September 2016

30 September

Eureka6 Hamburg: Holke in pole position to defend title

Tom Holke: Leads in back-to-back bid It seemed to be too much to hope for, but it has just come to pass. After Jan von Halle bagged the chip lead at the end of Day 1A, it was pretty remarkable when George Danzer did the same at the end of...more

Looking ahead to the weekend on PokerStars

Five things from this week on PokerStars. WCOOP ends for another year After more than three weeks the World Championship of Online Poker came to a close on Tuesday when German player Jonas "llJaYJaYll" Lauck won the Main Event. The field of 2,091 amounted to a prize pool in excess...more

29 September

2016ACOP: The Race to Two - Part 3

Full disclosure. This was never meant to be a trilogy. Back in 2014, the timing seemed right for the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) to realize a two-time winner of their ACOP Title Events - the tournaments which award the coveted ACOP Spadies trophies. Two years later, we've awarded 53...more

Eureka6 Hamburg: Danzer ends as he starts: the man everyone is looking at

There's no stopping George Danzer Picture the scene: you wake up from fitful slumber, turn on a laptop and open up your emails. And there, beaming at you like a bright shard of sunlight through the blinds, is the face of George Danzer hoisting a trophy aloft. Danzer's was the...more

28 September

Your chance to take part in the next $1 Million PokerStars freeroll

There's another chunk of free money coming on PokerStars, and we want you to have your chance to win a share of it. What's more it won't cost you a penny We're talking about the next $1 Million Freeroll, one of the biggest free-to-play poker tournaments ever hosted. And if...more

WCOOP 2016: Epilogue... all over for another year

Wins for Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan and teruliro served as a worthy precursor to the Main Event win by German player llJaYJaYll who earns more than $1.5 million. The Player of the Series comes to a close with Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez topping the leader board. All of which brings WCOOP...more

Eureka6 Hamburg: Jan Von Halle rolls back the years to lead Day 1A

Jan Von Halle: Chip leader Small, but beautifully formed. There are few other ways to describe Day 1A of the second Eureka Hamburg Main Event, a €1,000 buy-in tournament in Casino Schenefeld, on the outskirts of Germany's northern city. Only 69 players turned up for this first of three flights...more

27 September

WCOOP 2016: G's zee wins another WCOOP title, James "Andy McLEOD" Obst 2nd in Event #80 ($700 NLHE, 1R1A)

Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan knows how to turn in a memorable performance. When he won his first WCOOP event in 2014, he started as a short stack but pulled off an incredible comeback to find himself heads-up with an enormous chip lead, then closed the match out in just nine...more

WCOOP 2016: llJaYJaYll dominates, earns $1.5 million for Main Event victory (Event #78, $5,000 NL Hold'em Main Event)

A thrilling, three-day ride came to a close tonight as Germany's llJaYJaYll defeated 2,091 runners to win the 2016 WCOOP Main Event and a life-changing $1,517,541.25. It capped off a record-setting series, with $73,504,875.79 in prize money awarded across 82 events. llJaYJaYll had his work cut out for him at...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Pedro Claus claims Main Event title, $90,630

Coming into a session of poker with the chip lead doesn't guarantee you anything. Just ask Oscar Alache and Mario Lopez, who led going into Day 2 and Day 3 of the LAPT9 Uruguay Main Event. Both ended up cashing, adding to their lengthy tournament resumes, but had their hopes...more

WCOOP 2016: teruliro takes one for Brazil in Event #81 ($320 PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

Pot-Limit Omaha is known for wild action and crazy draws. 5-Card PLO adds an extra dash of spice to that mix and the 6-max format throws in a handful. A total of 1,239 players signed up for that action in Event #81 and they created a prize pool worth $371,700....more

PokerStars adds Win the Button tourneys to regular schedule

"Is it my button?" "Button moved..." "Don't raise my button!" Everyone loves the button, but like a good opportunity, it only comes around so often...unless you're playing a PokerStars Win the Button tourney. Then, all takes to get the button is to win a hand. Now, you'll have a chance...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Main Event final table live updates

6:55pm: Pedro Claus wins LAPT9 Uruguay ($90,630); Fernando Araujo runner-up ($70,000) Level 31: Blinds 60,000/120,000, Ante 20,000 That was quick -- just one hand of heads-up, and it's all over! Fernando Araujo had the button to start, and after checking his cards he open-pushed his last 1.3 million. Claus --...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Meet the final eight

Argentina is well represented at today's final table by no less than six players, with Brazil having players sitting in the other two. All have tournament experience, however, given each a shot at the trophy and $110,870 first prize. The LAPT9 Uruguay Main Event final table As we await the...more

WCOOP 2016: Main Event set to bring Championship to a close

WCOOP 2016 is not quite over yet. There were wins for ISILDRooN, Noogaii, mighty28 and NegroVente1, as well as a near miss for Phil Galfond. There was also the matter of the Player of the Series contest, which is now a race for top ten places. There are no more...more

26 September

WCOOP 2016: NegroVente1 binks a quickie with Wrap-Up Event #82 ($1,050 NL)

The finale! One last quickie. After 22 exhilarating days of nonstop WCOOP action, we've finally reached the last event on the 2016 WCOOP docket. Welcome to the Wrap-Up, or Event #82 of 82. It also celebrated the last chance to win a WCOOP title for a mere price tag of...more

European Poker Tour Update

We've had a few weeks to recuperate and regroup following the European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona. It was a busy and record-breaking EPT Main Event with 1,785 players, which was won by 21 year old Sebastien Malec for €1,122,800 who qualified for just €27. That was a great story and...more

WCOOP 2016: mighty28 tops Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond for Event #77 title ($215 NL Hold'em Sunday Warm-Up SE])

Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond has won a lot of things in poker-- two WSOP bracelets, millions of dollars, and a reputation as one of the most talented cash game players in the world. One thing he hasn't won? A 'COOP title. Galfond came close a couple times. He was runner-up in...more

WCOOP 2016: Epic $153K win for SSSMBRFC2/C in Event #72, $109 NLHE

There have been bigger prizes in terms of sheer dollar amount on offer during this WCOOP, but compared to the buy-in, Event #72 packed just about the biggest punch. The nine finalists, whose combined buy-ins totaled $991, combined for more than $697,000 in prizes. For much of the third...more

WCOOP 2016: ISILDRooN quickly earns WCOOP glory in Event #76 ($320 PLO, Mix-Max, 6-Max)

There was one last Mix-Max tournament on the schedule as the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker neared the end. This time around is was some four-card poker played across two different formats. The $300 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha tournament drew more than 600 players and in the end it...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Pedro Claus fills bag full of chips to lead to Main Event final table

