Weekend Review: Hicks proves staying power with Sunday Million win

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars.

Weekend highlights

* Kenny "LoneHixx" Hicks wins the Sunday Million
* XingsMaster of Germany wins the Sunday Warm-Up
* Team Pro Online week starts today


Round up of latest results

I remember a few years ago at an EPT seeing the name Ken Hicks on the player list. I noticed it because I noticed it at every EPT, one of those players who always qualified, and always played the Main Event. He'd do well, cash, and then show up at the next one, whether it was Dublin, Warsaw, London, Berlin or the PCA. Then just two years ago he reached the final table in Monaco, finishing seventh.

I suppose my point here is that Hicks is one of those workmanlike players who may not light up internet forums, or grace high roller events, but is at least still here nearly ten years after his first live cash in a game that re-invents itself each year. This weekend he proved just how well he does that by winning the Sunday Million.

As Martin Harris reported, Hicks even managed to secure the best deal for himself four-handed, to take away a first prize of $133,405.

Elsewhere in the Warm-Up XingsMaster took the first prize of $74,828 in a deal-free final table. As David Aydt reported, the eventual winner took on the role of table bully with great results.

Talking of which, here are those two results in full:

PokerStars Sunday Million results (2/28/16)
Entrants: 5,727
Prize pool: $1,145,400
Places paid: 855

1. Kenny "LoneHixx" Hicks (Canada) $133,405.67*
2. slayertompa (Sweden) $100,420.20*
3. JanekJorgman (Norway) $135,141.73*
4. _m0ney2_89 (Russia) $97,384.80*
5. Armani1974 (Germany) $48,106.80
6. pinkwins (Denmark) $36,652.80
7. p€troceli (Hungary) $25,198.80
8. Köstritzer83 (Germany) $14,317.50
9. mo-big-big (Netherlands) $8,934.12
* denotes a four-way deal leaving $20,000 for the winner

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (02/28/16)
Entrants: 2,368
Prize pool: $473,600.00
Places paid: 342

1. XingsMaster (Germany) $74,828.91
2. Crashsite!! (Netherlands) $56,202.11
3. cigarromata (Brazil) $40,256.00
4. Peter "RcknTheSbrbs" Nigh (Costa Rica) $27,705.60
5. Hoegh93 (Denmark) $21,075.20
6. ciaca21 (Romania) $16,339.20
7. olelemaiko (Bulgaria) $11,603.20
8. Maxxx72alba (Russia) $6,867.20
9. PataNegraXD (Czech Republic) $4,025.60

The weekend's top online tournament winners

$215 Sunday MillionLoneHixxCanada $133,405.67
$215 Sunday Warm-UpXingsMasterGermany $74,828.91
$530 Sunday 500Callisto 5Canada $53,148.75
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]MONSTER_DONGAustralia $47,385.42
$109+R Sunday RebuyStackedOffCanada $39,217.50
$215 Sunday 2nd ChanceEvnomiYaRussian $37,404.00
$22 Sunday Mini-MillionNikiforos86Greece $28,933.31
$109 Sunday KickoffBusyman919Switzerland $28,816.65
$11 Sunday StormWoody fingerPoland $25,707.84
$162 Sunday 6-Maxbah23Bulgaria $20,655.18
The Weekender: $530 NLHE [8-Max, 2-Day]DaNuts90Germany $20,227.50

Click here for a complete list of major results on PokerStars for the weekend of February 27 to 28, 2016.

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Team Pro Online week

Team Pro Online week is upon us, giving you chance to Beat them or Back them. As we wrote last week there's plenty going on over the course of the next seven days that's Team Online orientated. But given they're not allowed to win anything other than bragging rights there are plenty of opportunities for you to profit, which you can read about in detail here. It's usually a lot of fun, so get involved. And you can follow the Pros minutely on Twitch. We have the full broadcast schedule here.

Red Dragon

Lastly, while it's one of the smaller events on the PokerStars calendar the Red Dragon events are always good for a few surprises. Coverage from Macau began over the weekend and is worth following to see a mixture of local and foreign talent competing on one o Macau's biggest stages. Brad Kain is our reporter in the field, with live updates on the PokerStars Blog.

That's the weekend in a nutshell. As always send your questions and comments to us on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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