July 2016

29 July

WCOOP 2016: Your feedback requested

It's that time of year again, when I'm ready to share the tentative schedule for the annual World Championship of Online Poker with you, to let you know how things stand right now and to collect your feedback on what we've built so far. We're up to Version 04 of...more

#StarsFun is back for Barcelona

For you an EPT festival might simply be about the poker, but if you're inclined to take a break from the action at the table, #StarsFun is back to offer plenty of action off it. The new season begins in the usual way in Barcelona, with a festival guaranteed to...more

Weekend Planner: MicroMillions 12 finale set for Sunday

So, you don't have anything planned for the weekend? No holiday? No backyard BBQ? No ski trip in Patagonia? What's say you win some money, then? MicroMillions Finale No matter how big or small your bankroll is, you have a chance to play for a $1 million prize pool on...more

28 July

MicroMillions 12: Closing in on the final weekend

With the last weekend of MicroMillions 12 fast approaching, it's worth recapping on what is still to come, with 33 events left to play. This coming Sunday is obviously the big finale, with the Main Event beginning on Sunday July 31 at 14:00 ET. The buy in? A whopping $22...more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Daniel Negreanu

1. He's a committed vegan Negreanu's mum might have tried to steer him down a healthy eating route, with packed lunches winning out over McDonalds, but when he hit Vegas as a poker pro his diet suffered. 'I ate the typical meat-heavy diet of most poker players in the 90s,'...more

27 July

Top five blow ups on PokerStars.tv

So far, having pored through the PokerStars.tv archive, we've discovered clips that show a sort of progression through the tempers and emotions of a poker hand. First came the bluff. From that the natural consequence of the bad beat. But then what? What follows the bad beat? The "blow up"...more

APPT10 Manila: The Guide

PokerStars LIVE Manila is ready and set for the highly anticipated APPT Manila Season 10 poker festival which takes place at the luxurious City of Dreams Manila from July 28 to August 8! Last year, the tour's annual Philippines leg took a giant step in cementing its place as a...more

MicroMillions 12: A chance to try something new

Much has been written during MicroMillions about low buy-ins becoming big pay-outs, and it's all true. But there's another advantage to these inexpensive entry fees, that don't rely on the subsequent big win to be deemed useful. They present an excellent opportunity to develop skills in games you might not...more

26 July

Super job by SupaJah, winner of 7/26/16 Super Tuesday for almost $70K

We might want to consider renaming this week's Super Tuesday -- the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars -- the Supa Tuesday. That because the last hand and first-place prize was won by Russia's SupaJah, who topped a field of 386 entries to earn a $69,954.54 payday. That turnout...more

Incredible reaction from 250K Spin & Go winner


Unlikely fairytale for one "Solid" Spin & Go winner

Broadly speaking, a fairy tale that involves a character called "Solid Penis" is not one that's going to make it as a bed time story. Or at least, a bedtime story that's not read alone, and on the internet. But believe it or not that's what we have. But before...more

MicroMillions 12: The perfect antidote to high ambition and low bankroll

MicroMillions 12 continues, with seven more results since yesterday, and all of them meeting those now signature attributes of a MicroMillions win. * A low buy-in meaning events are open to the maximum number of players, with prizes big enough to boost any bankroll. * A hugely competitive field made...more

25 July

New to the VIP Store: Create your own tournament

You love playing tournaments on PokerStars, but you can never log in on time. You want to play deep stacked Omaha, but sometimes the format or structure never really suits you. And besides, you want to play deep stacked, and not short-handed. Well, we might have found a way to...more

Life Changing Summer

A question I keep getting asked is, "What was the highlight of your summer?" You might think this is a tough one as so many awesome things happened. Three things that had never happened to me before happened this summer. I won two bracelets for the first time in my...more

Weekend Review: A recap of results on PokerStars

Weekend highlights on PokerStars * eightndeuce wins Sunday Million * Another 17 more winners in MicroMillions 12 Sunday Million Are things now returning to normal after two months of poker in Las Vegas? They just might be, and the first signs of that came this weekend, when 6,073 players...more

