Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade face off in new #RaiseIt campaign

They will likely never meet professionally on the pitch or on the court, but sports superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade have kicked off a duel that will show off talents you might never have seen from either man.

You might have seen the #RaiseIt battles among other sports legends in the past. You might have seen some of your poker heroes get involved. Now, it's about to get crazier.

To wit: this tweet that Wade just posted to Twitter.

"I really enjoyed coming up with unique #raiseit ideas to out-smart Ronaldo," Wade said. "The challenge not only pushes boundaries but gets your imagination going. It gets you thinking, 'What can I do to get that person fired up? And how can I think ahead and outsmart their response before they even act?' It's going to be a lot of fun to see how it plays out."


Ronaldo is unlikely to shrink from the challenge.

"Challenges often bring out the best in people, and #raiseit is all about that, so I'm really happy to be part of it," Ronaldo said. "Creating these videos allowed Dwyane and I to showcase some crazy tricks, and take each other on outside of the pitch and court. I think I have set the bar high for Dwyane, so we'll see what kind of skills he brings to the table in the next few months."

In fact, we understand Ronaldo's answer will be coming sometime tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.

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