Mountain Series: Start climbing for millions

George Mallory said it best.

Asked by the New York Times why people climbed mountains, Mallory said, "Because they are there."

Now, there is another reason: you could make a lot of money.

In just a couple of weeks, PokerStars will launch the brand new Mountain Series. What's that, you say?

Well, it's ten tournaments that will get you climbing, starting with the manageable $11 Sugarloaf and ascending all the way to the $2,100 re-entry Mt. Everest. Why play it? Because there is lots of money there.

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Each new mountain tournament will have a higher buy-in and higher guarantee, ranging from the $11 buy-in $100,000 guarantee all the way up to the big $2,100 re-entry $1.5 million guarantee.

If you're ready to start preparing your climbing supplies (don't forget the oxygen!), check out the Mountain Series information page, or check out the full calendar below.

Good luck!

TournamentBuy-inStart DateStart TimeGuaranteed Prize Pool
Sugarloaf [SE]$11April 714:00$100,000
Snaefell NLHE [PSKO]$33April 716:00$100,000
Olympus NLHE [9-Max, Freezeout]$55April 814:00$100,000
Fuji NLHE [6-Max, 8-min levels]$109April 816:00$100,000
Matterhorn PLO [6-Max, 3-stack]$215April 912:00$150,000
Mont Blanc NLHE [PSKO]$320April 914:00$350,000
Elbrus NLHE [8-Max, Re-Entry] 2-Day$530April 916:00$500,000
Kilimanjaro NLHE [9-Max, Freezeout]$700April 1012:00$750,000
Denali PLO [6-Max, Rebuys]$1,050April 1013:00$500,000
Mount Everest Main Event [Re-Entry]$2,100April 1014:30$1,500,000

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