We had a feeling an Argentinian player might be leading to starting tomorrow's final table here at the Latin American Poker Tour Uruguay Main Event. After all there were only 25 among the final 32 (!), and indeed one of them -- Pedro Claus -- will be the frontrunner when...more

Beating the best: bencb789 reflects on $1M win vs. Fedor Holz

"See you at the final table." How many times in the last decade or so have you heard that? How many times have you said it to one of your friends at the beginning of a tourney? It's one of those sweet dreams players have: to start a tourney with...more

WCOOP 2016: Day 22 belongs to... take your pick

It proved a weekend full of big stories. There were wins for Daniel Negreanu, Mike Watson, Ludovic Geilich, Sean Winter, and a second title in about a week for bob43155. Other wins turned heads, as did good results for Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez who all but wraps up top spot on...more

WCOOP 2016: No stopping Noogaii in Event #79 ($320 No Limit Holdem)

The 2016 World Championship of Online Poker is now wrapping up with players taking their very last shot to get amongst the WCOOP honours. One player who took their last opportunity with both hands is Ireland's Noogaii who had to wait 79 events before his moment in the sun. It...more

25 September

WCOOP 2016: Michel 'FreeLancerZZ' Dattani wins 6-Max Prog-KO and denies ministerborg a Triple COOP in Event #75 ($700 NL 6-Max, Prog KO)

Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek from Denmark won a SCOOP event back in 2012 and shipped a TCOOP in 2014, but he was searching for a WCOOP win to lock up a rare Triple COOP. If the "every other year" pattern rang true for ministerborg, then he was due for a WCOOP...more

WCOOP 2016: Mike "SirWatts" Watson adds a WCOOP title to his resume in Event #74 ($10,300 Eight-Game Championship)

Poker doesn't get much harder than this. Around 80 of the world's best players plunked down $10,300 to battle each other in eight different games. It took one day for the list of contenders to get down to 12. Then it took another to get down to one. The field...more

WCOOP 2016: maggess88 bullies theNERDguy to win second WCOOP with victory in Event #73 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins was the runner-up at the 2014 WCOP Main Event that was won by Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz. That victory by Holz was the beginning of an unfathomable hot streak that's still ongoing despite his early retirement. Although Martins did not embark on anything close to resembling Holz's scorched...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Seeking title defense, Mario Lopez leads final 32

Coming into this LAPT9 Uruguay Main Event, which will be the last official Latin American Poker Tour festival, players and fans alike had to be wondering if any of the two-time champions could end the series with a record breaking third title. After two starting flights, one of those double...more

24 September

WCOOP 2016: Negreanu defeats Isildur1 to win Event #71 ($2,100 HORSE Championship)

If you were asked to name your dream poker heads-up match up, it would be hard to go past Daniel Negreanu versus Viktor Blom -- two players who have revolutionized the game of poker in completely different ways. Negreanu, the ultimate poker ambassador and promoter has done it all in...more

WCOOP 2016: ludovi333 scores big, SixthSenSe19 second in Event #70 ($21,000 PLO, 6-Max, High-Roller)

If you've ever wondered what finding a giant pile of money on the other end of a bout of deja vu is like, Ludovic "ludovi333" Geilich might have an answer for you. The last time he found himself heads-up for a -COOP title, he was playing 6-max pot-limit Omaha. He...more

WCOOP 2016: bob43155 picks up second WCOOP this week in Event #69 ($700 NLH, 6-Max, 5-Stack)

The final weekend of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker has a little something for everyone. Big games, niche variations, huge money all around. Event #69 was a $700 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament with no re-entries but five separate stacks they could play as they wished. The tournament...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Two-time champ Oscar Alache ascends to Day 1B chip lead

It was another fast-paced, action-filled day in the big ballroom here in the Conrad Hotel & Casino where Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Uruguay Main Event played out. Among the players coming out today was two-time LAPT Main Event champion Oscar Alache of Chile who we watched...more

WCOOP 2016: PAW717 triumphant in Event #68 ($320 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max)

After a long and successful series, the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker is entering the home straight. For many players, they are probably eyeing the finish line with a touch of relief (as they can now get a bit more sleep), but also a touch of sadness. Many are...more

23 September

WCOOP 2016: Winter is here, Sean "Nolez7" Winter wins Event #66 for $228K ($2,100 NLHE, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE)

Last tweet from the World Championship of Online Poker Event #66 champ two days ago asked "how do you beat nits?". Not too many nits at the final table after over 24 hours of play across two days in this $2,100 Progressive Knockout Thursday Thrill special edition. Sean "Nolez7" Winter...more

WCOOP 2016: __akun333___ wins another one in Event #67 ($1,050 7-Card Stud Championship)

The 2016 World Championship of Online Poker is in the home stretch with only a few more days to earn WCOOP honors. The latest non-Hold'em game brought out a small, talented field for the 7-Card Stud Championship. Of the 127 starting entrants, it was Poland's __akun333___ picking up his second...more

WCOOP 2016: pads1161 earns $162K, second WCOOP victory in Event #65 ($700 NLHE, Ultra-Deep)

No major poker tournament is ever won easily, but some wins are definitely more difficult than others. Just ask Patrick "pads1161" Leonard. He won his first WCOOP event - last year's Event #17, a $700, 6-max, triple-stack no-limit hold'em tourney - after entering Day 2 as the chip leader, taking...more

LAPT9 Uruguay: Fabian De La Fuente Fights To Day 1A Lead

As the old adage goes, "It's not how you start, it's how you finish." and this Day 1A flight took that saying literally over the last few levels of the night. There were plenty of early chip leaders that fell both before and after the dinner break but it was...more

WCOOP 2016: All or nothing heading into final weekend

As WCOOP reaches its final weekend marcasa and prepstyle71 record wins, but so too aDrENalin710 of Russia, who records his second WCOOP win of the year. SixthSen19 has a great day to extend his lead in the Player of the Series contest. Four events start today, three finish today, and...more

22 September

WCOOP 2016: Another week, another WCOOP title, aDrENalin710 wins Event #64 ($320 HORSE)

We were writing about aDrENalin710's handful of COOP titles just last Wednesday. Now the Russian player is headlining the PokerStars Blog yet again. aDrENalin710 COOPage domination started back in 2013 with two SCOOP titles. aDrENalin710 then won a WCOOP in 2014 and 2015. aDrENalin710 picked up this pace this year...more

