VIP Freerolls: Your chance to play the TCOOP Main Event

It's time to start looking behind the cushions of the couch for any loose StarsCoin you might laying around, because this weekend they might just win you a seat into the TCOOP Main Event.


This Saturday the VIP Bash and VIP Freerolls take place on PokerStars, with a seat in the TCOOP finale available for every 70,000 StarsCoin. That makes this a great way to take part in the TCOOP main event, which has a regular buy-in of $700. We're also adding 20 seats to the tournament, effectively meaning $14,000 added to the prize pool.

There's more.

This weekend is the last weekend of the month which means both the BronzeStar and Chrome Star freerolls will have their prize pools doubled. Their regular prize pools are $2,500 and $10,000 respectively, so we'll leave you do the calculation.

Then there are the SilverStar and GoldStar freerolls to suit up for. Here's when things get started (all times are UK times):

14:00 Monthly BronzeStar $5,000 Freeroll - Buy-in 25 StarsCoin.
16:00 Monthly ChromeStar $20,000 Freeroll
17:30 Monthly SilverStar $30,000 Freeroll
19:00 Monthly GoldStar $100,000 Freeroll

Find out more on the PokerStars VIP Club homepage. In the meantime best of luck this weekend. Now get back to that couch.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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