PokerStars Top 5 Hero Calls

The hero call has to be one of poker's most awe inspiring moments. It's the antithesis of a bluff, the moment where honestly triumphs over deception, light over darkness, good over evil. Well, perhaps not that last one. But there's something about it that fascinates players and poker fans alike. What's more it's called a "hero call" for a reason - seldom does a player look quite as magnificent as when turning over a pot-winning jack-high.

Getting it wrong of course can prove disastrous for the ego. But done right, it's one of poker's most sublime moments, and very difficult not to talk of in superlatives.


That's what the video below celebrates, our Top 5 Hero Calls from the archives of

In it you'll find some classic examples, some recent and some dating back to the early days of the European Poker Tour. Perhaps not surprisingly they feature players who went on to success in the event they feature in (and beyond). They include the likes of Steve O'Dwyer ("Roger... Roger..."), Davidi Kitai, and Jason Mercier whose call, featured here, launched what is now one of the game's most astonishing careers.

Check out the video below.

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