WCOOP 2016: prepstyle71 with totally awesome win in PLO Championship Event #63 ($2,100 PLO 6-Max)

Cue up your favorite 1980s mix because prepstyle71 won the WCOOP PLO Championship. If you're prepstyle71, you might ask yourself, "How did I fade 406 players in one of the toughest PLO fields ever assembled?" If you're prepstyle71, you might find yourself sitting at a final table with two Dutchies...more

WCOOP 2016: marcasa makes the money, takes down Event #62 ($530+R NLHE)

Opportunities to win -COOP titles don't come along every day. When marcasa last had a chance, in the TCOOP Main Event this past January, the turbo structure and late stage of the tournament meant the result was largely out of marcasa's control. The fourth-place finish for marcasa there was worth...more

WCOOP 2016: Sousinha23, MITS 304 and jorginho88 win big on Day 18

Ivan Luca missed out on a title finishing runner-up to sousinha23. MITS 304 wins event #61 while jorginho88 does the same in the Super Tuesday. Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez finished fourth behind sousinha23 to extend his lead in the Player of the Series standings. Three more events start today, while three...more

WCOOP 2016: jorginho88 rejoices in Event #60 ($2,100 No Limit Holdem Super Tuesday SE)

We already knew that the World Championship of Online Poker was big, but when the world's richest weekly poker tournament doubles its regular buy-in, you just knew this particular event on the schedule was going to be massive! A prize pool of close to two million dollars, six figure returns...more

21 September

WCOOP 2016: MITS 304 draws low to win Event #61 ($1,050 Razz Championship)

Razz takes a fair share of needling as a game that can make a grumpy person out of a normally laid back player. Always trying to make the worst poker hand has a way of doing that to perfectly reasonable people. That didn't stop the WCOOP 2015 Razz Championship event...more

WCOOP 2016: Hungary's sousinha23 wins Win the Button Event #59 ($320 NL Win the Button)

Win the pot, win the button. The concept was simple. The "Win the Button" format favored aggression and created utter chaos if you had the biggest table bully in the world two seats to your right. Rewards could be reaped if you were in perpetual BEASTMODE. Triple COOP winner Fabrizo...more

2016ACOP: High stakes early bird special

The Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) is the Far East's biggest stage for high stakes poker - where the last two years alone has awarded HK$107 million (USD $13.8 million) from the big buy-in tournaments. If you're interest in competing in Asia's richest events this November then you most definitely...more

WCOOP 2016: TGONZ on how he ended his losing streak

Sometimes success at the poker table comes when you least expect it. Terry "TGONZ" Gonzaga is a case in point. Gonzaga, 47, was almost a year into an extended downswing when WCOOP 2016 came along. As far as downswings go it was pretty standard. "When you are in a downswing...more

WCOOP 2016: The stories from Day 17

Wins for mario1335, Azrarn and chismann while Charlie Carrel goes close. So too James Obst, who narrowly misses out on a sixth COOP title. The top three players on the leader board each score points to hold their positions with six days of WCOOP remaining. Three more events begin today...more

20 September

WCOOP 2016: chismann chops heads-up for second -COOP title in Event #58 ($320 Razz)

Taking the chip lead to a final table is no guarantee of success, but it certainly makes things easier when you have some room for error. Just ask chismann, the German player who arrived at the final table of WCOOP Event #58 with the chip lead, rode out a few...more

WCOOP 2016: 'mario1335' makes minced meat of Event $56 ($215 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)], $300,000 GTD) final table to earn first title

Knockout tournaments are my favorite type of poker event. An added incentive to knock a player out of the tournament? Sign me up but some could complain that the price of a knockout is more valuable early in the tournament, as it's fixed price doesn't correlate with the prize pool...more

WCOOP 2016: Azrarn defeats James "Andy MCLEOD" Obst in Event #57 ($1,050 FLH Championship, 6-Max)

Limit Hold'em seems to get a bad rap these days as most of the world continues to dive into the action-friendly No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha games. This was the gateway game for a lot of players and there are still some who prefer the math-heavy, fixed-limit betting...more

Daniel Negreanu & the First-Timer

Today we're going to try something a little different here on the PokerStars Blog. For the better part of 12 years, we've focused almost entirely on the written word. That won't necessarily change, but we thought we might add a few things you might consume in a different way. We...more

WCOOP 2016: Twitch records and a first win for Grindation on Day 16

kWins for thx4urm0n3y, leoc00 and bob43155, as well as Phillip "Grindation" McAllister whose win happened to set a record for the most money ever won during a Twitch stream, thanks to runner up Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk Twitching to the end. With seven days of play remaining in WCOOP 2016 SixthSenSe19...more

19 September

WCOOP 2016: bob43155 binks Sunday Million SE Event #54 ($2,100 NL)

You can't stop a speeding train. Okay, maybe Superman or whatever comic book hero you can conjure up. But at the poker table, whenever you see someone steamrolling the competition and obliterating everyone in their path, you have two choices... get out of the way, or try to stop the...more

WCOOP 2016: Phil "Grindation" McAllister tops Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk in Event #53 ($10,300 NL Hold'em [8-Max, High-Roller]); Twitch record smashed 

In the end, it was Grindation over #GrindNation. Phil "Grindation" McAllister's tremendous 2016 continued tonight as he claimed his first WCOOP title and $584,415.23, defeating Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk who streamed the 8-Max High Roller event live on his Twitch channel. It was a career-high score for McAllister, who finished...more

WCOOP 2016: leoc00 locks up win in Sunday Warm-Up Event #52 ($215 NL Sunday Warm-Up SE)

Canada's leoc00 went into heads-up with a chip lead in excess of 100 million. It's not very often you can say that, yet in Event #52 the tumescent stack sizes at the final table reached nine-figures. But the most important number in this $2,100 buy-in event the first place payout...more

WCOOP 2016: 'thx4urm0n3y' goes wire-to-wire to win Event #51 ($1,050 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Ultra-Deep], $500,000 GTD)

There is so much variance in tournament poker that even if a player comes into a final table with a decent chip lead, nothing is guaranteed. While everything usually can and does happen at a final table, this one might have been a foregone conclusion, as thx4urm0n3y came in on...more

WCOOP 2016: Fifth title for Dan "djk123" Kelly headlines Day 15

Eleven new winners over the weekend including a fifth for Dan "dkj123" Kelly, and one for Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez, good enough to put him top of the leader board. There were also great performances by Connor "blanconegro" Drinan and others to ensure changes for positions behind SixthSenSe19. Three more WCOOP...more

WCOOP 2016: clinc3 tops Connor Drinan for $138K win, Blom 3rd in Event #55 ($530 NLHE)

