PokerStars Top Five - Poker rivalries

If you've been reading the Blog over the course of the summer you'll know we've been featuring a series of Top Five videos from the archive. It's a tough job, watching hour after hour of footage to pick out the best videos, and we pressed on this week selecting the Top Five poker rivalries.


This is nothing new of course. Rivalries have existed in poker as long as the game has been played. But recent years have pitched up a few high profile ones, each bringing something a little extra to the game when the poker Gods decide the seat draw should pair them together for another memorable clash.

Several rivalries are detailed in the video below, although we admit, it's Tony G, who can create a rivalry in a one man band, who steals the show.

Click below to take a look.

Those are our top five poker rivalries. Did we miss one? Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog and let us know.

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