PokerStars Top Five - Fantastic folds

This summer we've featured a series of Top fives from the archives of, and have now reached the last of the current run, concluding this week with a look at the top five fantastic folds.

There's no doubt about it, folding can be one of the hardest parts of poker. Whether you're new to the game, and cannot resist, to your cost, finding out what your opponent had, to the more experienced player, knowing full well what they ought to do, but still allowing curiosity to get the better of them. They are decisions that can nag at your conscience for months, even years afterwards.


So when you see players making great folds, not just ordinary ones, they can be among the most impressive sights at a poker table. It doesn't always mean the player goes on to win, and part of the agony is the often terrible shape a good fold can leave you in. But sometimes, even on those occasions it can prove as memorable as the image of the player who ultimately lifts the trophy.

These five examples go some way to prove that point, and feature the likes of Dominik Panka, our own Team Pro ElkY, Galen Hall, and others. Pick your favourite below.

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