September 2017

30 September

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Masterful McGinty leads heading into final day of the Main Event

McGinty's the man to catch It was moving day in the PokerStars Festival Dublin Main Event, and by the time the 10 levels of play were done and dusted, Gary McGinty had a mountain of chips in front of him and was the clear chip leader. The 29-year-old Irishman, who...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Big Mick Graydon giving good value for the sweat

Most smart poker players these days sell, or at least swap, some of their action ahead of big tournaments. There are a few marketplaces that facilitate such arrangements, including the poker forum Two Plus Two. On a casual flick through the board earlier today, I came across a thread started...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: McGinty massive, leads the final 40 in the Main Event

Gary McGinty When you're sitting with a stack that is more than twice as big as your nearest challenger and over four times the average stack, you know something is going right. With 40 players left in the Main Event that's the situation Gary McGinty finds himself in. He was...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: High volume, high roller

If somebody tries to tell you that they don't like watching high buy-in poker tournaments because the players are all too quiet and serious, you can look them squarely in the eye and say, "Nonsense". Regardless of the event--be it a PokerStars Championship, the World Series of Poker, or a...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Hendry survives the bubble, in the money in Dublin

One of the undoubted joys of watching top-level sportsmen transition to the poker environment is seeing their delight at securing a first major cash. Not long ago at the PokerStars Festival Dublin, the PokerStars ambassador Stephen Hendry was one of the 79 players watching with glee as Paul Carr's pocket...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Busy, busy, busy

Deborah Worley-Roberts: Serving a penalty on the rail The city of Dublin is buzzing on a fine autumn afternoon, with sports fans heading to stadiums, shoppers hitting the high street and plenty of folk finding all the entertainment they need from a glass of black liquid in their right hand....more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Butler's Dublin delight

Louise Butler and Jake Cody There are many ways to qualify for a tournament but for 30-year-old Louise Butler, her journey to the PokerStars Festival Dublin began not in a tournament lobby, but on Twitter. It was there that she saw a competition that Jake Cody was running. The Team...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Moneymaker into the action immediately as Day 2 kicks off

Let's get the bad news out of the way quickly: Table 23 has already broken. That's a real shame, because it stood out on paper at the start of the day and distinguished itself immediately with a spectacular opening few hands. Chris Moneymaker was the principal attraction, and that also...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Catching up and looking ahead

Can anyone prise the chips from the grasp of Deborah Worley-Roberts? Good morning everybody and welcome back to Dublin, where it's time to catch up and then to look ahead. Before a brief review of what's been going on, here's the current state of affairs: Day 2 of the €1,100...more

29 September

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Deb's the destroyer! Worley-Roberts tops Main Event 1B field

Debs the Destroyer Back in February 2013 Deborah Worley-Roberts eliminated so many players in the UKIPT Cork Main Event that the PokerStars Blog coined the nickname 'Debs the Destroyer' for her as she scythed her way through the field. She went on to finish fifth in that event and it's...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Nice Hand! A Q&A with Team Pro Online's Fintan Hand

Is there such a thing as a home advantage in poker? Team PokerStars Pro Online's Fintan Hand will hope there is as he's back in his home town for only his second live tournament of the year and the first since he joined PokerStars. His first live foray of...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Fake news

There's always a great deal of excitement at PokerStars live events about the tournament that usually has the smallest buy-in. The media tournament is when all those notebook-wielding "experts" get a chance to show off their own "skills"--and sometimes to cross swords with a few celebrity special guests. The format...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Still a way to get in on the cheap!

You may have heard by now that the number of buy-ins to the PokerStars Festival Main Event will likely not hit the tournament's €700,000 guaranteed prize pool. The word for it is "overlay"--and, of course, it will be honoured. There was never any danger of organisers reneging. That said, registration...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Shameful nepotism (aka, Dan Jones leads Main Event)

If there's one thing I hate about poker blogging and poker Twitter it's how self-referential it all is. All anybody wants to do is talk about their own achievements or the achievements of their mates. You'd never catch me doing that. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce your Day 1B...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Earning it with Michael Duberry

The player list for Day 1B of the PokerStars Festival Dublin today featured three names very familiar with British sports fans. In addition to the PokerStars Ambassador Stephen Hendry, who has played once or twice before, the former Premier League footballers Michael Duberry and Wayne Bridge sat down for their...more

A PokerStars Winning Moment (with a World Champion)

"Hi Pokerstars, my name is Florian and I won the WCOOP-54-L :)" WCOOP 2017 has now finished, wrapped up with Steven van Zadelhoff's win in the Main Event late on Tuesday. It's a chance to look back on those stories and pick out a few more, including that of Florian,...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Mega win for Armesto

PokerStars Live events come in all shapes and sizes. At one end of the scale you've got the Super High Rollers, which command a buy-in of a minimum of €50,000. These events are but a pipe dream for all but the super talented or super wealthy. At the other...more

How to create the perfect poker replicant

There's no such thing as the perfect poker player - unless you follow our replicant recipe, using only the finest ingredients from the best players on the planet If you're a film buff (or old enough to remember the original), you'll be beside yourself at the imminent release of...more

Weekend warm-up: Play, follow, listen and win

The first weekend review after WCOOP, which also includes live festival coverage, interviews, and details on how you can win your way to the PCA in January. • WCOOP 2017 comes to a close • PokerStars Festival Dublin begins • Poker in the Ears turns 100 • Aussie Champion proves...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Back for more Main Event action

Hello and good morning from Dublin, Ireland. Do you have that Friday feeling? We do and it's all to do with today being Day 1B of the Main Event. You know the drill by now, they'll be more players than there were on Day 1A but everything else will...more