WCOOP final tables are frequently filled with the best poker players in the world. More often than not we know them well enough to put their screen names in quotes between their first and last names in the real world. A good rule of thumb is that the more of...more

Anom-Iwan: A story of stupid drunk love a poker madness

How Iwan Robert, a lovesick French nurse, moved to Prague and pulled off a night of sheer poker madness A few weeks back, veteran PokerStars Blog writer Howard Swains and I stood waiting for an elevator in Barcelona. He looked at me with the look he gets when he's feeling...more

18 September

WCOOP 2016: Dan "djk123" Kelly earns his fifth WCOOP title in Event #49 ($700 NLH Mix-Max)

When you've been around this long, it's not often you see a brand new tournament pop up on the WCOOP schedule. This weekend we ran the first WCOOP Mix-Max event and it utilized the phased tournaments format to run players through an event where they began at eight-handed tables, switched...more

WCOOP 2016: Deeb denied 10th COOP; Ukraine's grailbrdss wins Players' Choice Event #50 ($215 NL Single Draw 2-7 Prog KO)

Shaun Deeb went into this Sunday's grind session seeking a 10th career COOP title and his fifth overall win in WCOOP. The universe's greatest COOP warrior had shipped a record-tying fourth WCOOP crown at the start of the 2016 WCOOP. Deeb was looking for a second title this year and...more

WCOOP 2016: pappadogg denies apostolis20 a Triple COOP, wins $52K in Event #48 ($215 NLHE, 8-Max, Progressive KO (25%), Player's Choice Event #1)

Winning one PokerStars COOP event is a tough task. Winning one in two different series is an even bigger challenge. And winning one each during TCOOP, SCOOP, and WCOOP is so tough that players who can pull off the feat have their own special designation: Triple COOP winners. A winner...more

WCOOP 2016: alex987 hangs in to win first WCOOP in Event #47 ($1,050 FL Badugi Championship)

Badugi is a special game for special players, not quite as frustrating as Razz but it has its moments. That didn't stop them from coming out to play. The WCOOP 2016 Badugi Championship kicked off on Saturday with a small but talented field, only a handful of which would return...more

WCOOP 2016: Chinese domination as tgc88070202 claims Event #46 ($320 No Limit Holdem)

There has been much discussion in recent years about the growth of the game of poker in Asia, and more specifically, the unchartered waters of China. The recent Macau Poker Cup drew record-breaking fields to consolidate that notion, but while the live poker scene in China is clearly growing, we...more

17 September

WCOOP 2016: Finland's mahmuttt88 is the fixed-limit big dog in Event #45 ($320 FL Hold'em)

Let's kick it old school. Break out the tracksuits and dust off your Adidas. It's time to hop into the Wayback Machine and play fixed-limit hold'em. Depending on your age, limit hold'em might have been the first game you played online, in a casino, or with friends in a kitchen...more

WCOOP 2016: kawachi1984 endures for the win, Lrslzk 3rd in Event #44 ($320 NLHE, Ante Up, Progressive KO)

Four years ago, Russia's kawachi1984 entered the annals of PokerStars winners with a victory in MicroMillions II. The $11K the Russian player won that day in 2012 came in a tournament with a $4 buy-in and nearly 16,000 entrants. Tonight, after being denied a bigger win at SCOOP final tables...more

WCOOP 2016: Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez wins another COOP in Event 43 ($1,050 TD 2-7)

We're into the homestretch for the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker and more "Championship" events are beginning to hit the schedule. Players rolled into the weekend with access to some big tournaments with tough crowds. Event 43 had one the smaller $1,050 event fields but it was a talented...more

WCOOP 2016: Denmark's jonaj10 wins final hand with pocket Aces in Event #41 ($1,575 NL Progressive KO Thursday Thrill SE)

Turtles all the way down. It was one of those wild and weird nights in the WCOOP Event #41. I blame the full harvest moon. Strange things are always afoot when the lunar cycles hit their peak. The final table bubble went on longer than anyone would have expected and...more

16 September

WCOOP 2016: Dejan "dejanaceking" Divkovic adds second -COOP title this year in Event #42 ($320, Eight-Game)

Winning one -COOP tournament can make a bad year go away. Two victories is a reason to throw a party. If you are friends with Dejan "dejanaceking" Divkovic maybe it is time to see if he is ready to celebrate. The 2016 World Championship of Online Poker $320 buy-in Event...more

WCOOP 2016: Kozir caps comeback to claim Event #40 title ($320 NLHE, 8-Max)

With three players left in Event #40 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker, a deal was made to ensure the final trio each big portions of the remaining prize pool. At the time Brazil's Pablo "pabritz" Brito Silva had the big chip lead and appeared on the verge...more

WCOOP 2016: No tears for Kroko-dill on Day 12

The news for Friday; three more events conclude with wins for Kroko-dill and T3G3S, as well as Ohljo. That meant there was a change at the top of the leader with zzwwzzwwzz giving up his lead after eight days at the top, a position now shared by Kroko-dill and Bluf_to_Much....more

15 September

WCOOP 2016: Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko wins Event 39 for second WCOOP title

In 2010, Russian pro Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko took down the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Event #13: $215 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, a win he dedicated to his daughter. Six years later, he captured his second WCOOP title by winning 2016 WCOOP-39: $1,050 FL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship, a tournament that...more

WCOOP 2016: T3G3S denies lehout a repeat win in Event #38 ($320 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Shootout])

Could he do it again? Two years ago, lehout won this very event, pairing the SCOOP title he won in 2011 with WCOOP gold. In the interim, the Dutchman won a second SCOOP title, and had the chance to become a repeat 6-Max Shootout champion today. Lehout made it to...more

WCOOP 2016: Ohljo outlasts stacked final group to win Event #37 ($215 NLHE 2R1A)

Event #37 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker -- a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em event with options to rebuy twice and add-on once -- ended up producing one of the tougher final table line-ups of the series so far, one featuring Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion, Ivan "Negriin" Luca, and...more

WCOOP $100,000 Super High Roller Replay


WCOOP 2016: €urop€an headlines Championship hump day

Wins for Maxim737 and aDrENalin710 but the big winner on the day is €urop€ean. Zzwwzzwwzz stays top of the leader board, but only just as the chasing pack gets closer. Meanwhile three more WCOOP events begin today with another three concluding. Day 11 The headlines from the 11th day of...more

14 September

WCOOP 2016: €urop€an closes in on a PokerStars Grand Slam after winning Event #35 ($1,575 NLHE Super Tuesday SE)

