PokerStars adds Win the Button tourneys to regular schedule

"Is it my button?"

"Button moved..."

"Don't raise my button!"

Everyone loves the button, but like a good opportunity, it only comes around so often...unless you're playing a PokerStars Win the Button tourney. Then, all takes to get the button is to win a hand.

Now, you'll have a chance to play tourneys where you could win the button a lot more than once an orbit.


A few days ago, the World Championship of Poker hosted a Win the Button event that saw one Hungarian player win more than $100,000.

Now, you can play in one of eleven daily Win the Button tourneys with buy-ins starting at $2.20 and going all the way up to $162.

Not only that, but each week there will be two Win the Button majors, a $55 $25,000-guaranteed and a $5.50 $5,000-guaranteed event.

Want to give them a shot? Here's when you can play.

Have fun!


02:10 - $3.30 Re-Entry $750 Gtd
03:30 - $4.40 8-Max R+A $500 Gtd
07:10 - $5.50 $1.5K Gtd
09:10 - $55 $4K Gtd
11:15 - $3.30 $2K Gtd
14:00 - $162 Ultra Deep $5K Gtd
14:10 - $3.30 $2K Gtd
16:15 - $11 $3.5K Gtd
19:00 - $11 R+A $1.5K Gtd
21:15 - $2.20 Re-Entry $1K Gtd
23:15 - $33 Re-Entry $2K Gtd

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