Try PokerStars On-Demand Sit & Gos

Imagine that you log on to PokerStars looking to play a multi-table tournament. Unfortunately, at this exact moment, there isn't one starting (I know, with the amount of tournaments we are offering, this isn't a very realistic scenario, but bear with me). Fear not, we have a number of multi-table Sit & Go's that you can choose from.

These Sit & Gos are more or less like any scheduled tournament, but they start when a pre-determined number of players have registered. We offer tournaments in all sizes, from 18 players all the way up to 990. And they really do run 24/7.

So, problem solved, right? You just sit down in a Sit & Go, and your MTT itch is scratched. Well, even that isn't so straightforward. It being a Sit & Go, it won't start until the required number of players has registered. And if the tournament of your choice is a 45-, 90- or even a 180-player tournament, this might take a few minutes. We want to build the games that you want to play and serve them up when you want to play them, too. So we're trialling a new kind of Sit & Go.

The new functionality of our trial On-Demand Sit & Go tournaments get you into the action straight away. Instead of waiting until the maximum number of players have registered, we now have the ability to set the starting point at a specific, lower number.

There are many benefits to this. First of all, reducing the wait time creates a much better player experience. Secondly, having tournaments running encourages other players to register. 'Bob' might decide against joining a 90-man tournament if there are only 30 players registered and 60 more players need to sign up before it starts. However, if that tournament has already started, then it's a different decision entirely. You can start playing On-Demands straight away and you know it's limited to a certain size.


The initial results show us that this is exactly how players are responding. We have replaced two $15 Turbo tournaments - one 45-player, one 180-player - with a single tournament that starts when 27 players are registered, but accepts late registrations until either 180 players are in or 25 minutes have passed. So far, we have about 50% more daily unique players in our trial tournament than in the two Turbo tournaments combined.

And not only are there more players, but each player is taking the chance to go on and play more tournaments. Why? Because it fits the way that they want to play poker, which is something that we're happy to oblige. All in all, we're very encouraged by this trial and are now preparing to expand it further; to our regulated markets first, and then to other tournaments on the main .com client.

It's possible that all MTT Sit & Go tournaments will one day become 'On-Demand' if that's what the playing community votes for (as defined by registrations). If we put on tournaments that you want to play because they suit your lifestyle then it means we're doing our jobs right. If you have ideas about tournaments that you'd like to play on PokerStars then send us an email at .

Baard Dahl
@PokerStars in PokerStars news