November 2016

30 November

LAPT9 Brazil: Grigoletti leads Day 2, Barbero hunts 3rd LAPT title

Day 2 is done and Thiago Grigoletti leads the final 21 players with 1,981,000. Grigoletti hails from Pelotez, Brazil and has cashed for more than $1.2 million online but will be chasing his first live title tomorrow. Thiago Grigoletti While Grigoletti is in the enviable position, he has a lot...more

PokerStars proud to support Right To Play in Ghana

Poverty and hunger are a result of the life lottery, which you are likely a winner of if you're reading this. It's a simple fact that none of us have the choice where we are born, but it has a huge impact on the opportunities that it presents to us....more

Bahamas Travel Guide: Gambling in the Bahamas

For visitors who have toured the extravagant resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, exploring the interior of Atlantis Resort for the first time has a way of bringing you back to Sin City. Domed ceilings and towering columns highlight palatial architecture, marble and granite span the room from floor...more

GPL Playoffs: Nationals win American Conference and advance to final

How exactly do you counter a Mike McDonald stare down? Simple really or at least it is when you're one on one playing online in a glass box somewhere in Las Vegas. You turn around, so the stare bounces off the back of your head. This was just one of...more

29 November

Super Tuesday: Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler earns fourth title, $74K (11/29/16)

Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler had a pretty good run in the Super Tuesday back in 2013. He took down the tournament twice within the span of just a few weeks, adding to the title he'd earned in October 2011 for a total of three Super Tuesday victories. While he would come...more

LAPT9 Brazil: Alisson 'heyalisson' Piekazewicz ends Day 1 with massive chip lead

Day 1 of the final Latin American Poker Tour Main Event on planet Earth has come to an end. There are rumors the tour might pick up on the moon in the future, but for now we're in São Paulo and Alisson Piekazewicz leads the Day 1 survivors with 605,700....more

More than 100 Spin & Go winners on their way to Paradise. Will you join them?

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we laid out a plan to get you out of the winter cold and into the Bahamian heat in those difficult first few weeks of the new year. The plan was simple. It involved just $10 and a special promotional Spin &...more

BSOP Millions: 'Neto Gol' leads final 186; Felipe 'Mojave' Ramos in 4th

Here's a quick update as to how Day 2 of the largest tournament in Latin America went down yesterday. A total 1,044 players survived their Day 1 flights and made it through to Day 2, but when all was said and done last night there were just 186 players remaining,...more

Manila Megastack 6: A New Beginning

The sixth edition of the Manila Megastack (November 29 - December 4) is now underway and the six-day poker festival not only marks the end of APPT Season 10, but also serves as the last ever event under the Asia Pacific Poker Tour soon-to-be-dissolved banner. If you haven't read about...more

28 November

BSOP Millions: 10 reasons to come and play poker in São Paulo in 2017

Thinking about taking a poker trip in 2017? Perhaps somewhere a little sexy, exotic, and different? Then São Paulo could be the place for you. 2017 will see the BSOP make its regular annual stop (which this year took place in July), before returning again around this time of year...more

BSOP Millions: Ramos on Home Turf

Team PokerStars Pro Felipe Mojave Ramos burst into the live tournament scene back in 2008 when he finished 13th in EPT4 San Remo and then scored another EPT cash in the Monte Carlo Grand Final a few weeks later. Since then, Ramos has cashed in 11 countries for more than...more

BSOP Millions: Jeff Gross on Brazil, soccer, and hanging with Ronaldo

When entering the enormous Golden Hall at the São Paulo Sheraton WTC on Friday evening, I couldn't help but notice the guy sat behind two monitors over on the far side of the room. Everyone else was playing live poker, and here was a dude getting in some online hours...more

BSOP Millions: The Youtubers

Youtube's a pretty big thing in Brazil, I don't know if you've heard about it. It's this website on the internet where people upload videos that other people who are also connected to the internet can watch. Out of the nearly 200 million people in Brazil, only a select few...more

BSOP Millions: The largest tournament in Latin America enters Day 2

There's a good reason the English language PokerStars Blog team are here in São Paulo. The BSOP Millions is the largest poker tournament of the year for an entire continent; there's no way we could have missed it. The R$3,500 No Limit Hold'em Main Event field here at the...more