If you do well in the Super Tuesday, you'll take it down on a Thursday. Finland's €urop€an took started Event #35 Tuesday night and finished it early Thursday morning at around 9:30am Finland time. The multiday special edition of the Super Tuesday drew 1,215 players. Each of them plunked down...more

WCOOP 2016: Handful, 'aDrENalin710' wins Event #36 ($1,050 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Championship [8-Max], $200,000 GTD) for $63K and his fifth COOP title

The great thing about the World Championship of Online Poker, or any PokerStars tournament series, is that there is something for everyone. There are a wide variety of games and stakes offered and even if players are unable to pony up the money for some of the bigger buy-in events,...more

WCOOP 2016: Maxim737 maximizes profit with Event #34 victory ($215 PLO 6-Max, Prog. KO)

Pot-limit Omaha is often called the "action game" thanks to all of those enticing draws. Making the game six-handed only adds more fuel to the fire, then roll it out as a progressive-knockout tournament and you've got unending excitement. No need to "cut to the chase" here. It's all a...more

Gerard Piqué: On poker, his teammates, & that feeling in his stomach

He's one of the world's most famous footballers, but he's found another game that sends his adrenal glands into overdrive. In a private interview, Gerard Piqué dives into his love for poker and what happens behind the scenes at the Camp Nou. Celebrity is a concept most of us will...more

WCOOP 2016: Carrel and Barer earn first titles on Day 10

Charlie "Epiphany77" wins a first WCOOP title, so too Ami "UhhMee" Barer to go with two SCOOPS. There's also a win for blkcrow. Meanwhile zzwwzzwwzz stays at the top of the leader board, but there's some movement in the positions behind. Three more events conclude today, with three more set...more

13 September

WCOOP 2016: Cream rises, Ami 'Uhhmee' Barer wins 3rd COOP title in Event #33 ($320 NL Hold'em [6-Max], $250,000 GTD)

As "Macho Man" Randy Savage once so eloquently said, "The cream always rises to the top." but that isn't always the case in tournament poker. So many things usually can and do go wrong, especially in big field tournaments that can turn into virtual minefield for top players. Event #33...more

WCOOP 2016: blkcrow swooped low and soared high to scoop Event #32 ($320 PLO H/L 8-Max)

You can't chop your way to a title, but victory is quick with a pair of scoops. blkcrow started the final table near the middle of the stack and spent the first part of it watching iamivar in the lead. iamivar had a pretty dominating lead at certain moments, but...more

Have StarsCoin? Play WCOOP!

So, you're sitting there, and you're wondering how you can get into the $5,000 WCOOP Main Event. You don't have $5,000, and even if you did, that's still a hefty chunk of change to put down on one tournament. This is a responsible way to think. Go look in the...more

WCOOP 2016: Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel denies Luciano S.H in Event 31 ($215+R NL Hold'em)

Event 31 was a nice, early week tournament on the WCOOP schedule and it pushed the action even while they pushed the rebuy button. It was a $215 buy-in tournament with unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes, they could keep firing away during that time if they hit the...more

Christian Jeppsson: "I would put a fishy note on myself"

He started this year as the world's top online poker player. Thirty-one-year-old Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson from Gothenburg, Sweden started playing poker back in high school with his friends. In 2006 he found PokerStars where his big breakthrough came after winning Sunday Warm-Up in July 2008 for $97,600. Now his total...more

WCOOP 2016: Holz and Robin Hood make up the news on Day 9

The Super High Roller ended in usual fashion, with Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz walking away with $1 million. But contrary to the usual script he didn't win it, the title going to bencb789. Elsewhere wins for Poleshchikov, 3DTemujiN and leitalopez. Zzwwzzwwzz remains top of the leader board and three more events...more

WCOOP 2016: leitalopez defeats Ukraine's Robin of Hood of Poker to win the Sunday Million SE (Event #29 $700 NL)

The poker world can be a cutthroat business, but every once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places. The final table for WCOOP Event #29 had a altruistic slant with Ukraine's version of a modern-day Robin Hood. Roman 'RomeOpro' Romanovskyi, a pro from the...more

12 September

WCOOP 2016: Poleshchikov powers past Michael Chi "mczhang" Zhang in Event #27 ($215 NLHE [Deep Payouts, Sunday Warm-Up SE])

At at final table that sported two WSOP bracelet winners, a current top 10 GPI player, and veterans of half a dozen 'COOP final tables, an unknown finally had his chance to shine. Russia's Poleshchikov has made his fair share of final tables, including a runner-up finish in the Saturday...more

WCOOP 2016: bencb789 wins $1.1M, CrownUpGuy 2nd in Event #28 ($102,000 NLHE, 8-Max, Super High-Roller)

Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz is no stranger to high-pressure WCOOP situations. The winner of the 2014 WCOOP Main Event and finalist in last year's WCOOP Super High-Roller tourney found himself playing the role of wrecking ball this afternoon at the final table of Event #28, the $102,000 Super High-Roller event. With...more

WCOOP 2016: 3DTemujiN rolls to the title in Event 26 ($215 PLO, 6-Max, Progressive KO)

One of the last WCOOP tournaments of the weekend gave players a chance to grind a high-action, big money game. Event 26 was a $215 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha tournament with a short-handed format and a progressive bounty on each player to juice the action a little higher. After...more

WCOOP 2016: Live or online? Same names dominate on Day 8

The weekend would be a busy one for WCOOP, with 12 more titles won. Among the winners were CMoosepower, jbrown8777, bambooeater and Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich, who glided past Benny Spindler and zzwwzzwwzz to win his fourth 'COOP title. That though was more than enough for zzwwzzwwzz to keep top spot...more

WCOOP 2016: pokerturo sets up a victory in Event #30 ($109 No Limit Holdem 6-Max)

Skill will take you a long way in poker, but in a single poker tournament, skill can only get you so far. You need to have a bit of luck on your side as well. Sometimes the cards just don't fall your way, and there's nothing you can do about...more

11 September

WCOOP 2016: Joel "jbrown8777" Brown wins a second Progressive KO WCOOP title in Event #24 ($530 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (25%)])

Although it wasn't an exact repeat, it certainly had a sense of deja vu. One year ago, Joel "jbrown8777" Brown won his first WCOOP title in a $700 buy-in 6-max Progressive Super KO event. The victory was good for over $142k and Brown's tournament earnings on PokerStars now top $3.5...more

WCOOP 2016: Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich grabs -COOP title number four in Event #25 ($1,050 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-max)

