PokerStars booming in Portgual

It's only been a couple of weeks since PokerStars re-opened in Portugal as the only licensed online poker site in that country, but it seems the Portuguese people were ready to see the big red spade back in their country.

After jumping right back into the market as the #3 site in the world, has become the second biggest site in less than two weeks, according to PokerScout. As of today, it has the second-highest 24-hour peak and is tied for second for seven-day average. The only site with more traffic? The worldwide PokerStars platform.


Portugal recently put together its own independent regulatory and licensing body, and PokerStars was the first to qualify for a license there.

As is the case in all place where PokerStars operates, PokerStars segregates Portuguese player funds under trust agreements. For now, the players are playing only against other players in Portugal, but PokerStars is actively working with the country to help develop the regulations there to allow for Portuguese players to compete against the rest of the world.

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Brad Willis
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