Can you Beat the Clock?

You may have already seen Cristiano Ronaldo or a version of him popping up on your TV. He's a man who knows about rushes of adrenaline, and he's a man who is ready to play some of PokerStars' new game, Beat The Clock.

"Beat The Clock requires you to think and act quickly with a high level of skill, which gives me the same rush of excitement that I experience on the pitch. The timed element of this game makes it fun to play and means I can get that quick adrenaline fix on the move," Ronaldo said.


So, just what is this new fast-paced format? It works like this:

"Beat The Clock" games are Zoom tournaments that last just five minutes, making for a fun, adrenaline-induced experience for players looking for some rapid-fire poker action. All you have to do to win cash is remain in the game until the timer runs out, with the prizes then distributed in proportion to the players' chip stacks at the end of the tournament.

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The four-handed, timed tournaments are available now on desktop and mobile. Players who are able to dodge elimination by the time the five-minute clock runs out will be quickly rewarded, perfect for those who love the thrill of competition and are seeking a short poker session. These bite-sized games are also a stimulating way for beginners to experience the excitement of poker and to further develop skills.

Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars said, "We are constantly looking to innovate at PokerStars and believe Beat The Clock is a great new addition to our poker offering. It's the perfect format for those who want to fit in some quick, intense poker action and is ideal for mobile play, where, in just five minutes, players can experience all the emotions and excitement that only poker provides."

Beat The Clock tournaments are available in the PokerStars mobile app and the desktop client. The campaign video featuring PokerStars SportsStar Cristiano Ronaldo playing "Beat The Clock" is available here or below.

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