Build your Pyramid, win up to $5,000 a day

We've all built pyramids with poker chips, beer cans, and just about anything that can be stacked up. Now, PokerStars wants you to build one with your poker victories. 

Today, PokerStars announced a new challenge, and this one is going to test your abilities every day for the next week and half. (Update: This promotion has been extended to July 10!).

The new challenge is called Pyramid, and if you manage to build your own, you could win up to $5,000 every day. Want to know more? All the details are below. 

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To build your pyramid, all you need to do is what you try to do every day: win.

For a good foundation, you need to win first with a pair of kings or better. Each time you win, you get a block for your pyramid. After that, you need to make two pair or better, trips or better, a straight or better, and then a flush or better.

As soon as you complete your pyramid, you will be credited with a prize worth anywhere between $1 and $5,000.

Ready to start building? Head on over to the PokerStars Pyramid page to get started on your challenge today.

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