Ronaldo and Wade #RaiseIt battle flips out

If you have a child who is strong enough to hold a bottle of water and old enough to use the internet, you likely know the sound. It's a crackling, thunking, irregular car engine of adult misery punctuated at regular intervals with either a resigned sigh or celebration big enough to support a World Cup win.

I, as it happens, have two boys, and I know this sound too well. It is the incessant and bordering-on-maddening noise of boys who have all the electronic toys they could possibly want spending their idle hours trying to land a half-full water bottle right-side up (or, in a feat that will be talked about for ages to come, "cap it" by defying the laws of physics and landing it upside down on its cap).

If you do not have two boys who will make sure you hear this sound accompanying your last breath and death rattle, perhaps you could use a surrogate. As it happens, we have two.


Hey, who is that?!

So, by now, you might have heard about the #RaiseIt battle that Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade are in the middle of.

We should've see this one coming.

I mean, this is the year of the Water Bottle Flip.

Here was how Wade came at Ronaldo this week.

It is...well, it's about on par with the water bottle flips I've seen in my own driveway (although I think my seven-year-old might give Wade a run for his money on the dance floor).

Ronaldo responded like this.

And I'll be honest...if this video is legit (and I can only assume it is, because who would cheat at water bottle flipping?), it's game over.

To Wade's credit, he did dance, so he gets extra credit for that. Nevertheless, he's going to have to bring it on the next one.

For more on the #RaiseIt challenges, head over to the Now Raise It website.

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