Fathers' Day tribute from Team PokerStars Pros

Fathers around the world woke last weekend, possibly nudged slightly earlier than hoped by small eager hands, to be presented with various homemade cards and gifts made at school to celebrate Father's Day. 

The debate about whose Dad is the best in the world is moot, despite what it says on the card, on the t-shirt, or the novelty barbeque apron. What's important is that we all have our reasons for thinking it, and that includes small kids, and big ones, including members of Team PokerStars. 

Yesterday members of Team Pro paid tribute to their fathers in short videos posted on the PokerStars USA Facebook page (which you can see by clicking the links highlighted below). These weren't just quick moments of celebration, they were tributes to those people who had been there for them, guided them and stood by them all their lives.  

Jason Somerville credited his Dad for his success. "Hard work is everything," was among what he said, advice which Somerville has turned into a successful poker (and Twitch) career.


Jen Shehade's first game might have been chess, but it was at the the encouragement of her father that she and her brother took up poker. "My Dad was always right behind me," she said, crediting him for helping her to establish herself among the best in both games. 


For Chris Moneymaker, a father himself, his Dad has left a lasting impression on his own life, "always at games, at practices", and, as a poker player, ring side for that famous World Series win in 2003.  

Chris Moneymaker_fathersday_21june16.jpgWho's the daddy?: Chris Moneymaker

Then there was Jason Mercier, enjoying a glorious summer at the World Series in Las Vegas, who dedicated a bracelet win to his father to his father Rick, who we wrote about last week on the PokerStars Blog

Jason_Mercier_Rick_Mercier_21june16_22.jpgJason Mercier with his father Rick Mercier

Unique personal messages that at the same time sound familiar to us all. With thanks to all the Fathers out there. 

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.