28 September

PokerStars Festival Dublin: How to organise a PokerStars Festival

Dave Curtis - PokerStars Live Event Manager for Europe If you head over to the PokerStars Live page and click on the festival tab, some fast maths will reveal that there are a total of 13 festivals listed. It all means that Dave Curtis - the Live Events Manager for...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Boyko takes lead, but Moneymaker challenges

When you look at the schedule for a poker tournament's Day 1A and see 12 levels listed, even the most enthusiastic reporter will let out a groan. However here we are at 9.45pm at the PokerStars Festival Dublin, wrapping up our opening flight with 12 levels in the book. There...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Ilyukhin and Foley race into early lead

Seven of Day 1A's 12 levels have now been played, meaning registration is closed and everyone else is going to need to wait until tomorrow to join the action. One hundred and thirty-seven players sat down today, of which around 90 remain. By the time you are finished reading this,...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Moneymaker meets Hendry for a whole new ball game

Even by the high standards of PokerStars player lounges, the room we have here in Dublin is pretty special. The reason is simple: this player lounge has a player in it, a real player. In addition to the video games, basketball hoops and pinball machines, there's a full size snooker...more

Poker in the Ears marks it's 100th episode

Introducing a special edition of the Poker In The Ears Podcast, recorded this week at The Hippodrome, and featuring a live studio audience. For their 100th episode, James and Joe recorded the podcast on stage at The Hippodrome in London's West End on Tuesday 26th September, in front of an...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: Stay warm and entertained with the Bluetooth Beanie

Chris Moneymaker was handed the microphone to perform "Shuffle up and deal" duties today and the man from the sweltering American Deep South couldn't resist a sly dig at the weather in the Emerald Isle. "Welcome to sunny Dublin," he said. "That's the first time I've ever said that. Been...more

Pattymillion, a leader board, and an Aussie Challenge

There's a theory in poker (all right it's my theory but hear me out) that the most important tournament you can play is the one you're playing right now. When you win one it becomes history. The one you're slogging away in is the most important because you can still...more

PokerStars Festival Dublin: The Main Event begins

Good morning everybody and welcome to Ireland for the PokerStars Festival Dublin, from the Regency Hotel, Drumcondra. Although tournaments began on Monday, today is when competition really hots up with Day 1A of the €1,100 PokerStars Festival Main Event. Local sources told us last night that players in the...more

27 September

Road to Bahamas Ultra Satellites to send 200+ players to the PCA

Tournaments guarantee more than $3 million in packages to be won by players this October and November You might have heard we're making a few changes to the PCA, not least returning the name PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. We're also doing our best to get as many players to the Bahamas...more

How to dress like your favourite poker player this Halloween

Make an entrance at your Halloween fancy dress party with five classic poker costumes, all fit for the Main Event final table Back in the day, poker players gambled on the road and dressed like cowboys. Today's players rock a more vanilla look - hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, trainers, earphones...more

WCOOP 2017: Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff's win brings Championship to a close

The fat lady has sung, the clocks have stopped, the flag has dropped and Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff has won the WCOOP Main Event. Day 24 The headlines from the final day of WCOOP • Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff wins the WCOOP 2017 the Main Event The Championship ended last...more

26 September

Super Tuesday: Ryan "newguy89" McEathron's strong year continues with $59K win (9-26-17)

It's been a pretty good year for Ryan "newguy89" McEathron. He kicked off 2017 by winning an event during TCOOP. He followed that up with a final table appearance in the Super Tuesday on July 4th. And tonight he earned the second-biggest cash of his career - and the biggest...more

WCOOP 2017: Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff secures Main Event victory, $1.62M

We've long known about amiable poker pro Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff. A frequent face at PokerStars tournaments throughout Europe, we've seen him often while he's been earning some of his career live tournament cashes totaling just over $1.5 million. A sixth-place finish in an EPT Tallinn Main Event stands out...more

WCOOP 2017: SvZff leads Main Event with $1.6million awaiting the winner

It's all over barring the shouting, which should begin just seconds after the Main Event concludes later today Day 23 The headlines for Tuesday • Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff lead the final nine of the Main Event It's all about the Main Event now with all WCOOP events completed except...more

25 September

WCOOP 2017: Belarus' Leqenden Takes Down Penultimate WCOOP-81-H: $530 NLHE [Wrap-Up] for $101,734

The penultimate tournament of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), WCOOP-81-H: $530 NLHE [Wrap-Up], $400K GTD, attracted 1,303 entries, which easily surpassed the advertised guarantee by creating a $651,500 prize pool. After nearly nine hours of play, it was Belarus' Leqenden who emerged victorious to capture a $101,734.89...more

WCOOP 2017: Fahredin "FeriBo" Mustafov finishes first in #80-H ($215 NLHE, 8-Max)

By the end of Event #80-H, a $215 buy-in, eight-handed no-limit hold'em tournament, Fahredin "FeriBo" Mustafov of Bulgaria was in control. The one-time Sunday Million winner had a big lead entering the final table, and kept adding to it as players fell away, carrying a big 4.5-to-1 chip advantage to...more

WCOOP 2017: Erikajax1 scores big with Sunday Warm-Up SE (Event #78-H $530 NL)

It's never officially a party until Matt 'All_in_at420' Stout shows up. Fitting that All_in_at420 would make a token appearance at a final table of the penultimate day of the 2017 WCOOP. All_in_at420 went deep in Event #78-H $520 NL, which also doubled as the Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition. The highest...more

WCOOP 2017: OverTheTop43 tops another, wins $193K in #77-H, Akkari 7th ($1,050 NLHE, Sunday Kickoff SE)

The last few WCOOP titles of 2017 are being claimed today and tomorrow -- the final opportunities for those who haven't done so already to capture one. In Event #77-H, a $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em event given the "Sunday Kickoff Special Edition" appellation, there were 1,238 hopefuls taking part with...more

