PokerStars cash gamers pick up $1 million

You don't have to be a high-roller to pick up some big money in PokerStars cash games. Just look at the people who collectively pocketed more than $1 million during the month of January in the PokerStars Cash Game Quests.

The idea was simple. Players signed up for simple daily PokerStars challenges while playing cash games with $0.05/$0.10 or higher stakes. That made them eligible for prizes, and some people cashed in big.

If you need proof just ask the likes of zeugasg7, c.y.chiang88, maryjan72, VeryLaw, Mr'Up'n'Down, Vi_Koak, lp2306, Flagellator, radzio28ku, and F.Kruger420 who all won $10,000 in cash during the Cash Game Quests offer.

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Meanwhile another 55 people picked up $1,000 prizes.

All in all, PokerStars handed out more than 400,000 cash prizes during the promotion. PokerStars awarded $1,107,997 in prizes throughout the month of January.

While the Cash Game Quests have ended for now, that doesn't mean the winning has ended. Right now, PokerStars is running the PokerStars 100M Player Celebration. To see how you can cash in, visit, the 100M Celebration home page.

Good luck!

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