BSOP Millions Live Stream


Cristiano Ronaldo and his #RaiseIt back

Last week basketball legend Dwyane Wade set about challengeing Cristiano Ronaldo to #RaiseIt. Well now Ronaldo himself has decided to #RaiseIt back. The results are quite something. Take a look to see what we mean. Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley....more

Weekend Review: Dannyz0r wins Sunday Million as things kick off in Brazil

A look at all the results on PokerStars this past weekend. Weekend highlights on PokerStars * Dannyz0r wins the Sunday Million to collect $130,000. * BSOP is underway in Brazil, with the LAPT main event to follow this week Sunday Million Kristin Bihr was on Sunday Million duty this weekend...more

Sunday Million: Dannyz0r rides the chip lead to the winner's circle, earns $143k

Romania's Dannyz0r arrived at the final table of the Sunday Million in quite an advantageous position. Not only did he hold the chip lead, but most of his opponents were closely bunched together in the chip counts with less than 20 big blinds apiece. While they fought to move up...more

27 November

BSOP Millions: Festivals, Motorcycles and Roofs

The start of the final LAPT in a few days will also mark the winding down of this season's Brazilian Series of Poker. There have been eight stops, hundreds of tournaments and thousands of players. It's not easy to sit at the top of the leaderboard, but Kelvin Kerber currently...more

BSOP Millions: From Olympic bronze to BSOP gold for Fernando Scherer

The Olympics might have taken place in Brazil this year (Rio de Janeiro to be precise), but that wasn't where now-retired swimmer Fernando Scherer won his Olympic medals. He had to travel to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996, where he took the bronze medal in the 50-meter freestyle. Four years later...more

BSOP Millions: Poker Bonito

Jogo Bonito. It means "beautiful game" in Portuguese and in Brazil, it's synonymous with soccer. Jogo bonito is soccer with Brazilian flare, style and passion. When Brazilians get passionate about something, they can't help but imprint a part of their style and culture on it. Pele and a number of...more

BSOP Millions: Big city living (and I mean BIG)

There I was, in the same clothes I'd been wearing for the past 33 hours, running on around four hours sleep, crammed right in the centre of the busiest metro carriage I'd ever encountered. It was the Friday rush hour in São Paulo (around 4:30pm), and we were one station...more

BSOP Millions: Welcome to São Paulo

Back in the summer, thousands of athletes flocked to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games. Records were broken, tears were shed, and a select few left holding the gold. Now it's São Paulo's turn to host a 'sporting' event; one that attracts the...more

25 November

Looking ahead to the weekend on PokerStars

We made it to the weekend again, somehow. And while you're turning your back on a long weekend looking ahead to some downtime (or maybe uptime); here are a few things on PokerStars to keep you busy. Dates for the new PokerStars Championships and Festivals announced With just one EPT...more

24 November

How to Win an EPT Main Event Like a Boss!


Key Dates for PokerStars Championships and Festivals in 2017

PokerStars' new tours head to London, Rozvadov, Panama, Macau and Monte Carlo in first half of 2017 The PokerStars Championships are getting closer by the day and along with them the long list of PokerStars festivals that will transform the poker calendar in 2017. Today we can announce details of...more

23 November

Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade face off in new #RaiseIt campaign

They will likely never meet professionally on the pitch or on the court, but sports superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade have kicked off a duel that will show off talents you might never have seen from either man. You might have seen the #RaiseIt battles among other sports legends...more

Bahamas Travel Guide: Nightlife in the Bahamas

After touching down in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas, visitors are invariably drawn to the immaculate white sand beaches and the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. With perfect summer weather all year round, the Bahamas are best enjoyed outdoors. However, when the sun finally does dip beneath the...more

22 November

Super Tuesday: PoluKalos leads, chops, and wins heads-up for $64K (11-22-16)

At first glance, the game of poker seems to have a phrase for just about every situation a player can face. When you're under the gun, on the bubble, drawing dead, or taking a final table chip lead wire-to-wire, poker's metaphorically rich dictionary has you covered. But what about when...more

Running toward New Horizon

The following is a story from a trip PokerStars and the Right To Play charity took to Ghana where PokerStars' donations are working to help vulnerable children. For previous coverage, see Hidden hope and the Princess of Jamestown on the PokerStars Blog. Yahaya stood on crooked legs. He smiled as...more