Reading through the many final table write-ups this week nearly all included a player who have already won a -COOP or Sunday Major title. Event #25 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo was no different. Benny "toweliestar" Spindler has two Spring Championship of Online Poker titles and nearly claimed his first WCOOP...more

Vladimir Dobrovolskii wins inaugural MPC HK$100,000 High Roller

After 12 hours of play the inaugural Macau Poker Cup HK$100,000 High Roller event champion has been decided. Congratulations to Vladimir Dobrovolskii! He hoisted the trophy and stamped his name on HK$897,500 after a three-handed deal, overcoming a field totalling 33 entries. Dobrovolskii entered heads up play almost dead even...more

WCOOP 2016: Pandemonium! bambooeater wins Heads-Up High Roller ($10,300 NL Heads-Up)

The High Roller field was a veritable seafood buffet for bambooeater, who quickly dispatched three heads-up opponents on the second day of action in WCOOP Event #23 $10,300 NL to win and $162K in cash. In one of the fastest final tables in the history of the WCOOP, bambooeater defeated...more

WCOOP 2016: tomacampi returns seven years later for second -COOP title in Event #21 ($215, NLHE)

It was not meant to be an early morning on this side of the world but a shortened field meant the denouement of this story would come a little sooner than expected. Only 41 players would get an overnight reprieve as a missed guarantee meant PokerStars would be footing part...more

WCOOP 2016: onmybicycle rides to a first COOP title in Event 22 ($215 PL 5-Card Omaha H/L, 6-Max)

The second WCOOP weekend gave players plenty of opportunities to mix it up on the virtual felt. Event 22 had the action-inducing fun of Pot Limit Omaha, then threw in an extra hole card, put them each at a short-handed table, and tweaked it by making it a split pot...more

10 September

MPC25: HK$100,000 coverage archive

* CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES Vladimir Dobrovolskii wins the HK$100,000 High Roller! (HK$897,500) It's all over here after Vladimir Dobrolskii has taken out the title and the HK$1,229,000 top prize. Congratulations to Vladimir! We'll have a full wrap of today's proceedings right here on the PokerStars Blog...more

WCOOP 2016: prosvk prospers with $31k win in Event #18 ($320 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up])

Any grizzled poker veteran will tell you it takes dealing a bad beat and surviving a bad beat to win a tournament. This was certainly true today as Slovakia's prosvk made his way through nine heads-up matches before capturing his first WCOOP title. In the quarterfinals, he got lucky to...more

WCOOP 2016: Elgstrøm defeats Leah heads-up for Event #19 title ($1,050 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo)

The Championship Events of the World Championship of Online Poker have much higher buy-ins as well as much higher levels of competition. As they should because "championship" does not imply novice but instead mastery of the given poker discipline. Event #19's $1,050 buy-in 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo tournament did not have...more

James Chen wins second MPC High Roller title

James Chen has become the first-ever two-time Macau Poker Cup High Roller champion! This impressive feat has seen him take home another PokerStars Spadie trophy and a whopping HK$2,273,000. Chen won the same event this time last year at MPC23 and has backed it up tonight after two impeccable days...more

Finishing Strong

I seem to always have a desire to write a new blog post specifically when I'm on an airplane with no wifi. No poker, no OFC, no sports? I can't really watch anything- at least anything I want. Now my mind seems to flood with what I want to tell...more

WCOOP 2016: Argentinean Domination as 88maca88 claims win in Event #16 ($1,050 NLHE Progressive KO)

In recent times, the Progressive Knockout tournament is proving to be one of the most popular online poker formats, and you can understand why. Bounties along the way give everyone a chance to grab a piece of the prize pool, and with the loot getting larger and larger as the...more

9 September

MPC25: High Roller coverage archive

2:35am: Xuming Qi eliminated in 2nd place (HK$1,542,000) Level 25: Blinds - 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante) Xuming Qi has fallen one short of lifting the High Roller trophy after he lost the last of his chips to James Chen. It came down to an action-packed turn when the board read...more

WCOOP 2016: Quick Event #20 win for venced0r after three-way chop ($320 NLHE, 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom)

A shroud was placed over Event #20 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker. Due to the Zoom nature of the game the only people observing the cracked aces and thrown laptops (up until 18 runners left) were the 1,594 players who ponied up the $320 buy-in. If zooming...more

WCOOP 2016: Dosenpfand delivers the knockout blow, Sebastian "Pauli elTopo" Pauli earns top dollar in Event #17 ($320 Stud Hi/Lo)

HostSebastiP (Administrator): Perfect, we have a deal. Congratulations! ViCiuSMaXiMu: gg Pauli elTopo: btw, host sebastiP? is that real? Dosenpfand: now i def agree, if the host is chipleader Pauli elTopo: pretty close to my real name if you're wondering Pauli elTopo wasn't kidding. Behind this screen name was another...more

Tom Alner wins second Red Dragon title in record field

"I can't even believe it... it hasn't sunk in yet." They were the words of the second-ever two-time Red Dragon champion Tom Alner. He's played an exceptional game at PokerStars LIVE Macau this week to overcome a record-breaking 1,145-player field and secure his second Red Dragon title and HK$2509,000! Alner...more

WCOOP 2016: Tgonz triumphs in Event #15 ($215 PLO 1R1A); Andrey Pateychuk runner-up

It took two days -- and a number of all-ins versus a gritty heads-up opponent -- before Tgonz of the Philippines claimed the victory in Event #15 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker, a $215 pot-limit Omaha event offering players opportunities to rebuy once and add-on. Tgonz took...more

2017 VIP Club Changes

Today we began contacting players to provide notice of important planned changes to our VIP Club, notably that our current VIP Club, with rewards centered around monthly and annual statuses, will be replaced sometime in 2017 with a new, combined rewards program for poker, casino and sportsbook. At the beginning...more

WCOOP 2016: A day of new arrivals for the family Deeb

Four players win WCOOP titles but someone else entirely steals the headlines, without even playing a hand. That would be Ashley Deeb, wife of Shaun Deeb, who delivered the couple's second child while her husband was winning his fourth career WCOOP title. Zzwwzzwwzz keeps hold of top spot on the...more

8 September

WCOOP 2016: Brian "brianm15" England stages a stunning comeback, wins his second WCOOP title in Event #14 ($215 NL Hold'em [Big Antes])

Brian "brianm15" England had to feel good about making the final table of this event as the chip leader. With WCOOP and SCOOP titles already under his belt, he had experience on his side as well as the ammunition to work with. Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion probably felt a similar sense...more