Sunday Million: eightndeuce survives marathon heads-up to win, earn $162K

"Wow... five all-ins," typed chess87 in the chat box after the conclusion of tonight's Sunday Million. "Luckboxed my way through life," chess87's heads-up opponent, eightndeuce, humbly replied. Both were no doubt a bit fatigued. After all, they'd just finished a marathon heads-up battle lasting more than two hours, ending with...more

22 July

PokerStars top 5 bad beats


Five things for the weekend on PokerStars

Five things from the world of PokerStars heading into the weekend. 1. The last of the WSOP (for now) And so after six weeks in Las Vegas, the sun has set on the World Series of Poker for another year, at least until the final nine player return later this...more

Poker as distraction

So there we were... me and my wife and six others parked in a beach house about 50 feet from the Caribbean Sea. Doing the things you're supposed to do - eating too much, snorkeling, and having deep conversations. I mean, as deep as the conversations can get when you're...more

21 July

MicroMillions 12: Low stakes, big prizes

Low stakes and big prizes is the tag line of Micro Millions, and yesterday seven more winners got to know personally how true that really is. Day five of MicroMillions 12 concluded in the early hours of this morning: new winners marvelling at how a couple of bucks (in one...more

20 July

gilleschro grows bankroll, picks up nearly $62K for 7/19/16 Super Tuesday win

With the 2016 World Series of Poker behind us for now -- the summer portion, anyway -- we turn again to the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts the best and brightest poker has to offer. It was another tough field this week comprising the...more

Top five bad beats from PokerStars.tv

I suppose if a bluff has a second cousin twice removed, it's probably the bad beat. Both are born out of hope rather than intention, and while both leave you staring in amazement, it's usually for entirely different reasons. That amazement has been the standard working environment of the people...more

MicroMillions 12: Tyler "frosty012" Frost off to a hot start

With the World Series of Poker over for another year, bar the shouting, the final table later this year and the small matter of several million left to award of course, our attention can now turn properly to MicroMillions. And thank goodness. For here you see poker at its best....more

19 July

How to Ride the Isle of Man TT Course


Neymar Jr and Ronaldo #RaiseIt with some drone inspired life hacks

If you've been following our #RaiseIt series of videos you'll know that Neymar Jr and Ronaldo have been having a little fun outdoing one another with increasingly incredible feats. The #RaiseIt battle continues, this time by the pool with some creative Life Hacks. Neymar Jr gets things started with what...more

18 July

WSOP 2016: Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy leads November Nine

There is no telling how many people famous backer Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy has put in the Main Event over the years. At this point, only one matters: himself. Tonight in Las Vegas, the World Series of Poker reached the November Nine, that poker nonet that will head back here in...more

WSOP 2016: Anatomy of an elimination: Kassouf is finally silenced

William Kassouf and Griffin Benger shake hands after the former's controversial elimination If William Kassouf was going to be knocked out of this poker tournament, there was one thing we could all be sure about: he wasn't going to go quietly. So it proved moments ago on the vast television...more

WSOP 2016: November nine ball, corner pocket

By this time tomorrow night, everyone in the poker world will be talking about the November Nine, while people still at the Rio will be more inclined to talk about nine ball. It's coming up on 8:30pm in Las Vegas, and the illusion is starting to crack. With 14 players...more

Happy birthday, Liv! Here's $65,000

It was not the November Nine, but it turned out to be a decent birthday for Liv Boeree anyway. Fresh off her $22,648 cash in 528th place in the WSOP, Boeree moved her operation down the street to the Bellagio where the summer's last gasp of hope was playing out...more

WSOP 2016: The London bar bluff--was there a World Champion in their midst?

James Obst: Did a London bar manager see greatness in a gaggle of no hopers? It was Season 6 of the European Poker Tour and we were in London, which was then a regular stop on the EPT. Over in the convention centre of the Hilton hotel on Edgware Road,...more

WSOP 2016: Who needs a live stream anyway?

