Big money weekend looms at PokerStars & Down Under

We firmly believe there is no rest for the wicked, nor rest for a wicked-good poker schedule. None of the the PokerStars Blog team from the PCA has fully recovered from the jet lag and Bahama Mamas, but there is no time to rest. No time at all. There is a weekend of coverage and money-making opportunities ahead.

If you're up for a big weekend yourself, here's what you need to know.


You have just a few more days to cash in on the PokerStars Mega Bonus. If you make a deposit of $30 or more using the code MEGA2016 you will get a prize anywhere from a .50 $1 Million Spin & Go ticket or up to $100,000 in cash. You will get the prize with no play requirements and no restrictions. If you get a $100,000 prize like Belarus' sarcasmpoker just did, you can cash it out without playing a single hand if you want.


But, the promotion is only open until January 24, so you will need to get on it today. For full details, visit the PokerStars Mega Bonus home page.

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Here are some of the bigger winners from the past few weeks.

Player CountryMega Bonus Reward
sarcasmpokerBelarus$100,000 cash
andryha61regRussia$10,000 cash
bardy2601United Kingdom$10,000 cash
BESS-VOVARussia$10,000 cash
bodgesUnited Kingdom$10,000 cash
BOSSLOURDS!!Belgium$10,000 cash
budinys31United Kingdom$10,000 cash
ChickenmanDEGermany$10,000 cash
enceladUkraine$10,000 cash
flushking599Germany$10,000 cash
HenHam84Finland$10,000 cash
HHerrr18Russia$10,000 cash
Jame_HaoChina$10,000 cash
jcsouza2014Brazil$10,000 cash
jersyjoeCanada$10,000 cash
LiejuryömijäFinland$10,000 cash
M1gargamlSweden$10,000 cash
maldorf111Belgium$10,000 cash
MaxiATArgentina$10,000 cash
nurmut28Germany$10,000 cash
RallitschGermany$10,000 cash
Sandman_nlNetherlands$10,000 cash
Tavi888Romania$10,000 cash
Try1972Sweden$10,000 cash
tsutteriFinland$10,000 cash
virtushhGermany$10,000 cash


We're also not going to be backing off our live poker coverage. Our team is assembling in Melbourne for the Aussie Millions Main Event.

Last year, Melbourne local Manny Stavropoulos won the Aussie Millions Main Event. Now, the live poker world is getting together for the 2016 running of Australia's most prestigious poker event.


Manny Stavropoulos

Our coverage will kick off here on Sunday for Day 1A of the Aussie Millions Main Event. We'll have Aussie Millions live updates from the first flop to the last river.


As you might have read earlier today in TCOOP 2016: New titles from Down Under to Deutschland, the Turbo Championship of Online Poker is already underway. Yesterday, one player turned a $27 buy-in into $110,000 in the matter of a few hours.

You have that same chance this weekend with some huge TCOOP events. Here's what's on offer between now and Sunday night.

TCOOP-08: $82 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Big Antes, Optional Re-Entry], $200K Gtd22-Jan14:00
TCOOP-09: $215 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Zoom, Optional Re-Entry], $250K Gtd23-Jan10:00
TCOOP-10: $7.50+R NL Hold'em [4x-Turbo], $200K Gtd23-Jan12:00
TCOOP-11: $215 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Heads-Up], $150K Gtd, No Late Registration23-Jan14:00
TCOOP-12: $82 NL Single Draw 2-7 [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry], $25K Gtd23-Jan16:00
TCOOP-13: $33 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Saturday Speedway SE], $100K Gtd23-Jan19:00
TCOOP-14: $215 NL Omaha H/L [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout], $150K Gtd24-Jan8:30
TCOOP-15: $215 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $300K Gtd24-Jan11:30
TCOOP-16: $700 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout], $1M Gtd24-Jan12:30
TCOOP-17: $215 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Optional Re-Entry], $600K Gtd24-Jan13:30
TCOOP-18: $82 PL Omaha [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout], $150K Guaranteed24-Jan15:30
TCOOP-19: $215 NL Hold'em [Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE], $300K Gtd24-Jan18:30

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the PokerStars Twitch stream for special broadcasts and final table coverage.

For the first time, the PokerStars Twitch channel is hosting daily shows, presented by members of Team PokerStars Online, featuring live commentary (15-min delay) of several key events, along with replay commentary for the Main Event and High Roller.


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