MPC25: Final table coverage archive

* CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES Tom Alner is our champion! (HK$2,509,000) Tom Alner just became the second-ever two-time Red Dragon champion after overcoming this record 1,145-player field. He takes home HK$2,509,000 (including a HK$100,000 2016 ACOP Main Event seat) and the prestigious Red Dragon trophy. Congratulations to...more

WCOOP 2016: tua133 decimates final table for first WCOOP win and second overall COOP in Event #13 ($215 NL Progressive KO)

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. That old saying completely described the lopsided final table of WCOOP Event #13. The final table in the Progressive KO event was completely dominated by tua133. Going into heads-up, tua133 picked off six out of seven opponents while...more

MPC25: Final table player profiles

Seat 1, Shuaiyang Qiu (China) - 2,840,000 China's Shuaiyang Qui starts the final table as chip leader in the Red Dragon event. A merchant by trade, Qui tells us he's been playing poker for two years now, and initially improved his skills by watching training videos. Amazingly Qui has no...more

WCOOP 2016: Shaun Deeb Wins Record-Tying 4th WCOOP Title While Wife Gives Birth to 2nd Child

What a day it was for Shaun Deeb! Not only did he ship his fourth World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) title, which ties him for most all time with Dan "djk123" Kelly, he welcomed his second child into the world! Oh, he also broke his own record of most...more

MPC25: Tom Alner makes back-to-back final tables, Shuaiyang Qiu leads

It took nine hours but the penultimate day of the MPC25 Red Dragon is complete. There were 59 poker hopefuls who returned at the start of play but now we have only nine remaining. Leading the charge into a stacked final table tomorrow will be frontrunner Shuaiyang Qiu. He started...more

2016 WCOOP: MonsieurRask basks in glory in Event #10 ($1,050 NLHE Super Tuesday SE)

The most prestigious online poker tournament festival in the world has arrived with the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker now in full swing. And one of the biggest and most respected tournaments on the schedule is the Super Tuesday Special Edition. This event is always a tough one, full...more

Jason and Jason melt the Internet

So not too long ago, I'm driving along in my car and the phone rings. I punch the green phone button to activate the Bluetooth connection. On the other end was an excited voice easily identified by how he melded my name into one word. "Leejones! I've got an awesome...more

PokerStars Top 5 - Fantastic folds


PokerStars Top Five - Fantastic folds

This summer we've featured a series of Top fives from the archives of, and have now reached the last of the current run, concluding this week with a look at the top five fantastic folds. There's no doubt about it, folding can be one of the hardest parts of...more

WCOOP 2016: Marathon event finally ends while a new name tops leaderboard

Cameron "ishter11" Couch wins the Marathon event in more time that it takes to land on the moon, nilsef tops talented field to win Event #9, nafnaf_funny wins a second WCOOP bracelet in the FL Omaha Hi/Lo, zzwwzzwwzz of China moves into top spot on the leader board, three more...more

7 September

WCOOP 2016: Cameron "ishter11" Couch is poker's Marathon Man with Event #3 win ($1,050 NL Hold'em [Marathon Event])

When the astronauts of Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, they did so after completing the 220,000-kilometer trip in three days, three hours, and 49 minutes. Even allowing for the additional six hours Neil Armstrong waited before opening the door and climbing down the ladder, this...more

MPC25: Day 3 coverage archive

*CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES 12am: Paphawin Laodee eliminated in 10th place (HK$166,500) Level 26: Blinds - 30,000/60,000 (5,000 ante) The final table is now set after Paphawin Laodee was taken out by Jack Salter. Salter brought it in for a raise to 120,000 preflop and Laodee called...more

WCOOP 2016: nafnaf_funny earns 2nd WCOOP win in Event #11 ($320 FL Omaha H/L)

Winning one WCOOP title takes skill, patience, and at least a little bit of luck somewhere along the way. Winning a WCOOP title in consecutive years requires all of those things plus the ability to turn up with your A-game consistently when the best players in the world all show...more

WCOOP 2016: nilsef tops talented field to win Event #9 ($1,050 NL 2-7 Draw)

Event #9 of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker might have drawn a modest field -- just 145 entries total for the $1,050 buy-in 2-7 no-limit single draw event. But there was nothing modest about the accomplishments of those who took part, with a star-studded group making it to...more

WCOOP 2016: What's better than a WCOOP title? Two WCOOP titles!

Day 3 The headlines from the third day of WCOOP 2016 The name "eisenhower1" is familiar around these parts. It belongs to Christian Jeppsson, the 2015 Swedish player of the year and Pocket Fives leader board winner, whose surname seems to carry along spare letters. Well now he has a...more

6 September

MPC25: Day 2 coverage archive

Feng Wen Chen charges ahead on Day 2 Six levels, one bubble boy and 135 relieved players as another day of the MPC25 Red Dragon is in the books. Only 270 of a starting 1,145 returned for Day 2 this afternoon and they were whittled down even further to...more

WCOOP 2016: Argentina's Juan Pablo "Jpgossn" Gossn wins 2016 WCOOP Kickoff for $179,118.94

Leading up to WCOOP-01: $109 NL Hold'em [WCOOP Kickoff], a series of phases brought the total field up to 16,416 entries. Then, on Day 1 of the tournament, the field was whittled down from 1,691 to the final 27, each of who were guaranteed $3,216.87. On Day 2, those players...more

WCOOP 2016: Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson wins Event #6 for 2nd WCOOP title

On Tuesday, the final 19 from an 834-player field - which accounted for 653 rebuys and 650 add-ons - returned to battle down to a winner in WCOOP-06: $215+R NL Hold'em [6-Max], a tournament that smashed its $250,000 guarantee by creating a $433,811 prize pool. After two days of play,...more

WCOOP 2016: Hold'em center stage for Day 2

Day 2 Not yet at full speed, but out of first gear Attention turns back to hold'em on the second day of play in WCOOP 2016. Four new WCOOP winners headline the day, with Perfect1232 coming out best, winning the Sunday Million special edition and collecting more than $231,000....more

MPC25: Day 1C coverage archive

Hao Shen leads the pack into Day 2 tomorrow What a day at PokerStars LIVE Macau! We saw the Red Dragon entrant record broken tonight after 534 took their seats and brought our total player count up to a whopping 1,145. That comfortably eclipsed the 1,075 field record set...more

5 September

WCOOP 2016: Couldn't be better for Perfect1232, Event #4 champ ($215 NL Hold'em Sunday Million SE)

Among the several events helping kick off this 2016 World Championship of Online Poker was a "Special Edition" of the Sunday Million, the weekly $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars that celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year. This "SE" Sunday Milly sported a $1.5 million guarantee and a...more