The table under scrutiny To the great chagrin of many remote supporters of the World Series of Poker Main Event, there's no live stream of proceedings from the Amazon Room this year. It has left fans reliant on that most archaic of media: text. There's not much anybody can do...more

WSOP 2016: Who will fill the richest nine seats in poker?

Chip leader Vojtech Ruzicka It is July 18, 2016 but for poker followers it is simply November Nine day. It's the most exciting day of the summer, where the final table is set for the biggest tournament in the world game. With 27 players remaining--15 from the United States, three...more

WSOP 2016: Jason Mercier wins Player of the Year

Just try to imagine how he does it. Imagine how Jason Mercier does what he does. Imagine how he sits down and simply decides to be Jason Mercier for an entire summer at the World Series of Poker. What does that mean? It means eleven in-the-money finishes. It mean two...more

Spin & Go your way to EPT Barcelona

Got ten minutes? Want to win a seat to EPT Barcelona? You might be in luck. Today PokerStars launches its latest Spin & go promotion that could get you a seat to the EPT13 Barcelona main event for as little as €10, and all inside about ten minutes. Put another...more

Weekend Review: Deep runs for Team Pros as WSOP winds down

Weekend highlights on PokerStars * The latest from the WSOP as the Main Event reaches its penultimate day * Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian wins the Sunday Million Another year of the WSOP Main Event nearing its end WSOP update That is nearly that. The World Series of Poker...more

Sunday Million: Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian adroitly earns win, $165K

The poker world's attention has been trained on Las Vegas over the last week, understandably so as the World Series of Poker Main Event today wound down to its next-to-last day of the summer. But while that tournament played down to its final three tables Sunday night, there was excitement...more

17 July

WSOP 2016: What we know about the final 56

It's Day 6 of the World Series of Poker Main Event and the race to the November Nine is entering its final stages. At time of writing 56 players remain, and there are some big stars among them. Here are the men we recognise, and what we know about...more

WSOP 2016: A slow walk to the big bucks

Drop a World Series veteran in the corridor between the main Rio casino and its convention center and he or she can likely tell you not only the time of day, but also the exact stage of the Main Event they have reached. In the early stages, there is...more

16 July

WSOP 2016: Ladouceur will have to wait for another day

It's going to happen someday. Mark--nay, Marc--our words. At some point, Marc-Andre Ladouceur is going to make the final table of the World Series of Poker. It seems like destiny, and there were at least a few people who believed it would happen this year. In 2011, Ladouceur placed 63rd...more

WSOP 2016: Collision course ends Shahade's run

The world's richest dance floor There is a dance people do. It happens in corridors and casinos. It happens festivals and fairgrounds. It happens anywhere too many people are in too small a space. You know how it works. You see him coming. He sees you coming. You both want...more

WSOP 2016: William Kassouf: The king of speech play seen and heard deep on Day 5

William Kassouf: Easy to spot despite the camouflage It has come to the time in this tournament when the ESPN cameras are sweeping along media row, catching nothing so much as a blur of illuminated apples on laptop lids with crooked spectres hunched the other side. "Content" must be thin...more

WSOP 2016: Harold Lilie? Who is Harold Lilie??!

So, you're a poker tourney regular. It's your job to size up your competition as quickly as you can. Put a name to a face. Create a backstory you can use. Do anything to gain an edge. It's what you do. You're a pro. So, what's your read on this...more

WSOP 2016: The plot thickens

We're making a TV show Returning to the Convention Center of the Rio All Suites Hotel this morning it was clear that the World Series of Poker is coming to a close. The Pavilion Room is deserted, the Brasilia is not long for the world and the merchants in the...more

15 July

WSOP 2016: Pick your storyline as Main Event heads to Day 5

The bonhomie is almost off-putting. Two men in an elevator, trapped for a moment in a conversation about their futures, both still alive in the biggest tourney in the world and knowing that one or both of them could be exiled before midnight. But there they are, commiserating about the...more