Poker in the Ears' podcast to celebrate 100th episode with LIVE Broadcast

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton share their podcast highlights over the past three years Poker broadcasting personalities James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton will celebrate the 100th episode of PokerStars' Poker in the Ears podcast by hosting a special episode in front of a live audience tomorrow at The Hippodrome Casino...more

2017ACOP: The Race to Three

The Asia Championship of Poker is the Far East's greatest challenge for a player and the 17-day poker festival returns this October 13-29. In five years of existence, the ACOP has awarded more than HK$390 million (USD $50M) and those massive prize pools have, in turn, attracted the biggest...more

WCOOP 2017: 13 weekend winners, 5 to go (including $10.9m Main Event)

A lot of results to get through from the weekend, as well as the latest from the WCOOP Main Event. Read on for the details. Day 22 The headlines for Monday • Main Event down to 281 • Nick Petrangelo wins High Roller • Lex Veldhuis sets his own Twitch...more

24 September

WCOOP 2017: Sweden's compris bullies theNERDguy to win High Roller (Event #75-H $10,300 8-Game)

Despite the lack of Germans, it was still a difficult final table at the 8-Game High Roller which featured Luke 'lb6121' Schwartz, Yuri 'theNERDguy' Martins, and a trio of SCOOP winners. German cardslingers have been obliterating the high-roller scene both in the live arena and the online realm. It was...more

WCOOP 2017: Futti18 lets someone else to the dirty work in Event #74 win ($530 NLHE)

The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker Event #74 $530 NLHE tournament would start with 1,025 and have 86 players get through an entire day of play. Then, vanquish 77 of those runners in a mere five hours. After under two hours of final table play the remaining three: juarnes,...more

WCOOP 2017: reyals_rs refuses deal, then reigns in #73-H, wins $39K ($215 NLHE)

Final-table deals are interesting sometimes, less so others. Occasionally the way a deal discussion goes -- and the outcome of that discussion -- helps shape the story of a tournament. Something like that happened at the end of Event #73-H today ($215 NLHE), the final table of which kicked off...more

23 September

WCOOP 2017: SkaiWalkurrr uses the force to win Turbo Event #76-H ($1,050 NL PKO)

Turbo time. The kind of frenetic pace when you run so fast that you're feet don't touch the ground. Fitting that someone with a Star Wars-themed screen name inspired by Luke Skywalker would win this event. The U.K.'s SkaiWalkurrr slid into the final table with the chip lead but facing...more

WCOOP 2017: gugom the Ultimate Bounty Hunter Wins WCOOP-72-H (PLO Heads Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom)

It takes a special kind of poker player to succeed in a heads-up bounty tournament. There's no hiding. You're not going to blind your way into the money. You have to earn every single dollar that you take home. Armenia's gugom was more than up for the challenge as he...more

WCOOP 2017: Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko defends title, wins #71-H ($1,050 FLO8, 8-Max)

Last night the PokerStars Blog was reporting on the big WCOOP $25K High Roller, kicking off the report with a reference to everyone in that stacked event having "alligator blood." Today it was a "Kroko-dill" gobbling up all the chips at the conclusion of another highly competitive tournament, Event #71-H,...more

WCOOP 2017: 84BUKTOP84's wild ride ends with $89K victory in Event #70-H ($530 NLHE, 6-Max)

84BUKTOP84 entered the final table of Event #70-H in the middle of the chip counts. The Russian player became well-acquainted with almost every other position on the leaderboard as the game progressed, with the lone exception of the top spot. It wasn't for a lack of trying - 84BUKTOP84 had...more

22 September

WCOOP 2017: prebz packs a punch in Event #65-H ($2,100 NLHE Prog. KO, Thursday Thrill SE]

prebz was in it to win. When the final two players got heads-up, prebz was faced with a nearly 3-to-1 chip deficit and an opponent who had been knocking out players left and right. Despite that, 42ayay offered a deal: 42ayay: look at a deal? prebz: Going for the win😎...more

WCOOP 2017: Drinan Strikes Again, Russians Dominate WCOOP-69-H ($1,050 FLHE 6-Max)

Connor "blanconegro" Drinan might be a good pick if you were looking for someone to back heading into the final weekend of the 2017 WCOOP on PokerStars. The American pro has been red-hot over the course of the series and made his second final table in two days by finishing...more

WCOOP 2017: Mike "WalmartCNXN" Farrow mows down final table in Event #68 ($215 NLHE, 8-Max)

It is the start of the final weekend for the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker as players start worrying about making this a profitable series, looking for ways to get into the $10 million Main Event starting Sunday, or claim the Player of the Series title currently led by...more

WCOOP 2017: Nick "caecilius" Petrangelo captures High Roller #66-H, $624K ($25K NLHE, 8-Max)

"Everybody has alligator blood in this MTT it seems." So typed Danish pro Henrik "hhecklen" Hecklen with 10 left in Event #66-H, the $25,000 no-limit hold'em high roller in this year's World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars. He wasn't lying when reapplying the famous line to the tougher-than-tough field...more

WCOOP 2017: Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier earns second title of the series in Event #67-H (1,050 Stud)

Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier came into Event #67-H in sixth place on the WCOOP 2017 Player Of The Series leaderboard on the strength of a win in Event #23-H and five other final table appearances. A $1,050 Stud event guaranteed to have a small field, it was an excellent tournament for...more

WCOOP 2017: Lex Veldhuis Breaks Twitch Record, ghost crab Pinches Event #64-H ($1,050 PLO 6-Max)

Lex Veldhuis. Twitch streaming. A WCOOP final table. Does it get any better? The charismatic Team PokerStars Pro put on a show for viewers around the world as he stacked his way to the final table of WCOOP-64-H ($1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max) and beyond. Veldhuis streamed every day of the...more

