the MPC24 Red Dragon has wrapped but not long ago PokerStars LIVE Macau was electric with excitement. We had 259 returning from our record 1,075-player field and again...more

Andre Coimbra on his $1K Challenge: Level 1

Some years ago I did a challenge where I tried to turn $100 into $100K over the course of a year playing only tournaments. I didn't reach the $100K goal (I finished with $70K), but I learned a lot about tournaments and what kind of content my followers liked. Mostly...more

1 March

MPC24 Day 2 live updates

9:20pm: Play concludes with Kamel Mokhammad leading That's all folks! We're just awaiting numbers before we finalise everything. We currently believe Kamel Mokhammad had risen to the top again today. We'll have everything you need to know soon in the end-of-day wrap. Stay with us! Day 2 chip leader Kamel...more

TDO6H20G takes down 3/1/16 Super Tuesday, wins $101,080

In the United States tonight a big round of primaries and caucuses in multiple states gave today the nickname "Super Tuesday." But on PokerStars every Tuesday is Super Tuesday, the name given to the popular weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts poker's best and brightest. No need to...more

SCOOP introduces Players' Choice event

A funny thing happened on the way to this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule. There, in the spot of Event 15, there was a little hole. Just what kind of tournament was that going to be? Turbo? Zoom? Ante-Up? That's when the brilliant minds behind SCOOP said, "What...more

MPC24: China's Huitong Cao claims top spot on Day 1c

For poker fans; today had everything. We witnessed records broken and an indescribable atmosphere as players flooded the poker room here for the third and final opening flight of the Red Dragon. By the close of late registration it was 512 who joined the hunt today. That brought our total...more

From $10 to $1,000 the easy (smart) way

Unlike many other players who turn pro after a big tournament score, my poker career started with $10 on micro-stakes. It has been a long grind to where I am today, so I am very familiar with how poker players with modest bankrolls trying to move up stakes feel. Naturally...more

Are you ready for the Elite Series?

As I wrote in my previous blog entry, Play Money Poker has changed. One of the big changes in the last two years is the dramatic increase in popularity of tournament poker, with the number of daily tournament entries more than doubling in the last two years. And what do...more

MPC24: Day 1c live updates

3:30am: Play concludes; Huitong Cao predicted chip leader After such a big field today there may be a slight delay on getting official numbers tonight. We'll have everything up as soon as possible. From the looks of it Huitong Cao is the end of the day chip leader. Keep your...more