Splash! The "x-Turbo" naming convention (finally) sinks to the bottom

"What is a 3x-Turbo?"

That's a question that we've been asked more times than I care to remember over the years. From the time that the first x-Turbo was created (in September 2007, as a satellite to the 2007 WCOOP Main Event), the naming convention of this special and very important satellite type has never quite fit perfectly.

When the first 2x-Turbo was created, it was named something like "$8.80+R NLHE Turbo (1-Hour Rebuy Period) to the WCOOP Main Event." That was way too long and unwieldy, though...so we thought about it, considered that the rebuy period was twice (2x) as long as a normal turbo rebuy, that the starting stack was twice (2x) as large as a normal turbo rebuy...and "2x-Turbo" was born. Over time, a turbo rebuy type with a 90-minute rebuy period was created and became the 3x-Turbo, and within the last couple of years a 120-minute rebuy period satellite was created, giving life to the 4x-Turbo. The names made less sense than ever.


We've discussed this issue many times over the years, kicking various potential solutions around: 2x-Rebuy Period, 60-Minute Rebuys, etc. We never came to an agreement on what to do, and the issue died down as other things came to the forefront of the day's work. Recently, it was brought up again, and one of us brought up the Saturday Splash and the idea that we should use a name that people could associate with splashing a lot of chips around for a long time in a turbo rebuy, which is the essential nature of the tournaments in question. After some discussion, we reached agreement. See the following examples of how these tournaments will be shown in the PokerStars client...


SCOOP-54-M [Main Event] Sat: $7.50+R NLHE [Little Splash], 5 Seats Gtd (formerly 2x-Turbo)
SCOOP-54-M [Main Event] Sat: $7.50+R NLHE [Splash], 5 Seats Gtd (formerly 3x-Turbo)
SCOOP-54-M [Main Event] Sat: $7.50+R NLHE [Big Splash], 5 Seats Gtd (formerly 4x-Turbo)

Regular Schedule:

Little Splash, $8K Gtd (formerly 2x-Turbo)
Splash, $8K Gtd (formerly 3x-Turbo)
Big Splash, $8K Gtd (formerly 4x-Turbo)

We realize, of course, that "Splash" doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of immediate recognition in a title any more than "x-Turbo" does, however it doesn't confuse players in the way that "2x-Turbo" does. Many players (especially new players) often think that the "2x" prefix is a modifier of the "Turbo" suffix, meaning that the tournament is a Turbo which is twice as fast, etc. That's one big issue we're fixing with this change.

We have a special branded rebuy tournament, the Saturday Splash (90-minute rebuy period, 3K starting stack, 30K add-on stack), which will keep its current name (unchanged). It's our hope/belief that this change in naming convention of our other turbo rebuy tournaments which have extended rebuy periods and higher than normal stacks will result in players catching on quickly in terms of knowing what to expect when they see 'Splash' in tournament titles.

Bryan Slick (aka StaffBryanS) is the PokerStars Senior Manager of Online Championships

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