Storms brewing and mountains to climb: just your typical PokerStars weekend

If you were thinking that after the Easter weekend things might now return to a quieter, steadier tempo you'd be wrong. Even I thought there might not be much to note this weekend, just the usual schedule of high stakes weekend majors, etc., etc. But I was wrong. There's plenty. 

poker_chips_1apr16.jpgMountains to climb

So let's start at the top. Or should that be the bottom?

Mountain Series

If you haven't already seen details of our mountain series (I don't know about you but this always makes me think of the yodelling mountaineer on the "Price is Right") we're giving away more than $4 million in guaranteed prize money in what is our newest tournament festival. 

As crazy as this sounds the Mountain Series features ten events over four days (April 7-10) with progressive buy-ins ranging from $11 (Mount Sugarloaf) to the $2,100 (that would be Mount Everest). Get all the details, the nuance, and the fun, on the Mountain Series homepage.

Storm forecast

We don't usually do weather forecasts but it is only right to point out that there's a storm brewing, a Sunday Storm to be exact, scheduled to blow in on April 17 at 13:30 ET on the dot. 

This one though is the Fifth Anniversary edition of the Sunday Storm, which makes it all right. 

With a buy in of just $11 the Storm is one of the more accessible Sunday Majors, and with a $1 million guarantee it's desirable too. What's more the usual slate of satellites could win you entry for as little as $0.11 - that's back of the sofa money folks - while a VIP Bash satellite can be entered for just 100 StarsCoin. No doubt you'll want the details, all of which can be found on the Sunday Storm homepage.

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Our friends over in New Jersey have wasted no time at all in stirring up headlines. Like this one: "$50,000 guaranteed in the PokerStarsNJ Sunday Special Big Game". 

That takes place this Sunday at 18:00 ET, but it's not just about the poker. Reading through the small print for a second it seems, yes... that's right... it says here that players who take part in the event also get the chance to "pick a team to win the College Basketball Championship game". 

Choose correctly and you'll get a ticket to two All-in Shootout Freerolls taking place on April 6, with $15,000 to be won. Choose incorrectly and what the heck, you'll get the consolation of an All-in Shootout Freeroll with $5,000 to be won. 

Quite frankly you're on your own with the college pick, but find all the details of the event on the Sunday Big Game homepage.


By happy coincidence $5,000 also happens to be the amount won every day during the PokerStars CardHunt promotion, which runs through to April 15. 

Once again, the people in the promotions department have excelled themselves (we lock them in a room and force them to), creating a daily poker puzzle which you'll find in your Challenges window. Follow the instructions to complete the puzzle. In short that entails winning hands with certain cards. We've explained everything here just in case.

London calling

There are now just five days until the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour returns for its sixth season, kicking off at the Hippodrome Casino in central London. UKIPT6 London begins next Tuesday, April 5, with the final table of the Main Event bringing the festival to an end on April 10, all of which will be covered on the Blog. 

In between there are 70 scheduled tournaments, with the usual online satellites offering the chance to win your seat for a fraction of the price. Either way the Hippodrome is always a great place to play poker, and to celebrate and/or commiserate afterwards. Here's what we wrote about the festival earlier.

That's everything. Play well on PokerStars this weekend, be nice to your dealer, and as always send any thoughts and comments to us on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.