WSOP 2016: From Monaco media event to the big time, the rise of Victor Saumont

Victor Saumont deep on Day 4: Readers of the French blog will have to wait Things are not progressing as they usually do for Victor Saumont this week. In fact a lot of his world has been turned entirely on its head. Saumont is no stranger to major poker tournaments...more

WSOP 2016: Shahade proving there is more than one Mind Sport

Jennifer Shahade, PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade has just achieved her personal best in the World Series of Poker Main Event, and she isn't finished yet. Before today, Shahade had never made it past the bubble. With one hour to go before the dinner break, 432 players of the...more

WSOP 2016: Kenny Hallaert riding, and boosting, the Belgian boom

Kenny Hallaert: The BPC needs to wait until the WSOP is done You could have forgiven Kenny Hallaert if he had decided to skip the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas this year. Hallaert is a busy man. Back in his native Belgium, he manages the Belgian Poker Challenge...more

WSOP 2016: The deeper she goes, the more Boeree gives

Day 4 of the WSOP began with such promise for Liv Boeree. She had 554,000, a stack that put her in the top 25% of the field. Then, within the first two hours in the day, she had aces cracked by 7♦8♦ and then ran ace-queen into ace-king. Left with...more

WSOP 2016: Level-by-level with Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal: Back for more on Day 4 Aditya Agarwal was playing his 11th World Series of Poker and, having cashed in five of his previous outings, was in confident mood ahead of this year's tournament. It made Agarwal, the 31-year-old Team PokerStars Pro from India, an obvious candidate for...more

WSOP 2016: Flying high with FrenchDawg but the party will have to wait

Marc-Andre Ladouceur: FrenchDawg is focused on another deep run With two minutes left on the countdown to Day 4 of the World Series of Poker Main Event, the tournament director told dealers that if a player had not arrived yet to their table, they were to "open the bags, put...more

WSOP 2016: Welcome to reality

The man in the elevator with me this morning seemed nervous, jittery, and ready to come out of his skin. He spied my media badge on my chest, but didn't recognize it as the Scarlet Letter for people who are definitely not playing in the Main Event. "You still playing?...more

2016 ACOP: Schedule Draft

The 2016 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) is over three months away from its October 28 start date but the good folks at the 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room have been kind enough to release the first draft of the schedule. The 17-day poker festival once again features a HK$100,000...more

Five things to look forward to this weekend on PokerStars

Five things from the world of PokerStars heading into the weekend. Coverage from WSOP The bubble burst in the WSOP main event last night, marking the rough midway point as more than 6,700 players try to become a member of the final nine. It's also the midway point of our...more

Hole cards now always visible when all-in

The latest version of the PokerStars software for desktop and mobile devices across all jurisdictions has removed a small feature: when two or more players are all-in, their hole cards are now always visible to other players at the table. Revealing hole cards when all-in has been the long-standing practice...more

WSOP 2016: Ladouceur with millions; Boeree and Shahade big stacks too

Marc-Andre Ladouceur And just like that, the World Series of Poker Main Event is in the money. All it took was 15 levels, the elimination of 5,726 players, and one very gracious bubble boy and we're there. It's going to be wise to return to PokerStars Blog tomorrow to see...more

WSOP 2016: 'Bubble boy of the century' hits the rail, leaves 1,011 in the money

Adam Furgatch: Happy as a bubble boy The metrics used to measure distance from the bubble in the World Series of Poker Main Event all work to some degree. Social media activity picks up and the crowd in the corridors becomes denser. Meanwhile bellies stretch the seatbelt-like dividing rail between...more

14 July

WSOP 2016: The players accustomed to winning

Johnny Chan: Can be a three-time winner There are approximately 1,200 players remaining in the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event, which means they're only about 100 away from the money. At last count, there were five previous Main Event champions still involved: Tom McEvoy, who won in 1983,...more

WSOP 2016: A Day 3 round with ElkY

Up close and personal with ElkY One of the peculiarities of the WSOP Main Event is that despite all the poker going on across hundreds of tables among thousands of players, sometimes you don't see very much poker. This is a "can't see the woods for the trees" phenomenon. With...more

