Unlikely fairytale for one "Solid" Spin & Go winner

Broadly speaking, a fairy tale that involves a character called "Solid Penis" is not one that's going to make it as a bed time story. Or at least, a bedtime story that's not read alone, and on the internet. But believe it or not that's what we have.

But before we get to that it's only fair: go ahead, take a moment. Get it out of your system, make the same jokes we've been making for a few hours now. Because the best part of this story has nothing to do with a username.

All done?

Because a fairy tale is exactly what one Russia player, who goes by that rather unfortunate name, got when he played some Spin & Go's this week. The result was a, um... happy ending worth €250,000.

What's more it was all broadcast live on Twitch.

You can see for yourself every moment of a ten minute period of play that started badly but ended with the endearing sight of a humbled man trying to think of something profound to say.


So instead Team Online's Mikhail "innerpsy" Shalamov narrates the following video, which starts with Solid's demise in an earlier Spin & Go, before that magic number appears on the screen - it's fleeting but long enough for the mind to register it. And even if you speak no Russian, Solid's eyes tell you everything about what he's feeling at the time.
See for yourself.

All of this took place in a Spin & Go, a three handed sit and go format that you too can be playing right now, with a chance to make your own fairy tale ending. Players with user names like "Goldilocks" or "Little Red Riding Hood" are particularly encouraged to enter.

Well done for getting this far with a straight face. Our thanks to innerpsy and as he put it, congratulations to "SolidPenis" on a solid performance.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.