Join me in the Elite Series

Hello, I am Christin and I am a poker player!

I love poker and I want to enjoy myself when playing this amazing game. It's been almost ten years since friends in Brooklyn taught me how to play Texas Hold'em at the kitchen table. It's been nine years since I created my PokerStars account, and my passion for the game has grown rather than faded. There were a few tournaments I won online back in the day, but none would make me a champion.

The Elite Series may be Play Money, but it is still real poker against real opponents - and I am going to play it to earn a title!

In April 2016 I will have the pleasure to take part in PokerStars' Elite Series - "Exciting tourneys for the best Play Money players." There will be 40 tournaments across a range of buy-ins, poker variants, and formats from April 9-17.

For more details, visit the promotions page for the Elite Series here.

I definitely won't be able to play all 40, as I will be actually traveling in Germany at the time and visiting family. But, as the registration is open, I made sure to jump into my favourite tournaments already.


First in! There I am, come and get me!

My PokerStars name is "Davina Darr," and you will most likely find me in some of the Women's Events on April 12 (yes, ladies, we can battle it out amongst ourselves here), some of the Hypers on the 16th, and generally anything I can fit in...especially Knockout Tournaments, because everybody loves Knockout Tournaments!

See you at the tables, fellow poker and fun lovers!

Christin Maschmann
@PokerStars in PokerStars news