WCOOP 2016: CalmRevolver placates field winning Event #7 ($700 NLHE, 8-Max Progressive KO)

In 1894 an American federal holiday, Labor Day, was created to celebrate the past long hours of work put in by laborers during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Poor wages and dangerous work conditions would not found anywhere near the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker's Event #7 $700...more

WCOOP 2016: shamthedon outdraws vovtroy, takes Event #8 ($700 PLO, 3-Max, Progressive-KO 25%, Zoom)

Labor Day began with a weekend slate of WCOOP 2016 winners already in the record books, making a breezy PLO tournament the perfect prescription for bout of holiday poker relaxation. Event #8 fit the bill perfectly, as shamthedon would surely agree. A scant five hours and nine minutes of Omaha...more

2016 WCOOP: 'pablotenisis' wins $1,000,000 Guaranteed Event #2 '$215 Sunday Warm-Up 6-Max' NL Hold'em

The opening Sunday of the World Championships of Online Poker saw all but one event carry into Monday, with big guarantees bringing massive fields to the virtual felt that needed an overnight break a necessity. When that break was over though, there was millions up for grabs. $1,354,200 still needed...more

Introducing "The... Open": It's all in the name

There's always something interesting about a new tournament, be it a new format, structure, or the addition of a gimmick to turn a tournament on its head. This time though it's all in the name - or your name to be specific. Inspired by the work of Team Online's Lex...more

Win with Lee

Here's your chance to win one of 5 x $11 tournament tickets with Lee Jones and PokerSchoolOnline! All you have to do is !BOOM your poker hands on Twitter using both hastags #WinwithLee & #BOOMPlayer to be in with a chance to win. But make sure your hand is interesting...more

WCOOP 2016: Hurry up and wait for everyone but Drinan

Weekend highlights on PokerStars * WCOOP 2016 gets underway with one event from 82 now complete * Connor Drinan wins Event #5 * Stein Knutzen of Norway wins the UKIPT Super Series in London WCOOP begins, but... If you were getting excited about WCOOP starting then so were we....more

4 September

MPC25: Day 1B coverage archive

Canlin Chen ahead of the pack on Day 1B Another Day 1 flight, another bunch of poker hopefuls and another 12 levels of exciting action here at PokerStars LIVE Macau. We saw 363 take to the felt today - a big improvement on yesterday's 248 - and tomorrow is...more

WCOOP 2016: High Roller champ Connor "blanconegro" Drinan wins Event #5 ($320 NLO Hi/Lo 6-Max.)

Connor "blanconegro" Drinan is having quite a week. Having just wound up last Sunday winning the €10K High Roller to conclude EPT Barcelona by picking up a €849,200 first prize, seven days later he's helped start another PokerStars festival with another victory, this time winning Event #5 here on the...more

Stian Knutsen wins UKIPT6 Super Series and £42,500

Stian Knutsen wins UKIPT6 Super Series and £42,500 Stian Knutsen - your champion! Quiet. Focused. Stubborn. These were the three words I jotted down on my notepad a couple of hours ago when I challenged myself to describe Stian Knutsen and his approach at the table today. There were more...more

3 September

MPC25: Day 1A coverage archive

Yandong Liu leads after Day 1A of the MPC25 Red Dragon The first MPC25 Red Dragon Day 1 flight has come and gone after today saw players battle through 12 levels of play. When late registration was locked out it was 248 who had pulled up seats - a...more

UKIPT6 Super Series: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Albert Sapiano, United Kingdom - 1,133,000 If any player can be described as a mainstay of the UKIPT, it has to be Albert Sapiano. Hailing from Maidstone, he is a constant presence on the live tournament poker scene, and counts among his successes several outright wins for up...more

MPC25: Records fall as the Red Dragon fires up!

The Macau Poker Cup celebrates a quarter-century this week with MPC25 already steamrolling its way into the record books. The 17-day festival has just eclipsed the halfway point and now it's time for the prestigious HK$12,000 Red Dragon Main Event. Officially commencing on Sunday with Day 1A the Red Dragon...more

UKIPT6 Super Series: Day 2 coverage archive

12:30am: Stian Knutsen leads UKIPT6 Super Series final table Over 11 levels of play were needed today to shrink the field down from 129 to the official final table of eight players. It was a frantic day full of coolers, multi-way all-ins and huge pots. The chip lead changed...more

2 September

Five things from the week in PokerStars

Five things from this week on PokerStars. Curtain drops on EPT Barcelona After all the build-up, the EPT Barcelona festival has come to a close. It ended with an incredible finale, one that may well make Sebastian Malec one of the most memorable of EPT winners, even as the PokerStars...more

A day by day look at the last ever EPT Barcelona

It was a week spent in crowded tournaments rooms as one event after another set new records to beat old records set at previous incarnations of EPT Barcelona. After the announcement that the EPT would become the PokerStars Championship, it meant this would be the last Barcelona festival under the...more

BSOP Millions 2016 set to be biggest festival in Brazil

With a Main Event featuring BRL 1,000,000 (approx. USD 300,000) guaranteed for the winner, expect records to be broken again. The 2016 edition of BSOP Millions (sponsored by will be held between November 22 and December 1, in the gigantic Golden Hall of the Sheraton WTC in São Paulo....more

UKIPT6 Super Series: Day 1B coverage archive

9:25pm: Danny Laming leads UKIPT6 Super Series Day 1B survivors The second of three flights took place from midday today within the glamorous surrounds of PokerStars Live at the Hippodrome. Another 12 levels were played, and when the dust settled, Danny Laming emerged as chip leader with 275,800. There...more

1 September

UKIPT6 Super Series: Day 1A coverage archive

2:05am: Jorge Ellena leads 26 Day 1A survivors The first of three starting flights of the UKIPT Super Series came and went over twelve 40-minutes levels today. Day 1A was a night session, beginning at 5pm, and by the time the players were bagging up at around 2am, Chilean...more

PokerStars Top Five - Poker rivalries

If you've been reading the Blog over the course of the summer you'll know we've been featuring a series of Top Five videos from the archive. It's a tough job, watching hour after hour of footage to pick out the best videos, and we pressed on this week selecting...more

2016 ACOP: Official Schedule Announcement

The wait is over! PokerStars LIVE Macau has unveiled the official schedule for the 2016 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) which runs from October 28 to November 13. This season, Asia's richest poker festival will increase the total cash tournaments offered from 23 to 26: there will be 17 ACOP...more

Dramatic finale to EPT Barcelona