WSOP 2016: Cash or no cash? Day 3 playing close to the money

Marc-Andre Ladouceur: Top spot heading to the money A big question mark hovers over the World Series of Poker Main Event today as the entire remaining field convenes for the first time for Day 3 action. Will they reach the money? In most years, and in most multi-day tournaments, the...more

MicroMillions is back: Play starts Sunday

It's the tournament series played by thousands. It's the tournament series that makes finding loose change down the back of the sofa a potentially life changing act. It's the tournament series for everyone. That's right. MicroMillions is back. MicroMillions is the tournament series that turns a few cents into a...more

Life in the Fast Lane: Poker and the Eagles

Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of the country-rock band Eagles, often engaged in marathon sessions of poker, particularly a game he invented called "Eagle Poker." Frey was an avid card player along with his songwriting partner Don Henley. It didn't matter if they were backstage, or on...more

13 July

WSOP Main Event: Liv Boeree flies the flag highest as Negreanu's charge comes to an end

Liv Boeree soaring at the Main Event Day 2 of the World Series of Poker Main Event has only 60 minutes left. That means that this is the last hour where we cannot be certain whether the future World Champion is in the room. When Day 3 begins, all the...more

WSOP 2016: The show continues as Negreanu takes giant strides towards his target

Negreanu remains the centre of attention For most players, chips mean chat. But as we have already established, Daniel Negreanu is not "most players" and the size of his chat does not depend on the size of his stack. When we last dropped in on Negreanu, he had one of...more

WSOP 2016: Boeree 'does her thing' and Lin makes it best ever

Liv Boeree: Back to do her things at the tables Liv Boeree says she hasn't been playing much this summer in Las Vegas, favouring instead to "do her thing" (her words), which means heading out in the desert a lot, climbing mountains and trekking down streams. Or, to use her...more

WSOP 2016: It pays to be a winner, and Moneymaker knows it

Chris Moneymaker sits in the middle of the Amazon Room looking like he could at any minute jump into a stock car and drive in the Daytona 500. He is a man of many logos. He is wearing a Team Pro badge, a PokerStars sticker, and a Blue Shark Optics...more

WSOP 2016: How Daniel Negreanu plays a short stack

Daniel Negreanu plays a short stack differently than you do. You, if you're like a lot of people, sit at the table looking at your pathetic stack and lamenting everything that's happened and turned your tournament into a tragedy. You fiddle with your few chips and find some way to...more

WSOP 2016: Danzer draws on experience to play the long game

George Danzer returns for the second of five 90-minute matches It was the dinner break on Day 1C and George Danzer had pulled a real pro's move. A few minutes earlier the Team PokerStars Pro had been sitting in the biggest single-day field in WSOP Main Event history, one man...more

WSOP 2016: Mojave departs after 'the sickest bustout of my career'

Felipe 'Mojave' Ramos: Vegas run ends Felipe Ramos got up from his chair slowly, with an anguished wince, and made his way to the side of the Amazon Room. Poker players only do that when one thing is clear: His World Series of Poker Main Event is over. "It's probably...more

WSOP 2016: Chasing Marc-Andre to Day 3

By the end of Day 2AB, there was no doubting which member of the PokerStars Red Spade Brigade was on top. By the time the chips went in their bag just after 1am this morning, Team Online's Marc-Andre Ladouceur had amassed a Top 25 stack worth 410,500. Now, it's just...more

Top five bluffs from PokerStars.tv

They rank as the most exciting moments in poker. Those times when you sit watching, in open-mouthed astonishment and marvel at the sheer bravery (or recklessness, depending on how things turn out) of a player attempting an almighty bluff. For the neutral, whose chips are not in the middle and...more

12 July

Mads "madsamot" Amot wins a lot, triumphs in 7/12/16 Super Tuesday

While the World Series of Poker Main Event continues in Las Vegas, the Super Tuesday played out again tonight, likewise pitting players from all over the world. This week's installment of the $1,050 buy-in tournament saw 331 enter, and after a little over 11 hours Norway's Mads "madsamot" Amot was...more

