Weekend Review: Noaceforme the big winner as PCA arrives

A brief look at all the major stories from this past New Year weekend on PokerStars.

The weekend highlight

--This week's Sunday Million was won by Noaceforme, who earned $169,000.
--The Sunday Warm-Up was won by 69sBigLick, for $80,000.


Round up of latest results

The first weekend of the New Year and a new Sunday Million winner. Noaceforme collected more than $169,000 in this weekend's contest. As Jason Kirk reported, it's an event that allows players to dream big, and in this case there's no better way to start the year.

The same applies to 69sBigLick. Whether or not they set themselves the resolution to win more, it seems to be working. As David Aydt wrote the eventual winner was rewarded for their patience and started the year with a bang.

Here are those results in full:

Sunday Million results
Entrants: 6,749
Prize pool: $1,349,800
Places paid: 990

1. Noaceforme (Sweden) $169,260.63*
2. Saitek00 (United Kingdom) $135,099.52*
3. Sheeeeep (Germany) $117,231.37*
4. Bababooyboff (Canada) $117,792.34*
5. tvtotaliwin (Switzerland) $56,691.60
6. KvicKiller (Czech Republic) $43,193.60
7. MastercarAA (Sweden) $29,695.60
8. Ticiz (Netherlands) $16,197.60
9. ¿¿toneecho?? (United Kingdom) $10,460.95
* denotes results of a four-way deal

Sunday Warm-Up results
Entrants: 2,545
Places paid: 378
Prize pool: $509,000.00

1. 69sBigLick (Malta) $80,422.00
2. VGurina (Ukraine) $60,062.00
3. staszeq (Poland) $42,756.00
4. menglong (China) $29,771.41
5. FYYDNZAA (China) $22,141.50
6. robinho (Sweden) $17,051.50
7. Machiavelli3 (Sweden) $11,961.50
8. MarcusG22 (Canada) $7,380.50
9. tvtotaliwin (Switzerland) $4,326.50

The weekend's top tournament winners

EventWinnerCountryPrize money
$215 Sunday Million NoaceformeSweden $169,260.63
$215 Sunday Warm-Up 69sBigLickMalta $80,422.00
$530 Sunday 500Czech Republic Czech Republic$56,437.50
$215 Sunday SupersonicphaplapCyprus $45,619.98
$215 Sunday 2nd ChanceG's zeeCanada $37,080.00
$109+R Sunday Rebuy sk2ll_m0dRGermany$34,009.53
$109 Sunday Kickoff gbmantisMexico$30,272.00
$320 Saturday Super-Knockoutdujo123Canada $27,863.93
$11 Sunday Storm romk@vipRussian Federation $26,206.46
The Weekender: $530 NLHEdaskalos20Cyprus $21,161.25

Click here for a complete list of major results on PokerStars for the weekend of January 2-3, 2016.

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