Big Saturday ahead, and a big Sunday too. Then there's next week...

After a busy week wrapping up EPT Dublin, and then today's news that PokerStars will be back in New Jersey within a month, it's a relief to look ahead to what will be a relatively leisurely weekend. I'm kidding of course. The weekend is as busy as ever. Let me explain.

It starts on Saturday. Make that VIP Super Saturday.

As we wrote yesterday, there's something for every PokerStars player, regardless of VIP status, with more than $250,000 to be won including tickets to the tenth anniversary Sunday Million.


Then the weekend continues with the usual array of weekend Majors, which I don't mean to sound like the low-fat option. Quite the opposite as we usually find out first thing on a Monday. We'll have a full report of everything that takes place into the small hours then.

That leads us nicely into next week or as we all it: Team Online Pro week.

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You might have noticed the details of this earlier today, with much fun to be had either beating or backing our team of Pros who take things ultra-seriously even though they cannot actually win anything. For them it's about glory and bragging rights so please, make a few dollars from all their hard work. Find the details and the small print on the Team Online Pro Week homepage.

We like to end the week on a high, with not only the news of New Jersey, but an American Poker Award for our photographer Joe Giron.

While writing that post I stumbled on a problem that's probably exclusive to photographers - it's impossible to Google Image Search them. You'll find plenty of their photos, just none with them in them.

So coming up short I figured I'd just pick a favourite "Giron", like this one from the PCA High Roller event in 2011. It features winner Will Molson and his father. We think it easily speaks a thousand words.

will_molson_and_father_26feb16.jpgAn original Giron

Good luck to everyone at the tables this weekend. As always send your comments to us on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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