Weekend review: Sunday Million and MicroMillions pay off big

Weekend highlights on PokerStars

* Chad Walker wins Sunday Million for...Anguilla?
* JiiJay takes down MicroMillions Main Event

You want action? You should've been playing on PokerStars this weekend.

From a full slate of weekend majors to the finale of MicroMillions, the dollars, euros, and pounds were flying all over the place.

Need a quick recap? We have it below.


Sunday Million

It's not often you see the tiny island of Anguilla get some poker recognition, but that's exactly what happened in this weekend's Sunday Million.

As Kristin Bihr wrote early this morning, Chad "ihaterivers" Walker, who re-located after Black Friday, brought fame and $194,371 to the island.

Here's how the rest of the final table fared.

Players: 6,842 (5,693 entries, 1,149 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,368,400.00
Places paid: 980

1. Chad "ihaterivers" Walker (Anguilla) $194,371.87
2. Conglomo222 (Argentina) $134,518.09
3. willywonko37 (Russia) $93,097.04
4. zipp1986 (Netherlands) $64,430.56
5. SuperdupaMAN (Norway) $44,590.95
6. Cäsaro (Austria) $30,860.43
7. Manig "swordfish007" Loeser (Austria) $21,357.71
8. eilev (Norrway) $14,781.18
9. kefffff (Paraguay) $10,229.61


Meanwhile, the MicroMillions finished the last of its whopping 90 events over the weekend. The biggest show was the $22 Main Event that ended up drawing nearly 54,000 players. The prize pool soared to more than $1.3 million.

When it was done, Finland's JiiJay had topped them all and earned more than $82,000.

Here's a complete list of all the winners and their prizes since Friday morning.

73$5.502,477$42,785.00 houlajkSlovakia$5,225.25
74$2.2011,075$22,150.00 polootroopRussia$2,389.64
75$0.1116,014$12,500.00 BoubbenSweden$1,409.98
76$4.4021,279$42,558.00 jojopat35bzhSwitzerland$4,402.97
77$2.207,732$15,464.00 80zivsLatvia$2,188.65
78$3.3010,771$32,313.00 schillasonGermany$3,403.03
79$5.507,008$35,040.00 zerukaGeorgia$4,981.10
80$2.206,544$65,830.00 rudey155Bermuda$9,359.75
81$4.4013,793$55,172.00 ParraxGravasRomania$6,827.83
82$3.3016,703$50,109.00 69FABIAN69Hungary$5,492.06
83$2.207,154$14,308.00 AcesUp_PINetherlands$1,262.89
84$5.508,655$21,637.50 alexleao16Brazil$3,044.97
85$2.2010,885$21,770.00 Lira26Germany$2,875.34
86$4.406,782$96,120.00 tatiana-2404Romania$13,660.92
87$5.5032,828$82,070.00 alwaysdoomedCyprus$8,148.79
89$5.505,234$26,170.00 ReKychRussia$3,727.57
90$1.109,133$39,674.25 shtefoneRomania$5,118.40

Weekend winners

That wasn't all the action going over the weekend. Want to see how the weekend majors finished up? Here's a snapshot of the winners. For a full list, visit our July 30-31, 2016 PokerStars Weekend Majors results page.

$109 Sunday KickoffRespect_LtLithuania $19,679.74
$33+R Sunday RebuydennishtmAustria $13,688.45
$215 Sunday Warm-UpBIack88Russian Federation $53,300.21
$82 Sunday HORSEjoaoMathiasBrazil $1,745.70
$700 Super-Sized Sunday [Progressive KO]Darkhors5150Canada $29,599.15
$11 Sunday Stormcalv201United Kingdom $22,516.92
Sunday KOmania: $82 NLO8kolbakSwitzerland $2,090.81
$215 SUNDAY MILLIONihateriversAnguilla$194,371.87
Sunday KOmania: $82 PLO vonBaranowBrazil $3,107.06
$55 Women's Sundayluckyno75Romania $1,127.50
$1,050 Sunday Grandollie_pUnited Kingdom $54,851.06
$1,050 Sunday Grand PLOomyg0tNetherlands $32,429.17
$109 Sunday CooldownMaxxx72albaRussian Federation $23,803.80
$215 Sunday Supersonicbacco70Germany $36,094.99

We hope your weekend was somewhere close to as successful as everyone above, and if not, good luck next weekend. Feel like talking about it? Head over to our @PokerStarsBlog account and we'll listen.

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