PokerStars releases tentative TCOOP schedule

Hello from the land of Online Championships! The 2017 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is approaching (18-29 January 2017), and it's time once again for me to present the tentative schedule in order to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on what we've worked out so far. After much...more

21 November

PokerStars Christmas Festival to award more than $5 million

Yes, it's not even December yet. Yes, it's very possible you haven't even considered the holidays. And if you are in any way sane, you are avoiding any public address systems playing holiday music. But that doesn't mean you can't start making some money with this year's PokerStars Christmas Festival....more

Weekend Review: It's all about DrAnubis in the sunday Million

A look at all the results on PokerStars this past weekend. Weekend highlights on PokerStars * DrAnubis wins the Sunday Million to collect $130,000. Sunday Million It seems like it's been some time since we had a good old fashioned vanilla weekend, one headlined by the Sunday Million as opposed...more

Sunday Million: Second chance sees DrAnubis top three-way deal for $130K

Second chances don't come around all that often. When they do, you'd better be in position to take advantage of them. The United Kingdom's DrAnubis had a chance at a Sunday Million title earlier this year, entering the final table second in chips but eventually falling in fifth place after...more

18 November

What to do this weekend on PokerStars

This is sort of a weird feeling. It happens so rarely these days, it's off-putting to not have our team on the road somewhere reporting from a remote location on the comings and goings, slings and arrows, and winding paths to championships. But that's where we are. (Well, one of...more

Making it right for a customer

The names in this story are fictitious. The story is not. Because I've been associated with PokerStars for more than a dozen years, people often reach out to me with concerns and issues that are no longer part of my official responsibilities. Which, from my perspective, is plenty cool. They...more

17 November

The little tournament that could

At 2pm on Wednesday 16th November, PokerStars ran a small all-in shootout tournament for 2,302 players. It didn't have a buy-in or a ticket to enter, very few players observed it, and there was no fanfare or announcement. It was run specifically for those players and those alone. This was...more

16 November

Spin & Go to the Bahamas: How they did it

At 35 years old, it's rare for a man to experience something so out-of-this world that he can't even sleep. By that point in a man's life, he's probably fallen in love, seen the best and worst in humanity, and experienced everything on the long list of things that will...more

PokerStars Live 2017: Payouts and buy-ins

As we prepare for the final live events of 2016 in the beautiful cities of Prague and Sao Paulo, we have a couple of announcements to get everyone ready for the new PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival events taking place around the world next year. There has been a lot...more

15 November

Super Tuesday: SixthSenSe19 second, Stivi Ger takes the title (11/15/16)

Just an hour and 18 minutes after its final table convened, this week's Super Tuesday was already down to its final two. Thanks in part to the blistering early pace, Russia's Stivi Ger was in comfortable position with an 85-big-blind lead after leading for nearly the entire final table. But...more

PokerStars Festival hits New Jersey


Can you Beat the Clock?

You may have already seen Cristiano Ronaldo or a version of him popping up on your TV. He's a man who knows about rushes of adrenaline, and he's a man who is ready to play some of PokerStars' new game, Beat The Clock. "Beat The Clock requires you to think...more

14 November

Weekend Review: Wins for Peters and Geshkenbein while tzeskobar denies Diaz double

A look at all the results on PokerStars this past weekend. Weekend highlights on PokerStars * tzeskobar wins the Sunday Million * Wins for Peters and Geshkenbein bring the ACOP festival to a close Sunday Million We came close to history being made in the Sunday Million this weekend. As...more

Sunday Million: tzeskobar denies Bernardo "bedias" Dias a second Sunday Million title

Only ten people in the history of the Sunday Million have won it twice. Most recently, Canada's DaGoddfather joined the two-timers club, earning his second title in May of this year. Tonight, Bernardo "bedias" Dias, one of Brazil's most successful poker pros, had a chance to become the eleventh. Dias...more

13 November

2016 ACOP: Peters eases to High Roller title to continue remarkable run

David Peters: Champion! Chip leaders at final tables don't always have it their own way. There are countless examples of players with dominant stacks attempting to complete the formalities on a final day and crashing and burning instead. But in the world of contemporary tournament poker, there aren't many players...more

