Christmas gifts come early with PokerSchoolOnline

Christmas Day is less than a week away and by this time you've probably got presents hidden all over the house, waiting to be wrapped at the last possible moment before spreading joy to anyone lucky enough to receive one. And if you haven't got your presents by now, well, good luck on navigating the crowds!

Christmas is a wonderful time, but it's also a costly one. Those presents, the turkey and that all-important alcohol (much needed when spending days on end with your entire family...) don't come cheap. That's why it's a treat when someone gives a little back. Tomorrow night, that someone will be PokerSchoolOnline.


On Tuesday December 20th, at 8pm GMT, the PokerSchoolOnline Twitch channel will be hosting a special Christmas Twitch Tournament with some cool real money prizes up for grabs. They are as follows;

1st: $22 ticket
2nd: $11 ticket
3rd: $11 ticket
4th - 6th: $5.50 ticket
7th - 10th: $2.20 ticket

If that sounds better than a mince pie ladled with double cream then the good news is that it's very easy to get into the tournament. There are a few steps you need to follow before you can register.

First, you need to have a PokerStars account and, from there, you need to create a PokerSchoolOnline account. Both are completely free and will take you just a few minutes.

Once you've done that go to the Home Games tab within the PokerStars client and click 'Join a Poker Club'. Then input these details - Club ID: 606097 and Invite Code: psoclub2016. You're now free to find the Christmas Twitch Tournament in the schedule and register for 20,000 Play Money chips. Congratulations - you're now in!

PokerSchoolOnline trainer Ross Jarvis will be live streaming the tournament on Twitch from 8pm GMT. Watch the stream to rail Ross as he plays, ask any questions about poker strategy or just to chat about what is on your Christmas list this year. Find yourself lucky enough to end up on Ross's table and your play will be on the stream too.

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported PokerSchoolOnline in 2016. We've got some huge plans for the site in the year ahead but before that, we'll see you in Tuesday's tournament where we have some valuable Christmas gifts waiting just for you!

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