Seminole Hard Rock, PokerStars to stage hurricane relief tournament

There is a gnawing feeling of helplessness that goes along with watching people suffer from the comforts of one's own home. When a disaster strikes--an earthquake, a hurricane, a typhoon--it's almost impossible not to wonder, "What can I do to help those people?" Recent months have provided far too many...more

The Tao of WCOOP Main Event defeat

You are the gladiators who dare enter the arena. You are the men and women who dare greatly, so that you can achieve greatly. You are the poker players who will bust out of the WCOOP Main Event having never caught glimpse of the promised land. You're the heroes of...more

WCOOP 2017: Blanconegro makes it two as attention turns to final weekend

We've reached the final few days of WCOOP and the last weekend of the Championship. That said there are still 12 events yet to start before the Main Event gets under way on Sunday. Day 19 The headlines for Friday • Four days to go • 13 events left to...more

21 September

WCOOP 2017: Jack "jAkDAriPAA" O'Neill collects #63-H title, $53K ($215 NLHE)

A couple of years ago the U.K. player Jack "jAkDAriPAA" O'Neill outlasted a tough final table including Adam "Adamyid" Owen to earn a SCOOP title in a $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em event. Tonight O'Neill turned the trick again, this time in a WCOOP -- the $215 buy-in Event #63-H. And...more

WCOOP 2017: Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan notches another WCOOP; wins Event #62-H $530 PLO8

On paper, the final table for WCOOP Event #62-H $530 PLO8 looked dangerous. After all, it featured a trio of WCOOP winners including Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan, Richard 'CHUFTY' Ashby, and Alex987. But for Drinan, an American online poker exile and regular on the global high-stakes tournament scene, the final table...more

WCOOP 2017: Carster prevails in five-hour Event #59-H finale ($530 NLHE, 6-Max, PKO)

It's not often that entering the final table fifth of seven in chips still affords a player a chance at winning that depends on more than the cards, but Carster was in just such a position in Event #59-H. The slow structure and deep stacks around the table - Carster...more

WCOOP 2017: 0$kar15 not grouchy after winning Event #61 ($2,100 NLHE, Heads-Up)

Until this series, 163 players have a World Championship of Online Poker and Spring Championship of Online titles. Make that 164. The two-day Event #61-H $2,100 NLHE Heads-Up started with 128 runners playing an expedient seven hours on day one. The carnage left only eight players including multiple -COOP champ...more

WCOOP 2017: kkopghy crowned king in Event #60-H ($2,100 FL 2-7 TD)

Sometimes you gotta get low to win big and kkopghy drew lower than anybody in Event #60-H. Whiel kkopghy didn't start the final table with the lead, our champion quickly took it over and then proceeded to run over (run under?) the final table. kkopghy swept through the final table,...more

WCOOP 2017: Isildur1 among the day's winner as we reach Day 18

Seriously, if you haven't won a WCOOP title this year yet get a move on. There are now only four more days of tournament to play remaining. Read on for the latest results, including that of the special edition Super Tuesday. Day 18 The headlines for Thursday The special edition...more

20 September

WCOOP 2017: Tankanza with supreme victory in Event #57-H ($2,100 NL Super Tuesday SE)

A half hour into a gripping heads-up bout between Tankanza and Pimmss, the big stack coughed up the lead. Tankanza won a decisive pot with a flush-over-flush situation and became the new chipleader. The tides had turned. With Pimmss on the ropes, the gluttonous and insatiable Tanakanza gobbled up the...more

WCOOP 2017: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom returns, earns fourth COOP title in Event #58-H ($2,100 HORSE)

Among Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's long list of poker accomplishments are three SCOOP titles, including a million-dollar score in the SCOOP 2013 Main Event. He's been close to adding COOPs of other flavors to his resume on a few occasions, none closer than last year's $2,100 HORSE WCOOP event. The only...more

WCOOP 2017: etxnl01 gets a second COOP title in Event #55-H ($215 NLHE 8-Max Win the Button)

etxnl01 is a knockout champion and those skills seemed to translate well to Win the Button tournaments. Some of the etxnl01's biggest cashes have come in K.O. tournaments, including a SCOOP title in last year's $2,100 Progressive K.O. tournament and a runner-up finish in a $530 Progressive K.O. SCOOP earlier...more

WCOOP 2017: Strong Finnish! miikka84 sweeps final table to win #56-H ($530 NL Courchevel Hi/Lo, 6-Max)

Courchevel! Perhaps it should be called "the teasing game." After all, players are "teased" (in a way) by getting a peek at one community card preflop -- one-third of the traditional flop, you could say -- thereby getting a chance to fashion their preflop strategy accordingly. In the $530 buy-in...more

WCOOP 2017: thehushpuppy making a lot of noise with double win

Among the constant flow of WCOOP results this past week, with a dozen winners over the weekend, we managed to miss the first double winner of this year's championship. Thehushpuppy is a name that's appearing in the win column more and more these days. Back in January thehushpuppy won a...more

WCOOP 2017: 17 days played, six days remain

Five more days after today left in WCOOP before the Main Event this weekend. Check out the latest winners. Day 17 The headlines for Wednesday Three more winners, arguably the most notable being L1TE-BR1TE of Canada, who won Event 52 having led overnight and never having really given up the...more

19 September

WCOOP 2017: Brazil finishes 1-2-3; THE ONLY SON wins Event #54-H ($215 NL PKO)

Win, place, show. Vamoooo! The Brazilians finished in the top three spots in WCOOP Event #54-H. Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira went deep with a third-place finish. THE ONLY SON defeated Dowgh-Santos heads-up for the win as three players from Brazil finished 1-2-3. THE ONLY SON banked the most bounties in this...more