WSOP 2016: Shahade leads clutch of Red Spades deep on Day 2

Jennifer Shahade: Early double up, and then some It is quiet in the Amazon Room as the clock ticks towards Level 10. That will be the last full level of play on Day 2 as the stresses and strains of two days at the felt begin to take their toll....more

WSOP 2016: Keeping your head in the game, some new ideas

Wes Sime road-tests some of his gadgets in the daily deepstack The World Series of Poker Main Event draws to Las Vegas not only the best poker players in the world, but also anybody with any kind of interest in the game: supporters, spectators and businessmen alike. People from all...more

WSOP 2016: Shahade eyeing maiden Main Event cash

When Jennifer Shahade began Day 2 of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event, she had had only 62,000 chips, barely more than the 50,000 starting stack she received just for buying in. She played the very first flight, and when it was over, she was less than pleased....more

WSOP 2016: Will the real Jason Somerville please stand up?

Jason Somerville is sitting as close to the World Series of Poker Main Event rail as anyone can. A fan with long arms could reach out and grab Somerville's hoodie if one were so inclined. No one is going to, though, because there isn't a soul watching Somerville play. And...more

WSOP 2016: A house divided...might get naked

Fatima Moreira de Melo has her hair pulled up in a small knot on her head. She's dressed conservatively in a pineapple-print top and is a walking billboard for the international symbol of welcome. She's the very picture of relaxed, friendly, and approachable. So, maybe that was why the guy...more

WSOP 2016: Players return targeting another 10 hours

Victor Ramdin: Returning among the 1,846 Good morning and welcome back to Las Vegas for the first of two Day 2 flights that will inch us nearer the money at the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event (WSOP). This is a difficult time for players: the cash bubble is...more

EPT13 Preview


11 July

WSOP 2016: Goal No 1: Last longer than 70 minutes...Tick!

No aces For as long as I have known the rules of poker, I can remember discussions that began: "You have aces in the first hand of the World Series of Poker, another player moves all-in, what do you do?" These discussions (which started for me around 1997) would often...more

WSOP 2016: Biggest Day 1 flight in history yields to Day 2

If you say nothing of poker players, say this: they love a good deadline. Just after 8pm tonight, registration on the 2016 World Series of Poker closed, and anyone who still wanted a seat in the Main Event realized they were going to have to wait until 2017. Day 1C...more

WSOP 2016: Tweets from (and near) the crypt

People of a slightly more advanced age (meaning born prior to 1985) might remember an HBO series in the late 80s and early 90s called Tales from the Crypt, a spooky, off-putting show where bad things happen and worse things happened as a result. We thought of it tonight as...more

WSOP 2016: The Day 1 grind with Jake Cody

A tough day for Jake Cody, but rolling with the punches into last level The Twittersphere at the moment--heading into the last level of Day 1C at the WSOP Main Event--seems to be dominated by players either delighted with their progress so far, or dreadfully disappointed by it. But it's...more

WSOP 2016: Vamos! The World Series circuit heads to Brazil

Felipe Ramos joins the WSOP's Ty Stewart to confirm a trip to Brazil for the circuit series In an ideal world, both Felipe Ramos and Andre Akkari would have climbed the stairs to the stage in the Brasilia Room this year to collect World Series of Poker bracelets. But for...more

WSOP 2016: A sacrifice worth the cause

What--outside of losing all his chips--could make 2003 World Series of Poker champion Chris Moneymaker stand up from his chair after the first level of Main Event play and bolt for the door? What could make him run out into the desert heat, cut short a conversation with fellow champ...more

WSOP 2016: The Kid Poker Main Event campaign starts here

It's impossible to not think about it. It's an act of folly to try to put it out of one's mind. It's still raw despite having happened nearly 12 months ago. But one man seems to have put it behind him completely. Right now, Daniel Negreanu sits in the middle...more

