BetStars Launches Spin & Bet

New product gives sports bettors chance to increase odds by up to 10 times

BetStars has launched a unique new sports betting product that gives bettors the chance to multiply the odds - and potential winnings - by up to 10 times. BetStars is the new sports betting brand from PokerStars, an Amaya Inc.

Spin & Bet, which takes its name and inspiration from the extremely popular Spin & Go poker format that launched just over a year ago on PokerStars, gives sports bettors the chance to multiply the odds of their bets - and potential winnings - by up to 10 times the original amount.


"We're really excited by the launch of Spin & Bet, which we believe is set to be the game-changing innovation in sports betting this year," said Guy Templer, Director of Group Business Development and Strategy. "We're convinced our customers will love the new product as it brings a new and exciting dimension to betting for sports fans around the world. This is only the first in a number of exciting, unique products that we expect to introduce in 2016 to distinguish the BetStars brand from its competitiors."


Spin & Bet can be found on the home page of the BetStars websites and iOS and Android apps. To use the new Spin & Bet feature, bettors simply choose their bet from the available markets, enter their stake, and click 'Spin & Bet'. The bet will be placed and an animation will display the potentially enhanced odds and potential winnings, with the result being one of five multiples: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 5x or 10x. When playing Spin & Bet, 10% of the bettor's stake goes towards an enhanced odds jackpot.

For example, a £10 bet at 2/1 would become a £9 Spin & Bet with the chance for the odds to increase to as much as 20/1 with a potential payout of £189 (£9 x 20 + £9 stake back).


Watch a short video here showing how Spin & Bet works.
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Spin & Bet will form the focus of a multi-million pound marketing campaign, including a significant TV presence during English Premier League matches, to launch the BetStars brand over the coming months.

Watch the Gamechanger TV advert that will be aired in the UK here.
Spin & Bet is now available on, and on dedicated iOS and Android devices.

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