WCOOP 2017: DeuceofDuc0 dips, then dominates in Event #53-H ($530 NLHE)

When play got heads-up in Event #53-H, DeuceofDuc0 just wanted a quick smoke. Our final two players cut a deal that guaranteed both of them a six-figure score and our champion asked for a few more minutes to indulge and let things soak in over a cigarette. It was DeuceofDuc0's...more

WCOOP 2017: L1TE-BR1TE shines brightest in #52-H ($1,050 Razz)

As expected, the $1,050 buy-in razz tournament -- Event #52-H in this year's World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars -- attracted a tough, talented field of experts who are among the best at making the worst poker hands. All told there were 177 entries (123 uniques), and after two...more

Satellite qualifiers flocking to WCOOP Main Event

Well, well, well. This is shaping up to be one very interesting World Championship of Online Poker Main Event. As you probably know by now, the big daddy of the WCOOP series is the $10 million guaranteed Main Event. It was always bound to draw a crowd if only for...more

WCOOP 2017: Power2prut wins Sunday Million to headline Day 16

Four more winners for the headlines today as WCOOP nudges towards that point where you think "I haven't won one yet... I'd better get a move on." Day 16 The headlines for Tuesday There were wins for Spacey-space, Thiago Wks., power2prut and Zagalo87 since yesterday, the biggest being the special...more

18 September

WCOOP 2017: power2prut powers through another Sunday Million in Event #50-H ($2,100 NLHE Sunday Million SE)

This wasn't power2prut's first Sunday Million final table. Around 10 years ago, power2prut made the Sunday Million final table with the chip lead and powered through that field, staying up top and knocking out players to take the title. power2prut won $180,000 for that victory and now power2prut has done...more

WCOOP 2017: Epic Thiago Wks. comeback worth $134K in Event #49-H ($215 NLHE PKO, Sunday Warm-Up SE)

"do you want even chop?" Thiago Wks. made the offer but Sw33ney, in the lead by about five big blinds, never responded. That was fine - after scraping through the early stages of Day 2 and then playing second fiddle for most of the final table, the Brazilian wanted more...more

WCOOP 2017: Zagalo87 obliterates final table; wins $25K PLO High Roller (Event #51-H $25,000 PLO 6-Max)

Unstoppable Zagalo87. Utter decimation. Zagalo87 knocked out five players at the 6-max final table for Event #51-H $25,000 PLO High Roller. After a three-way money chop, Zagalo87 only needed five hands to defeat the last two players at the final table. No one could stop Zagalo87, who liquidated everyone in...more

WCOOP 2017: Spacey-Space plays out of this world, wins #48-H ($215 NLHE, 8-Max, Sunday Kickoff SE)

Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann has had quite a WCOOP so far, and while he didn't make the headline for Event #48-H we're giving him the first paragraph. After winning Event #5-H ($215 PLO), Hartmann earned a runner-up over the weekend in Event #38-H ($215 NLHE), and today finished second again in...more

WCOOP 2017: Notable first time winners headline Day 15

You know how this works by now. It's a Monday so that means a ton of weekend results, with a full card awaiting players later today. Read on to get the details. Day 15 The headlines from the weekend There were some big results from the weekend on PokerStars, and...more

17 September

WCOOP 2017: ruthless848 wins stacked #47-H ($2,100 NLHE, 8-Max), denies DSmunichlife & veeea second wins

What a stacked finish for this one! Event #47-H of this year's World Championship of Online Poker, a $2,100 buy-in, eight-handed no-limit hold'em tournament, drew a predictably talented field of competitors, with the last couple of tables full of familiar names with long résumés of tournament successes -- including in...more

WCOOP 2017: raare01 rakes in a big one in Event #46-H ($1,050 NL08 6-Max)

raare01 was the big stack at the table, but sat back during the first elimination. Then our champion pounced and took out every single remaining player. raare01 didn't even lose the lead. Our champion was hitting big hands and getting the lowest of lows. Like a skilled MMA fighter, raare01...more

WCOOP 2017: anti-durrr wins $70K, second COOP title in Event #44-H ($530 NLHE, Progressive KO)

anti-durrr had it easy the first time around. The player from Cyprus took down a Super Tuesday Special Edition during SCOOP 2017 after entering heads-up play with a big chip advantage and cutting an advantageous deal. Today, with the title in Event #47-H of WCOOP 2017 on the line against...more

WCOOP 2017: Gruissem defeats Arda heads-up for $75K in Event #45 ($215+R NLHE, 6-Max)

Back in 2013 Özgür "phaplap" Arda took home the first World Championship of Online Poker win for Turkey. Fast forward to 2017 WCOOP Event #45's $215+R 6-Max tournament and Arda once again was in position to take away a title but had a massive roadblock in front of him. Philipp...more

16 September

WCOOP 2017: Iteopepe88 is equine master; wins HORSE Event #31-H ($215 HORSE Phase 2)

Iteopepe88 and 7PRS were the last two players standing in WCOOP Event #32-H $215 HORSE Phase 2. 7PRS boasted plenty of end-game experience with a pair of COOP victories, however, Iteopepe88 made multiple final tables in various COOPs, but could never do better than a runner-up finish. Alas, it was...more

WCOOP 2017: plspaythxbye gets the big payday in Event #42-H ($1,050 NLHE/PLO 6-Max)

Perseverance and flexibility, that's what was needed to take down Event #42 and plspaythxbye had both in droves. Players were fairly even in chips multiple times throughout the final table and the lead passed around more times than a newborn baby at a family reunion. plspaythxbye was part of the...more

WCOOP 2017: CROSA COLL with domineering win in Event #39-H ($1,050 NL PKO Thursday Thrill SE)