WSOP 2016 Main Event: Where fields became field

Joe McKeehen gets Day 1C started "In my day, this was all fields." -- Traditional A decade is a long time in poker, and for anybody who was at the Rio back when the World Series of Poker first transferred to its present surroundings in 2005, it remains tempting to...more

Weekend Review: Win for Luke Schwartz while WSOP coverage continues

Weekend highlights on PokerStars * The latest from the WSOP as the Main Event begins * Luke "lb6121" Schwartz wins the Sunday Million WSOP update The WSOP Main Event began on Saturday, which means our Blog coverage is in full flow. Our reporters, who we set free to report...more

Sunday Million: Five-time SCOOP champ Luke "lb6121" Schwartz takes the title

July 2007. The iPhone had been on the market for less than a month. Jerry Yang was the newly crowned WSOP Main Event champion. Barack Obama was an underdog U.S. Presidential candidate and Fedor Holz was still in primary school. In the ensuing nine years, millions of dollars in bankrolls...more

10 July

WSOP 2016: ElkY and Selbst soaring as Main Event heads to final Day 1 flight

No matter how empty this poker tournament was when we started the day, it's a rock and roll show tonight. As players head toward the final minutes of Day 1B, any semblance of silence has shuffled out into the desert. This 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event is well...more

WSOP 2016: Where the numismatist's wife has a shot at millions

Talal Shakerchi: SCOOP champion back at the live grind Registration remains open for another two hours on Day 1B of the Main Event, and if a trip to the buy-in line offers any indication, the field will continue to swell. With intentions nothing more grand than registering for the media...more

WSOP 2016: Play my chips for me, Mom!

Imagine you're a professional poker player. It's your life. It's your livelihood. Now imagine you could pick any person in the world to play your chips for you. Who would it be? Daniel Negreanu? Doyle Brunson? Your best friend? How about your mom? That was not originally Marc-Andre Ladouceur's plan,...more

WSOP 2016: Well, there's no rule against it...

The tablet sits atop some fancy sort of stand, one that allows it to sit four feet off the carpet, rest securely in its frame, and broadcast the Euro '16 final to anyone within eyeshot. One man--either a superfan or a man who took a flier in the sports book...more

WSOP 2016: Yaxi Zhu makes the final on first trip to Vegas

A final table on Vegas debut for Yaxi Zhu There was more than one Team PokerStars Pro going for a bracelet today, but while the likes of Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Vanessa Selbst and Aditya Agarwal knew they needed to beat about 6,500 people to win the Main Event, Yaxi Zhu...more

WSOP 2016: Alone in poker's cathedral

It's sometime around 9:30am, and I'm the only person in the Rio's Amazon Room. When I arrived, I expected locked doors or a security officer who would want to inspect my media credentials. I found neither, and here I am in a 40,000 square foot room all by myself. It...more

9 July

WSOP Main Event: Selbst, Mercier and Pagano have fallen, but Shahade and Zhu remain

Yaxi Zhu: Charging to the final table in the ladies event? The 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event is nearly one day old. It is a baby in almost all senses, except one: its size. When registration closed on the opening flight after the Day 1A dinner break, there...more

WSOP 2016: Sit. Stay. Shake hands. Help me win. Good dog.

When the day began, Jennifer Shahade had 50,000 chips like her fellow PokerStars patch-wearers in the crowd. Just like everyone else in the room. As of the last update, she had 80,000 while Team Pros Naoya Kihara and Luca Pagano reported a total of...zero. What did Shahade have that the...more

WSOP 2016: Is that Luca Pagano?

