Now's your chance to take Lex Veldhuis' house!

Lex Veldhuis, member of Team PokerStars Pro Online, has recently been absolutely ridiculous in a daily $22 PLO Six-Max turbo event, so much so that if you don't see him at the final table, it probably means he's ill or incarcerated. He'd been crushing so much, PokerStars offered him a challenge. Final table the tournament three times in a week, and he'll get his name on it.

"The $22 PLO 6max has been a thing on my stream for a long time. I've been really successful in it the past few months, so much that my viewers have been calling it the RaSZi Invitational. When PokerStars told me to open my challenge window and I saw what the challenge was, people lost their mind," Veldhuis said. "That's the ultimate way to dominate a tournament."


Well, guess what? He's done it, and so was born the Lex Veldhuis Open.

"Right off the bat I final tabled it on Monday to start the week off right. With a final on Wednesday, it was looking good. The support from my viewers was awesome. People have been loving the proposition so it was a fun sweat. Then I closed it out and put my name there. From now on we play in my house!"

Well, hold on there, big guy. Not so freaking fast.

PokerStars is now going to open the challenge to anyone who can match Veldhuis' accomplishment. Final table three times, and you can get the tourney changed to your the [YOUR NAME HERE] Open. Please note, if you happen to be this guy, you might be up for legendary status.

So, for right now, Lex is calling it his house. But you could make it your house this week.

Can anyone unseat the mighty Veldhuis? We'll be watching.

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