The knockout-mongers and bounty hunters in WCOOP Event #39-H were in for a treat during this rare three-day event. This week's special edition of the Thursday Thrill featured Progressive Knockout, with added PKO bounties to sweeten the already juicy prize pool. Going into heads-up, CROSA COLL from Uruguay held a...more

15 September

WCOOP 2017: Second chance gives MLS20 the win and $74K in Event #43 ($215+R NLHE, 3-Max, Turbo, ZOOM)

While usually financially lucrative, the runner-up finish is rarely well-received. Some let it hinder them into play softly, never reaching those top-heavy payouts again. Others use it as motivation to claim that title that one person denied. The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker Event #43 $215+R 3-Max, Turbo, ZOOM...more

WCOOP 2017: No longer a bridesmaid, Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen wins first WCOOP title in Event #40-H ($530 5-Card PLO 6-Max)

Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen had been to several WCOOP final tables before, this marked his fifth. He'd also been heads-up for a WCOOP title twice, but Hunichen came up short both times. He started both those final tables with the chip lead, but made it to the final two short...more

WCOOP 2017: thehushpuppy delivers double knockout on final hand to win Event #41-H $530 NL

Three-handed. thehushpuppy sat atop a mountain of chips the size of the Himalayas. Then it happened. Three-way all-in pre-flop. Big Slick versus Ace-ten versus Queen-deuce. The board ran out as a nine-high straight. The two short stacks played the board. However, thehushpuppy held A♠T♠ for a better ten-high straight. thehushpuppy...more

WCOOP 2017: jeffzhang888 denies Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann second title, wins #38-H ($215 NLHE, 6-Max)

We're approaching the midpoint of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars, which means stars of the first week-and-a-half of tournaments are starting to reappear occasionally at final tables of subsequent events. Take Event #38-H, a $215 buy-in, six-handed no-limit hold'em tournament that saw a number of familiar...more

Hurricane Irma Emergency Appeal

We have all been shocked by the utter devastation Hurricane Irma has inflicted on parts of the Caribbean and Florida. One of the most powerful storms ever recorded, Irma has prompted the largest evacuation in the history of the Bahamas and one of the largest in the US. In its...more

WCOOP 2017: A dozen events to make up the weekend. Feeling lucky?

Did three events finish yesterday or only two? To tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I lost track myself. Day 12 The headlines from Friday So it was two, including the special edition Super Tuesday, won by girafganger7, who recorded his second WCOOP win of the year. He...more

14 September

WCOOP 2017: p.A.v magic conjures up win in Event #35-H $530 NL

Sometimes you have to make a sick hero call in order to win a pot, but once in a while, you must channel your poker-telekinesis to win a tournament. You have to find the courage to call with nothing but a simple high card. In this instance, p.A.v magic from...more

WCOOP 2017: girafganger7 grabs second COOP title in Event #34-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, Super Tuesday SE)

The odds were in girafganger7's favor. The Belgian TCOOP 2017 Ultra-Deep Zoom champion, making a final table appearance for the first time in 12 WCOOP 2017 cashes, returned for Day 3 of Event #34-H with a massive chip lead over five remaining players. After running pocket kings into pocket aces...more

WCOOP 2017: Deep run for Akkari headlines Day 11

Three more winners today and a deep run for Team Pro Andre Akkari, but also PSMozak, which keeps them top of the leader board as we approach the half way stage of this year's Championship. Day 11 The headlines from Thursday A couple of weeks ago Andre Akkari narrowly missed...more

13 September

WCOOP 2017: IlDepredator outlasts wild final in Event #37-H ($215 NLHE, 6-Max, Zoom)

With a Team PokerStars Pro at the table streaming the show to the internet, more eyes than usual were on the final table of Event #37-H. That audience got a show worth watching, too. Even with half the players short-stacked and the blinds and antes through the roof, it took...more

WCOOP 2017: paaskebaesen wins first WCOOP, Akkari finishes 4th in Event #36-H ($1,050 FL Badugi)

It took a late night to end the tournament early. Event #36-H was scheduled to be a two-day tournament, but by the time the day was about to end, only three players remained. They decided to go for it and end the day with a champion. Players got heads-up fairly...more

WCOOP 2017: Please pay plspaythxbye for winning #33-H ($530 PLO 4-Max., Prog. KO), thanks, bye

Four cards. Four-handed. Two days. One champion. That's what Event #33-H presented WCOOPers on Tuesday and Wednesday, a $530 buy-in pot-limit Omaha event played four-handed to add a little extra adrenaline. Throw in progressive knockout bonuses for some added fuel, and the 1,088-entry field enjoyed plenty of action as they...more

Something you didn't know about... Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier

The French poker star discusses his time as a professional StarCraft gamer in South Korea, his passion for fast-paced card game Hearthstone and the buzz he gets from Twitch streaming... With his crop of platinum blond hair and collection of snazzy sunglasses, Bertrand Grospellier, otherwise known simply as 'ElkY',...more

WCOOP 2017: The headlines from Day 10

Day 10 of the World Championship of Online Poker brings with it three new winners and a new leader in the Player of the Series contest. There's also an interview iwth WCOOP-15 winner "great dant". Day 10 The headlines on Wednesday There were wins for kekkhou, nsmirnov and DSmunichlife since...more

12 September

WCOOP 2017: Oh what a beautiful buzz, nsmirnov wins Event #32-H ($530 6-Max)

"Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal," said Jean-Paul Sartre. In every poker tournament, only one person wins, while the rest of the field fends off existentialist dread. The top pharmaceutical companies in the world could not develop a happy pill that could equate...more

WCOOP 2017: Good life for DSmunichlife, winner of #30-H for $90K ($215 NLHE, Prog. KO)

These "progressive knockout" bounty events in which half the prize pool is reserved for knockouts can be mighty lucrative for those who win them, especially if they manage to collect several of what often turn out to be the most profitable bounties at the final table (as tournament winners often...more

