Most Inspiring Player? The poker world says Felipe Ramos (we think they're right)

We're delighted to repeat news announced in Malta a few days ago, that Felipe "mojave" Ramos won "Most Inspiring Player" at the Poker Listings Spirit of Poker awards. It's recognition for his presence both at the table and away from it, and validated by the votes not of industry insiders, but poker players from around the world.

To meet Felipe is to be not at all surprised that he would win such an award. Everyone has a Felipe story to tell, and those same people have never exclaimed "I told you so" more happily.

felipe_ramos_award_winner_3nov16.jpgFelipe Ramos at EPT Barcelona earlier this year

Felipe is not just an outstanding ambassador for Brazilian poker, he's arguably the perfect ambassador for poker anywhere. Unfailingly friendly and ready to pass on words encouragement or advice to new players, Felipe almost single-handedly dismantles the myth that poker is a cut throat every-man-for-himself pursuit. He's instead an advocate for the poker community at its best, not divided by the spoils, but united by a simple love of the game.

That goes a little way to explain why we're proud to work with him at PokerStars.

Felipe wasn't able to accept the award in person, being currently embedded at the first ever PokerStars Festival in New Jersey. But he did record a short message of thanks, which was played at the award ceremony, and which you can watch below.

So we add our congratulations to Felipe on receiving this award, and say happily (and along with everyone else), we told you so.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.
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