"Luca Pagano seemed to be hypnotized. Occasionally he shook his head or brought his fingers to his lips. But, basically, he just sat there staring into nothing." ---Season 1 EPT report There are scenes that will stick with a man. A glance from across a bar. The way the air...more

WSOP 2016: Romance at the Rio as Mercier pops the question to Barbour

Mercier goes down on one knee All-in and dominated at the final table of a World Series bracelet event. You have A♣5♣, your opponent has A♦T♣. The dream is about to die. Not necessarily. It may just be that a different dream is about to be kindled. At around 2pm...more

WSOP 2016: Birthdays and bracelets with Vanessa Selbst

Overhead, Kenny Loggins' voice is wailing from unseen PA speakers. He's screaming about how he has this feeling that the times are holding him down. He's gonna tear up this town, and he's going to go footloose. It's the entry music to Day 2 of the WSOP Ladies Event, and...more

WSOP 2016: POY gets the ball rolling

The 2016 World Series Main Event is under way Congratulations Robert Franz, the first big winner of the 2016 WSOP Main Event. There's something particularly pure about a race in which none of the runners know they are competing. But after the doors opened to the Amazon Room at the...more

WSOP 2016: Last call for glory, y'all

"Miss? Miss?" The two yellow-uniformed security officers stood over the woman on the bench. They were kind at first, whispering for the woman to wake up like one might speak to a child in the latter stages of a night's repose. The woman didn't budge. "Miss..." This time it was...more

8 July

The weekend ahead on PokerStars (and Las Vegas)

Five things from the world of PokerStars heading into the weekend. 1. Sunday Majors Okay, if you have interest in the Sunday Majors this weekend it likely means you're not in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker Main Event (more on that below). Personally speaking I feel your...more

PokerStars announces second $1 million freeroll

How does ten chances to win a seat in a million dollar giveaway sound? PokerStars is pleased to announce the second of four $1 million online freeroll poker tournaments planned for 2016, set to take place on Sunday, July 17 at 12.04 ET. Here's how to take part. Freeroll Qualifier...more

7 July

Poker Etiquette: Are you guilty of breaking proper form on the felt?

If you're like most people who are new to the world of poker, you probably have one game on the brain: Texas Hold'em. Good choice - it's the most popular poker game on the planet, and you won't have trouble finding a Hold'em game in almost any card room. The...more

WSOP 2016: Could Jason Mercier become the third Team Pro PoY?

The Main Event, which begins this Saturday at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, may mark the beginning of the end for this year's World Series of Poker, but even when it's completed there will still be one title left to contend, that of Player of the Year. We bring...more

6 July

Game On: Take a tour of the world's favorite games

While poker may be the world's most entertaining card game, it's not the only fish in the gaming sea. From traditional games like Pinball and Dominoes to more obscure pastimes like Tarneeb, games are played in every corner of the world, often in bars or cafés. So if you are...more

5 July

dmmberry very, very good, wins 7/5/16 Super Tuesday, nearly $60K

Welcome to July, everyone, and the second half of another year's worth of Super Tuesdays, the $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars. This week's installment drew a modest-sized field of 308 -- still enough to best the $300K guarantee -- and after almost 12-and-a-half hours of poker dmmberry of Canada...more

WSOP 2016: Negreanu and Moreira de Melo enjoying the Las Vegas climate

In other competitive pursuits the predictability of the outcome can lessen the enjoyment of watching it transpire. Think of the soccer team unrivalled in its division (to the neutral fan at least), or the tennis player unbeatable year on year. It remains a remarkable achievement, but as a spectacle it's...more

4 July

Weekend Review: Another big Sunday winner as attention turns to Las Vegas

Weekend highlights on PokerStars * The latest from the WSOP * A win for Australia Jay-Syl11 in the Sunday Million WSOP update It's only right that the American Fourth of July weekend should feature one of the most gloriously expensive events on the WSOP calendar, one that shuns any...more

Sunday Million: Down Under on top as Jay-Syl11 banks $177k

It wasn't exactly a day for underdogs in the sporting world, as France put an end to Iceland's improbable run in Euro 2016. However, in our little corner of the internet, the opposite was true as the two least-decorated players at the Sunday Million final table dodged past seven more...more

1 July

Vanessa Selbst in WSOP weekend spotlight

It's a holiday weekend in America, one that will see lots of BBQs, fireworks, and revelry. Nevertheless, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst hopes she'll be spending a lot of today indoors. Selbst won the first two rounds of her $1,500 shootout on Thursday to advance to the final day of...more