Jack En-ching Wu crowned 2016 Asia Player of the Year

Taiwan's Jack En-ching Wu has been crowned 2016 Asia Player of the Year! After a tight race with China's Wayne Wei Yi Zhang, Wu has emerged triumphant with the conclusion of the Far East's richest poker festival - the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP). The results of the ACOP series...more

12 November

2016 ACOP: High Roller final table live updates

Congratulations to David Peters! Winner of the ACOP High Roller (HK$4,885,200) David Peters just lifted the ACOP High Roller trophy after overcoming a tough field of 71 runners. In the end he overcame Paul Newey in a heads up battle to emerge victorious and claim HK$4,885,200 along with the...more

2016 ACOP: Geshkenbein adds APPT glory to EPT title with fine win in Macau

Vladimir Geshkenbein: 2016 ACOP Champion By its very nature, the world of tournament poker is highly unpredictable. The people who inhabit the strangeness know only to expect the unexpected. It wasn't entirely outside the borders of believability when Vladimir Geshkenbein appeared on the rail of the Super High Roller tournament...more

11 November

2016 ACOP: Main Event final table live updates

Click for a full report from the final table. Take a look at the full results from the Main Event. 9:40pm: Vladimir Geshkenbein wins ACOP Main Event and $5,643,000 Neel Murphy out in second, for $5,143,000 Level 28 - Blinds: 25,000/50,000 (ante 5,000) This one is all over. They got...more

David Peters commands the ACOP High Roller final nine

After another 11 hours of play here on Day 2 the 2016 ACOP High Roller final table is set at last. When registration closed an hour into today's proceedings we had 71 confirmed entrants generating a total prize pool of HK$16,699,200. Of those players a lucky nine will return tomorrow...more

Bahamas Travel Guide: Where to Stay

Among the dozens of island nations sprinkled like jewels across the Caribbean Sea, only the Bahamas lies closer to American shores than neighboring Cuba. But thanks to the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1973, the United States and the Bahamas share a much closer relationship. According to the State...more

Bahamas Travel Guide: Welcome to the Bahamas!

Picture the word 'Bahamas' and you're instantly transported to a picture-perfect tropical setting, with pristine beaches, friendly relaxed characters and buzzing nightlife. Thankfully, the reality of the Bahamas lives up to that ideal. However, there is more to the Bahamas than meets the eye - it is a nation...more

2016 ACOP: Final table player profiles

Profiles of the last six at the ACOP Main Event. 1: Neel Murphy, 28, San Francisco, CA, United States -- 449,000 chips An entrepreneur from California, Neel Murphy has been in or around the chip lead in this tournament from the very start of Day 3 when he won an...more

Five things for the PokerStars weekend

Five things from the week on PokerStars. All in at ACOP This week the PokerStars headlines have been dominated by events in Macau. That's where the 2016 ACOP festival is fast approaching that bit where money and trophies are handed out. Who's chipped up in Macau? Our reporting team have...more

2016 ACOP: Geshkenbein heads star-studded final in search of history

Vladimir Geshkenbein: Last chance to add APPT to EPT title As you may have already heard, there are big changes afoot in the world of PokerStars Live. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour, among others, are undergoing a rebrand, returning next year as either a PokerStars...more

2016 ACOP: David Peters pushes ahead on Day 1 of the High Roller

Six levels down and Day 1 of the HK$250,000 High Roller is done and dusted. 62 took a shot this afternoon and that's just one shy of last year's total - but with late registration open for the first hour of Day 2 tomorrow it's almost certain we'll be eclipsing...more

10 November

2016 ACOP Main Event: 999 reasons why Albert Paik loved Day 3

Yesterday was a short day so everyone could attend the brilliant party last night. That meant time needed to be made up. Hence, seven 90-minute levels were played out over a day that lasted more than 12 hours. That left plenty of time for players to bust, a bubble to...more

Coming your way: The Global Poker League playoffs

It has become one of the year's biggest poker stories. A year-long competition culminating in play offs and a championship game. It sounds more like basketball or baseball than a poker tournament, but that became part of its appeal, and now the poker spot light is about to shine directly...more