WCOOP 2017: Kekkhou bests talented final group, collects #29-H title ($2,100 NLO8, 6-Max)

No-limit Omaha might seem to be an enticing game for the uninitiated to try. But stage a big buy-in NLO8 tournament like Event #29-H of this year's WCOOP -- a six-handed event costing $2,100 to play -- and you're going to see top-level talent against whom novices probably would not...more

Game, set, match: Bruno "great dant" Volkmann finds stardom on his own terms

When we look up to the sun, we see our star. We know it as the one we care about, the one sun that provides for us in a black sea of others that we look upon only as blinking astronomical pinpricks. We spend little time thinking about the others...more

WCOOP 2017: Nick "PureCash25" Rampone's win in Sunday Million headlines Day 9

We're now up to our necks in WCOOP, that glorious period in which everything we look back on is WCOOP, and so if everything we look forward to. We're wallowing in it, there's no shame in that. So we have four more results for you today, with more events starting....more

11 September

WCOOP 2017: Epic comeback for wiciu777 in Event #26-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE)

The ninth-place finisher for WCOOP 2017's first Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition was guaranteed a little less than $17,000. As the final table began the favorite to take that spot in the payouts was Poland's wiciu777. The SCOOP 2017 finalist treaded water early on and then got back into the game...more

WCOOP 2017: Nick "PureCash25" Rampone earns $256K after comeback in Event #27 ($530, NLHE, Sunday Million SE)

Quite the contrast from the previous night. Yesterday, everyone at the final table had some -COOP hardware or deep major tournament finishes. The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker Event #27 $530 Sunday Million Special Edition final table featured two players that managed to weave through a field of over...more

WCOOP 2017: prepstyle71 Goes Wire-to-Wire to Win $469k in WCOOP-82-H ($10,300 NLHE High Roller)

It doesn't get much bigger than a $10,300 buy-in tournament but Patrick "prepstyle71" Serda crushed the WCOOP-82-H $10,300 NLHE High Roller like it was a $1/$2 NLHE game against tourists. The Canadian entered the final day of the gargantuan event as the chip leader and didn't relinquish that title for...more

WCOOP 2017: OMGACEACEACE wins wins wins Event #25-H ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Prog. KO)

In return for a $215 buy-in, Event #25-H presented WCOOPers with another action-fueled tournament format -- this one a six-handed no-limit hold'em affair featuring progressive knockout bounties, a special edition of the "Sunday Kickoff." A huge turnout of 3,544 made up the field, and at the end of two days...more

PokerStars Festival headed to Hamburg, Germany

We may be headed toward the end of the year, but that doesn't mean we're done with stops on the PokerStars Festival circuit. After Uruguay and Dublin this month and Sochi in October, PokerStars has another city in mind. PokerStars announced today that it is headed to Hamburg, Germany November...more

WCOOP 2017: The results, leaders and headlines from Day 8

It's Monday, which means there are plenty of results to run though from the weekend on WCOOP. That means we're bound to miss something along the way. What we can say is that Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah tops the leader board. Details of that, and more, below... Day 8 The headlines...more

WCOOP 2017: Andreflk13 from Brazil binks Event #28-H $215 NL

At a German-heavy final table with three Germans and a Austrian, the loquacious Brazilian pulled off a remarkable comeback to win WCOOP Event #28-H. Andreflk13 survived a marathon-like final table and rallied from behind to defeat Holland's Gukiz heads-up for the victory. The heads-up battle lasted only nine hands. Andreflk13...more

10 September

WCOOP 2017: Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier collects third -COOP title in Event #23 ($1,050 NLHE, 6-Max)

With the first weekend coming to a close for the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker, this tournament was a reminder that if you read these recaps, more than likely you will run into a familiar name. Talk about a stacked final table for Event #23's $1,050 buy-in NLHE 6-Max....more

WCOOP 2017: OverTheTop43 wrestles a second COOP win in Event #22-H ($530 NLHE, Win the Button)

Austria's OverTheTop43 came to the final table of Event #22-H with the shortest stack of nine. Facing down an WCOOP final table lineup for the second time in this series (after a sixth-place finish in Event #16-H), the SCOOP 2013 champion managed to stay afloat until the table was five-handed....more

WCOOP 2017: WTFMOFGOAO Upsets Muka82 to Lock Up Event 24-H ($1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw)

WTFMOFGOAO cut through an elite field of 101 entries in WCOOP-24-H $1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw to claim a $26,512 first-place prize and a shiny new WCOOP title on Sunday. The Russian narrowly out-dueled Brazilian Murilo "Muka82" Figueiredo heads-up to claim the title. Figueiredo, who entered the final table as...more

WCOOP 2017: LoosControl is in control of Event #21-H ($215 NLHE, 8-Max)

Germany's LoosControl took over the chip lead with 38 players remaining and rarely looked back en route to heads-up play in Event #21-H. Once there, fellow German ImSivvis proved to be a formidable challenge. But LoosControl held firm and locked up a first career COOP title. LoosControl's only real stumble...more

9 September

WCOOP 2017: magiet12 magical come-from-behind victory in Event #19-H ($1,050+R PLO 6-Max)

Four out of seven players at WCOOP Event #19-H PLO final table were former SCOOP champions, including 2-time COOP winner omaha4rollz and 2-time SCOOP winner German pro Benny 'toweliestar' Spindler. Hungary's omaha4rollz sought a second-career WCOOP after winning his first two years ago. However, omaha4rollz's quested ended in third place,...more

MPC27: Soyza traps Finger to take down High Roller for HK$2.03 million

Joy for Soyza At final tables in fast structured events, you're used to seeing chips flying and the chip leaders changing. So tonight's final table was a little out of the ordinary. Malaysia's Michael Christopher Soyza came into the finale as chip captain, and it was a title he never...more

