$100 Spin & Go goes off and makes jrww86 an instant millionaire

Just after 3pm ET today, all the bells and whistles at PokerStars HQ started buzzing. In what might have been a quiet night for everyone, things got crazy fast.

Why? Well, a $100 Spin & Go tournament had just gone off for the $1.2 million jackpot, and three players were about to fight for it. One came from Belarus, one from Russia, and the final hailed from, of all places, Bermuda.


As happens in these super-fast three-handed events, the Belarus player, netspider_by was quickly shortstacked. Though he got it in good with K♦6♣, REVELKOF ran out a club flush with 6♠Q♣ and took the chip lead.

With netspider_by forced to be content with a $100,000 consolation prize, the two others were left to fight for the million.

Over the next 14 hands, jrww86 chipped away to take a 56-chip lead.

Seat 1: jrww86 (778 in chips)
Seat 2: REVELKOF (722 in chips)

With the action on him at the 30/60 level, jrww86 called out of the blinds, and REVELKOF checked. On the Q♠J♦9♥ flop, REVELKOF shoved with 3♥Q♦. His timing was off, because jrww86 had flopped two pair with J♣Q♣.

Just like that, jrww86 was an instant millionaire. Not a bad little present less than two weeks before Christmas.


We reached out to jrww86 to see how he's doing. He declared himself "too excited to talk" in the minutes after his win. We gave him a little time to catch his breath after winning $1 million in the span of eight minutes.

He has since revealed a little bit about himself. While he wants to remain anonymous, the man behind the screen name is a Bermuda native. He's lived there for his 30 years on Earth, and when he's not winning $1 million in a few minutes, he works as a history teacher. After playing poker for ten years on a recreational basis, he says this money "will come in handy."

No kidding.

"I am currently still in shock, but it is definitely a timely blessing," he said.

And that's how a history teacher makes a little history of his own.

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