Reasons to try PokerSchoolOnline (according to Daniel Negreanu)

Not all poker players are high rollers. Not all poker players are professionals or even amateurs keen on making a living from a day spent at the card table. A lot of poker players prefer to follow the game for the simple unadulterated enjoyment of watching the big names do their stuff, or they content themselves playing for match sticks with friends and family around the kitchen table.


And that includes a lot of readers of the PokerStars Blog. But what If you've been thinking you'd like to step up from the kitchen table, and maybe try out a poker table - in the virtual sense we mean. What if you want to give playing online a try?

Well it's pretty simple to open a PokerStars account. In fact, clicking this link will have you set up in no time. But what comes after that? Well, that's where PokerSchoolOnline comes in.

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PSO is an invaluable for any poker player, but especially for new players seeking to learn and improve. It's there you'll find all sorts of resources, as well as promotions that offer prizes that will help you develop your game. Promotions like Scratch and Match, in which you can win daily tournament tickets. You get two chances to scratch and win each day.


As your game improves you can compete in skill leagues against players from around the world, and even learn from the pros, with forums and live poker training where you can watch pros cards up and then ask questions, even those ones you're afraid to ask.

That leaves just one question, the one Daniel Negreanu asks in the video below. Do you want to get involved?

Whether you're a serious player or simply enjoy playing for pennies with friends - you're a poker player. Play the game at the level that suits you best. But if you're looking to make that next step then PokerSchoolOnline is the perfect place to start.

We'll see you there.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.
Stephen Bartley
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