9 November

Super Tuesday: sk2ll_m0dR bags second title at lively final table (11-8-16)

With a relatively small and elite field compared to most tournaments, seeing familiar faces at the final table of the Super Tuesday is part of the tournament's charm. Past champions show up with frequency, but the level of play means earning a second title is anything but an easy task....more

8 November

2016 ACOP: Yuri "theNERDguy" Martins is cool, leads at Day 2 end in Macau

Yuri Martins: Took on the Li, and won Players in the PokerStars LIVE card-room in the City of Dreams, Macau, have learned a important lesson rather quickly this week: don't try to win a hand against Yuan Li. The 27-year-old won the Super High Roller earlier this week, beating Justin...more

Most Inspiring Player? The poker world says Felipe Ramos (we think they're right)

We're delighted to repeat news announced in Malta a few days ago, that Felipe "mojave" Ramos won "Most Inspiring Player" at the Poker Listings Spirit of Poker awards. It's recognition for his presence both at the table and away from it, and validated by the votes not of industry insiders,...more

Five reasons (excuses?) to play the UKIPT Series in London this month

The last UKIPT Series event is coming up in London, so we decided to offer a selection of excuses reasons to play it. 1. Location It's at the Hippodrome Central London, probably the best place to play poker in the capital with a truly stunning back drop to the poker...more

7 November

2016 ACOP: Last-gasp Team Pro collision sends Christner to ACOP chip lead

Christian Christner: Swiped chip lead at last opportunity This time last year, Jimmy Zhou won $5,885,000 along with his ACOP Main Event title, and the headline news from the PokerStars LIVE card-room at City of Dreams Macau tonight is that whoever succeeds him will get even more. Over another seven...more

Spin & Go your way to Paradise, and the PokerStars Championship Bahamas

For many people the week started early this morning with winter making its presence known with a merciless cold slap across your face. It's at times like these that thoughts wander back in the direction of the warm bed recently departed, or at least a cup of coffee. Then you...more

Weekend Review: Acosta wins in New Jersey as ACOP gets underway

A look at all the results on PokerStars this past weekend. Weekend highlights on PokerStars * arkolino wins the Sunday Million * Jason Acosta wins the first PokerStars festival held in New Jersey * Yuan Li wins the 2016 ACOP Super High Roller Sunday Million There was a strong Brazilian...more

Sunday Million: arkolino deals heads-up for $142K, tops Brazil-heavy final

Performing well in a PokerStars Sunday major can lead to more success in the future. Uruguay's Nec Arg won the Sunday Warm-Up for $60K back in 2015 after cutting a heads-up deal. One year later Nec Arg looked to be in position to add a Sunday Million title to his...more

2016 ACOP: Yuan Li rises through the ranks to claim Super High Roller title

Yuan Li: A super Super High Roller champion Several players held the chip lead throughout three days of the $500,000 Super High Roller event at the 2016 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP), but two of them used it more spectacularly than all the others for long periods of an intriguing...more

6 November

2016 ACOP Main Event: Daniel Dvoress snatches the lead late on Day 1A

While the Super High Roller final table was racing to a finish on the feature table, the Main Event of the 17-day Asia Championship of Poker was starting in the central area of the tournament floor. Opening flights of major tournaments can often take a while to get going and...more

2016 ACOP: Super High Roller final table live coverage

Full tournament report Below is the blow-by-blow account of the final day action of the $50,000 Super High Roller tournament at 2016 ACOP. Click through for a full tournament report. 5pm: Li clinches title! Bonomo out in second for $5,595,000 Level 20 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (30,000 ante) It's all over...more

5 November

2016 ACOP: Ziegler leads Bonomo and Co in final six as Haxton bubbles

Tobias Ziegler: Leading the last six Six players are left in the $500,000 buy-in Super High Roller event at the 2016 Asia Championship of Poker, and it's an agreeable blend of high roller regulars and local stars who head into the final day. Justin Bonomo put on a masterclass of...more

Jack Duong tops Shahade, Lew to win PokerStars Festival New Jersey High Roller 

With the Main Event already done and other events still ongoing -- including today's "Run It Up" events hosted by Team PokerStars Pro Jason Somerville -- the PokerStars Festival New Jersey High Roller played down to a winner today, Two locals made it to heads-up in this one -- Jack...more

