Weekend review: EPT wraps up for good, Bager1988 bags the million, Martin wins big

It's the last Monday before Christmas, and everything has become one big celebration. The European Poker Tour is saying goodbye, the Sunday Million has crowned a new winner, and Team Online's Kevin Martin got himself a big win yesterday.

And this has all happened before next week's $2 million Monday Million!

Want to catch up with this weekend's big winners? Keep reading below.


* European Poker Tour closes shop
* Serbian wins Sunday Million
* Kevin Martin cashes in


Welp, that's it, folks. It seems like yesterday we were getting traipsing all over Europe behind John Duthie in the first season of the European Poker Tour. Thirteen seasons ago, the idea Duthie came up with in the bathtub turned into a worldwide sensation.

As I type now, the final EPT Main Event is three-handed in Prague, and when it's finished, so too will be the EPT. We all owe Duthie a great many thanks.

Beginning next month, all of PokerStars tours will start running under the PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival banners. We'll have coverage of the first one in the Bahamas in January.

In the meantime, follow the last coverage of the EPT right here.


It was a table full of familiar faces foe Sunday Million writer Kristin Bihr. She was covering the Sunday Million as it played out last night and saw a lot of names she recognized from past wins. In the end, she saw the title go to Serbia's Bager1988. She wrote up the story of it happening here.

Here's how the final table results looked.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 12-18-2016
Players: 5,494
Prize pool: $1,098,800.00
Places paid: 764

1. Bager1988 (Serbia) $146,004.41*
2. elcoysa (Argentina) $104,193.00*
3. FloweerBoy (Poland) $90,760.61*
4. vladik32 (Greece) $52,852.28
5. Henk88 (Germany) $36,826.06
6. emjkemjk (Canada) $25,659.39
7. Charlottewbb (Norway) $17,878.90
8. pkcos (Chile) $12,457.53
9. casati1990 (Hungary) $8,680.19

*denotes a three-way deal


We can't let this Monday go by without congratulating Team Online's Kevin Martin who snagged a big win this weekend after chopping the Mini-Million for more than $20,000. Nice work, Kev!


Kevin Martin streaming live with his big win

Want to see the rest of the big winners? You can see them all on our Weekend Majors Results page or scan some of the bigger winners below.

$215 SUNDAY MILLIONBager1988Serbia$146,004.41
$215 Sunday Warm-UpOMGACEACEACEPoland$58,459.39
$1,050 Sunday Grand NLHEOLD TIME GINCanada$53,694.74
$700 Super-Sized Sunday [Progressive KO]Secret_M0d3Slovakia (Slovak Republic)$36,304.35
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo]MTLsubaruCanada$34,998.94
$22 Mini Sunday Millionn3ym5rArgentina$24,030.35
$11 Sunday StormPazuzu65Slovakia (Slovak Republic)$27,509.19
$109 Sunday Cooldown [Turbo]TankanzaAustria$18,700.00
$109 Sunday Kickoffmajster88Poland$24,291.11

Everyone have a great week and happy holiday.

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