Happy Holidays! Wanna play for $2 million?

Here's the thing. No matter whether you are already knee-deep in your figgy pudding or have set out for parts unknown to escape the carols, if you're a poker player, this Christmas is going to have an effect on you.

It has been five years since Christmas last fell on a Sunday. Before that, it had been six years since it happened. Before that, it had been eleven years, online poker didn't exist, and nobody had even thought of the Sunday Million.

To put a finer point on it, nobody had thought, "Jeez, are we going to host the biggest weekly tournament in the world while people are trying to spend the holiday with their families? Is that a stupid thing to do?"

This year, somebody thought of that. And so...enter...the Monday Million!

Happy Christmas, indeed.


So, yes. To celebrate the end of the PokerStars Christmas Festival, the Sunday Million will go on ice this weekend. But (and this is a big but), PokerStars will host the Monday Million the following day. And as a gift to you, it will have a whopping $2 million guaranteed prize pool. First place will earn at least $200,000.

There are satellites running now, and if still feel the need to play this weekend, you can find your way into the $215 tourney for pennies on the dollar.

What's more (listen up VIP Club members!), in the spirt of "changes to accommodate the holidays, the VIP Club is moving its VIP Club bash from December 31 (when you will presumably be saying goodbye to 2016) to December 24. That is, if you're keeping score at home, tomorrow.

So, tomorrow, the VIP Club Bash will be at 13:00 ET. The buy-in is a mere 100 Stars Coin, and the VIP Club is adding ten seats to...wait for it...the Monday Million!

So, happy holidays, folks. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy your families, and then enjoy that Monday Million.

And for the record, this Christmas on a Sunday thing won't happen again until 2022 and then 2033, so take advantage of this Monday Million before it's too late.

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