Jason Somerville brings unique magic to Atlantic City

If the Vine shutdown has you worried about the future of the internet star, you need look no further than Jason Somerville for consolation. He seems to be doing just fine. Somerville's day begins by buying into his Run It Up tournament here in New Jersey, a $340 buy-in 8-Game...more

4 November

2016 ACOP: Yuan Li schools Super High Rollers in ACOP big one

The intimidating Yuan Li None of Europe or North America's high rolling poker players will likely deny the following: they are tempted to fly halfway around the globe to the poker rooms of Asia because they think it's in their financial best interests to do so. Putting it bluntly, they...more

Freeroll qualifier Jason Acosta wins first PokerStars Festival

Jason Acosta has to go back to work tomorrow, a Saturday. "Paperwork," he said with a shrug. This is what happens when you own your own trucking business and have taken off the entire week to play in the first PokerStars Festival in New Jersey. It's made a lot better...more

Poker community honors Chad Brown at 3rd Annual Memorial Tourney

Last night at the Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City friends and fans of the late great Chad Brown came together to honor him at the 3rd Annual Chad Brown Memorial Poker Tournament. The event was hosted by Daniel Negreanu who said: "Chad was a close friend to me and many...more

Will Kassouf No Holds Barred


PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event Day 3 live updates

• TOTAL ENTRIES: 208 | PAYOUTS | SIDE EVENT RESULTS 11:52pm: Jason Acosta flips to victory! Wins PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event ($38,220); Mike Gagliano runner-up ($28,116) Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000) All night, Mike Gagliano kept noting how he could not beat Jason Acosta in a coin...more

A dash of Kassouf for the weekend on PokerStars

Five things from the week on PokerStars, including more from William Kassouf. But first... All new in New Jersey The first PokerStars Festival in New Jersey kicked off this week with the appropriate fanfare for a location that has never hosted a festival of its kind before. The main event...more

3 November

PokerStars Festival New Jersey: David Johnston leads final 23 to Day 3

• TOTAL ENTRIES: 208 | REMAINING: 22 • PAYOUTS | SIDE EVENT RESULTS | DAY 3 STARTING CHIP COUNTS In the span of three hands, it appeared three different players might end Day 2 of the PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event with the chip lead. It looked like Mike...more

2016ACOP: Day 8 of 17 Recap

The 2016 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) is now in full swing at the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room. Here are the biggest stories through the first six days of action. For complete Side Event Results thus far please click here. EVENT 6: NA PREVAILS FROM RECORD-BREAKING FIELD Day 8...more

2 November

Gagliano tops Day 1B field as PokerStars Festival Main Event heads to Day 2

It's one of those weeks where we seem to only be concerning ourselves with champions. The World Series of Poker has its 2016 champion. So soon will baseball's World Series. Now, from our spot at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, we can comfortably turn our full attention to figuring out...more

PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event Day 1b live update archive

• TOTAL ENTRIES: 208 | REMAINING: 70 • PAYOUTS | SIDE EVENT RESULTS | CHIP COUNTS 11:40pm: Play has ended for the night We've wrapped up for the night. A full report is here. 11:07pm: Wantman be like wtf? Level 10 - Blinds 600/1,200 (200) Sometimes the unorthodox can work...more

Looking back: Day by day at EPT Malta

Malta provided the backdrop of what will be the penultimate European Poker Tour festival. It started in brilliant sunshine, and ended windswept under stormy conditions that sent waves to batter the Maltese shore. Inside meanwhile it was a different story as once more the Main Event produced a unique finale....more

1 November

Super Tuesday: OhHeyCindy turns final table chip lead into $69K (11/1/16)

OhHeyCindy came to tonight's Super Tuesday final table with the chip lead. After dropping briefly into second place when another player won a sizable pot with all nine players still at the table, the player from Mexico reclaimed the advantage by earning the first knockout - and then never looked...more

Ruben Costa snares Day 1A lead in PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event

A poker tournament kicked off today in the Resorts Hotel Casino here in Atlantic City. On the surface it appeared similar to many tournaments, with an eager starting field working itself down to a gritty fraction who survived, and plenty of dramatic rises and falls of players' fortunes punctuating the...more