PokerStars hits the ground running in Portugal

Just a few days ago Portugal opened its doors to PokerStars. In turn we then opened our doors to Portuguese players. It's fair to say that the results have surprised everyone.

In the first week the Portuguese PokerStars site became the third most populous site (according to PokerScout), with the third highest 7-day average of any site anywhere, with the third highest number of cash game players and the second highest 24-hour peak (behind

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It's the culmination of efforts to take PokerStars into Portugal, where online poker has shown itself to be hugely popular. The license was granted pursuant to Portugal's recently developed and implemented local, independent regulatory and licensing regime.

PokerStars will maintain the very highest levels of player fund protection by segregating Portuguese player funds under trust agreements, as is done in all markets where PokerStars offers its products. In the meantime, while Portugal remains a closed liquidity poker market, PokerStars intends to actively work with applicable Portuguese authorities to help further develop and enhance the Portuguese regulatory framework for poker, including, without limitation, through the promotion of shared liquidity.

"We are very happy to offer the world's leading online poker brand to Portuguese players under a local regulatory framework that ensures rigorous consumer protection and gaming integrity," said Eric Hollreiser, Vice-President of Corporate Communications for Amaya.

"This approval demonstrates our commitment to the responsible growth of online gaming by supporting local regulation that protects players, creates a viable marketplace and provides revenue for local governments."

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

Stephen Bartley
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