The Elite Series from the Road

It will be like stepping back in time - in a good way.

On Saturday, April 9, I will touch ground in Hamburg, my birth town. The city-state was also the place where I started working for IntelliPoker, PokerStars' poker school.

Back then "playing for play money" meant to practice and learn the basics of the game. Things have changed. Nowadays you can play for millions and even be part of the Billionaire's Club. Exciting tournament series now exist to build similar challenges for prestige like they do the real money universe.

As it happens, one of these will also be touching down on Saturday: The Elite Series!

The online event will run April 9-17, the exact time frame that I will be traveling in Germany and visiting family. My parents haven't seen me in a year, but they will have to live with me playing poker some of these days. They know how much I love the game and that I wouldn't pass on the opportunity to play on PokerStars again.


The poker action won't start before Sunday evening for me, though. Saturday will be dedicated to enjoying Hamburg and meeting friends. Sunday evening at my dad's, after my baby half-brother has gone to bed, I will set up a Twitch stream and play the Progressive Super Knockout at 15:00 ET. Knockouts are the most fun, right?

After this I will be back for Women's Tuesday on April 12 and play at least one of the events on that day. Wednesday my journey will bring me back to Hamburg where I will enjoy some culture that the city has to offer (as opposed to the nightlife on Saturday) and head to the hotel early for Event #17, a No-Limit Omaha8 tournament. Omaha8 is my second favourite game. Playing it No-Limit is crazy, though.

On Thursday I will hop on a train to the Harz mountains where my mum lives and spend some time with her before playing as many of the Hourly Hypers on Saturday as time (and my mum) allows.

I am already registered for the tourneys I will play (except the hypers), so search for "Davina Darr" in the client and join me in those events.

There will be a review article after the tournament series in which I will hopefully be able to report about taking down multiple events, and maybe you will find your name in an epic hand we played together.

Let's do this!

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Christin Maschmann is the PokerStars Innovation Coordinator & Ideation Manager