If it's Christmas, it must be a SlemPastor win

It may have flown under your radar last Christmas season when a man who goes by SlemPastor won $40,000 in the weekend Supersonic tournament. To be sure, $40,000 is a nice score, but it wasn't so big that it got flagged up as news, and it happened in the holiday season when most people are thinking of mulled wine and sweet treats.

Nevertheless, that was how SlemPastor (known to his friends as Stian Hansen) celebrated Christmas in 2015. At home in Oslo, Norway, he enjoyed knowing he was a little bit more wealthy and full of a lot more Christmas spirit.

So, fast forward to this year as PokerStars hosted its Christmas Festival and a MicroMillions Main Event to go alongside it.

"This was sort of my anniversary," Hansen said.


Anniversaries are funny things. They can make you remember that first time so fondly. And in Hansen's case, they can re-inspire you to greatness.

This is what you call burying the lede.

See, Hansen loaded up his SlemPastor account and took a shot at that $22 MicroMillions Main Event, and in doing so...well, he won again. This time, he pocketed more than $70,000 for the first place finish. He beat out more than 42,000 other people over the course of ten hours to make it happen.

The PokerStars Christmas Festival will continue for the rest of the month. You and Hansen will want to pay special attention to the $2 million guaranteed Monday Million happening on December 26th. There are satellites as low as $1 running now for the $215 event.

Meanwhile, Hansen is already thinking about what he might do with the second consecutive Christmas gift he gave himself, and from what he's saying...we might just see him playing in some live events in 2017.

Any bets on whether he plays next Christmas?

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