Sunday Majors (and minors) to look forward this weekend

Plenty to talk about looking ahead to the weekend, and regardless of your bankroll there's a way for you to win big enough to thoroughly anaesthetise any pain you might normally feel on Monday morning. 

Sunday best

Starting online it's worth taking a minute to remind ourselves how things turned out last weekend. AlexanGeo was triumphant in the Sunday Million, but it was the numbers related to that win that should prove encouraging. First prize last Sunday was $144,000, higher than the average in the post Tenth Anniversary wake with players returning for another shot at winning the biggest online event of the week. 

Will that carry into this weekend? There's really only one way to find out. And what's more you can make that discovery for as little as a few dollars in any of the satellites we have running right up until registration closes. 


Move some mountains

While you're thinking about that the Mountain Series (yodel-ay, yodel-ay-hee-hoo) is now underway having left basecamp yesterday and being set to reach the top of Mount Everest on Sunday.

Put another way it's a great way for players who play at a variety of stakes to significantly increase their bank roll with some tempting guaranteed prize pools. 

As the Mountain Series homepage lays out, the stakes get steeper today, with Olympus and Fuju getting started. 

But for every Edmund Hillary there's the amateur with a brightly coloured anorak and a head for heights, or in this case the satellite winner ready to turn a few dollars into a few thousand. Details of that will be found in the tournament lobby. Absolutely no actual mountaineering experience is required. 


Card Hunt

Here's a great way to boost your working bank roll by up to $5,000 each day. Try Card Hunt. Here's how it works

Each day you'll find a puzzle in your Challenges window, with the missing pieces corresponding to a playing card. Simply win a hand with that card to "find" that missing piece. Get them all and you'll immediately win something, with the top prize being some no questions asked free money. 

It's fun, easy to take part and you might get a nice little bump to your bank roll to have some more fun this weekend. 

UKIPT London plays on

In the world of Live poker London is its capital right now, with the UKIPT Season 6 mid way through its first festival of the year. Yesterday was Ladies Day, with Irena Nikoladai bagging up the lead, while Day 1C begins today. You can find live updates of the UKIPT London Main Event all the way to a winner on Sunday. Drop by and see what our reporters Marc Convey and Jack Stanton are up to. 

EPT Live

The EPT Not Live is back after the Easter break. Here's what's in store...

"James is back from holiday and Joe is back in the UK, ahead of the UKIPT London Cup. There's a lot of tweets for the boys to reply to, before they review the most recent episodes of the EPT 11 Grand Final. They're joined (finally!) by Ludovic Geilich, who made a deep run in last year's tournament. He breaks down a number of key hands featured in the TV shows. James and Joe talk about the nominations for the European Poker Awards, having both "served" as members of the nominating panel. And the podcast's resident video games guru Matt Broughton makes a guest appearance, testing Sean Trembath from Saskatoon on his knowledge of SNES in 'Superfan vs Stapes'. #EPTNotLive"

To listen go to any of the links below.

Right To Play

Lastly but certainly not least, why not add the Right To Play event to your schedule this weekend. It costs just $2 to play, split between the prize pool and Right To Play, which PokerStars supports through its corporate giving programme "Helping Hands".

right_to_play_jake_cody_8apr16.jpgNot a penny wasted

If you're wondering what good your dollar will do PokerStars players and staff have funded more than 6,000 volunteer coaches, who have reached out to 400,000 children worldwide. So your money goes directly to good work. 

That's everything for this weekend. Play well and as always send any thoughts and comments to us on Twitter:@PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.