So who was that first winner on PokerStars mobile?

So you're at home, playing a tournament on PokerStars and the internet goes down. Who knows what caused it, apart from one of those illogical and irrational assumptions anyone would make in a time of such crisis - bad weather, a piece of furniture blocking the signal, or an IP address conflict that not even switching everything off and switching everything on again can shift. And all the while you're being blinded away.

In the old days this was a problem. But not anymore. The advent of mobile technology means you can download the PokerStars client on your smart phone or tablet, and always have a Plan B. So go ahead, kick your Wi-Fi router and shout a bit when the signal drops. Just be sure to grab your phone as you do so.

For many PokerStars players playing on our mobile site is now a matter of routine. But it wasn't long ago that the technology was brand new. So thinking logically that means there was a day when it was first launched and first played on. There was a first hand played on mobile, a first pot won, then then a first tournament.

That's how David "dmf81" Forsyth played a small part in PokerStars history.

"I don't remember much about the win," said Forsyth. "But it's fun to think that I was the first winner of an MTT using the mobile app. It's also surprising too given I'm normally behind the times as far as tech is concerned!"

david_forsyth_mobile.jpgFirst PokerStars mobile winner: David Forsyth

It might not seem like an enormous achievement, but it was a first; one that represents one of the milestones PokerStars is celebrating this month to mark our 100 millionth player. Who cares that it wasn't a weekend major, or a COOP event?

"The win itself sounds lame, but we all have to build a poker bankroll from somewhere!"

Forsyth, 34, downloaded the PokerStars app on his phone after seeing an advert on his way home one day. He took part in a PokerStars promotion that was running at the time for UK players, whereby the winner of a monthly league would win a full package to a UKIPT event.

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"Entry was £1.10 with a couple of hundred entrants and the win was for £50 or so," explained Forsyth. "I think I finished second in the league that month and won a $109 tournament ticket on top of my winnings from the MTTs."

Not bad while using a screen the size of, well, a smart phone.

Since then Forsyth, who usually plays $25 no-limit games on PokerStars, keeps his phone handy for those dreary bus rides home, or to simply unwind after a busy day. At the very least it's a way to make a commute profitable, or to make a few dollars while waiting for the lights to change.

Like a lot of players Forsyth got interested in poker after watching Late Night Poker, and then started playing freerolls online (again, like others, taking a freeroll win as a sign of great things to come).


"I was doing a lot of dumb things like misreading boards e.g. bet/calling huge river jams with top set when the obvious straight or flush came in because I thought I still had the nuts."

But freerolls had another use, helping him grasp the rules and subtleties of the game without risking his own money. Then, armed with a small bankroll he began grinding micro-tournaments.

"I was doing okay but wanted to get better."

Reading articles and websites he began having some success, steps that ultimately lead to the games he plays now.

"The most important thing I learned early on is that poker is a continuous learning process and to never assume that you're a good player."

It's the kind of discipline that has helped him become the poker player he is, which, as we're saluting today, is one able to win anywhere, including on the move.

If you want to join him you can download the PokerStars app here.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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