WCOOP 2017: knaller77 denied SsicK_OnE a fourth -COOP title in Event #18 $530 PLHE (8-Max)

Complete the following phrase: Pot Limit __________. Okay, now many of you answered "Omaha"? This writer would join in as the four-card game generally is more fun to play pot limit as no limit Omaha usually requires an absolute disregard for money and bottle service. But, the World Championship of...more

8 September

MPC27: High Roller Day 2 live updates

• Michael Christopher Soyza wins High Roller for HK$2,037,000 - FULL RECAP • PRIZES | ALL MACAU POKER CUP INFO • DOWNLOAD POKERSTARS • Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter 2:10am: Finger falls in 2nd (HK$1.7M), Soyza wins High Roller (HK$2,037,000) Level 23: 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante) It's all over, Michael Christopher Soyza...more

WCOOP 2017: ImluckNuts Wins 17-H: $215 8-Game to Deny 7PRS Third COOP Title

On Friday night, WCOOP-17-H: $215 8-Game, $100K GTD of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) came to an end when Russia's ImluckNuts prevailed over a field of 729 entries to claim a $25,879.50 first-place prize. In the process, he stopped Canada's 7PRS from a second WCOOP and third...more

WCOOP 2017: Graftekkel kicks aside the field in Event #20 (NLHE 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom) victory

Not all World Championship of Online Poker events tout past -COOP and live event champions. Sure, a majority of the time the likes of Shaun Deeb, Calvin Anderson, or one of the PokerStars Pros with the big red spade next to their name will highlight a series event final table....more

WCOOP 2017: Finland's messigoat10 with tidy victory in Event #16-H ($530 NL PKO, Half Price Thursday Thrill)

Finland's messigoat10 coughed up a heads-up lead against Hungary's freddopizza in a savory battle during 2017 WCOOP Event #16-H otherwise known as the Half-Price Thursday Thrill. This festive PKO event was eventually won by messigoat10, who launched a successful counterattack to regain the lead and devour freddopizza's leftover chips. The...more

WCOOP 2017: After heads-up deal, great dant outguns AmSoGood in Event #15-H ($1,050 NLHE, 4-Max)

The phrase "four-handed poker" conjures up images of lots of loose action. The players who entered Event #15-H found plenty of that - even when only two remained. With a past WSOP Main Event champion already dispatched and a deal cut early on during heads-up play to guarantee at least...more

MPC27: Qiuming Qin rides the Red Dragon to win HK$3.14 million

Qiuming Qin gets the Red Dragon win You know you've got a head for numbers when you 1. work in finance, 2. can navigate and manoeuvre your way through an enormous record-breaking tournament field, and 3. negotiate your way to a healthy heads up deal. Yep, Qiuming Qin certainly has...more

Weekend planner: WCOOP results, action, and more

Thursday saw a couple of very familiar faces picking up WCOOP of them hitting his Triple COOP! More details below. Day 5 The headlines from Friday WCOOP wasn't at a loss for big names in the winner's column last night. Jon "PearlJammer" Turner won the PLO8 for $35,000. He...more

MPC27: Two-time High Roller champion James Chen leading again

Day 1 of the MPC27 HK$80,000 High Roller came and went in just six hours today as we saw 97 entries in the mix across nine 40-minute levels of play. They were made up of 85 unique players and 12 re-entries. Of the players who pulled up seats it was...more

7 September

MPC27: Red Dragon final table coverage

• QIUMING QIN WINS RED DRAGON FOR HK$2.6 MILLON - FULL TOURNAMENT RECAP HERE • PRIZES | ALL RED DRAGON / MACAU POKER CUP INFO • DOWNLOAD POKERSTARS • Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter 12:45am: It's all over! Qiuming Qin wins MPC27 Red Dragon! Level 33 - Blinds 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)...more

MPC27: Red Dragon final table player profiles

Learn more about the final nine players who have made the MPC27 Red Dragon final table (information provided by Ben Wilson, Media Coordinator for PokerStars Macau). Seat 1: Tong Tan, 36, Singapore - 3,305,000 The first of the final table's two Singaporean players is a keen recreational player and...more

WCOOP 2017: Ahhh Is It? outlasts Marcelo "bettoBR" Betto to win #14-H ($215 NLHE, Bubble Rush)

Event #14-H presented fans of no-limit hold'em and rapid action a good combination -- a "bubble rush" tournament with a $215 buy-in that attracted 2,320 total entries once the re-entry period was over. After two days of poker a final table emerged with three U.K. players, and one of them...more

WCOOP 2017: First-prize money even flows Jon "PearlJammer" Turner's way in #13-H ($1,050 PLO8, 6-Max)

Jon Turner has been around for a while, notching numerous online successes on PokerStars and elsewhere while earning more than $2.65 million in live tournament cashes. His username "PearlJammer" -- taken from the Seattle rock band whose chart successes date back more than 25 years -- perhaps indicates something about...more

WCOOP 2017: Nicolas 'chilenocl' Yunis notches Triple COOP with win in Event #12-H ($1,050 6-Max Shootout)

With a potential Triple COOP at stake, a shootout at high noon between Chile and Brazil became today's marquee matchup. Chile's Nicolas 'chilenocl' Yunis battled Brazil's Thiago 'tgrigoletti' Grigoletti heads-up for the WCOOP Event #12-H Shootout title. Yunis already won a TCOOP in 2015 and SCOOP events in 2016 and...more

StreamBoat 2: Priorities in the face of disaster

If you spend enough time around Bill Perkins, you can get the impression his life is nothing but fun. He carries himself with a self-assured nonchalance. He smiles as often as he breathes. He has a big boat. It is The Good Life, defined. (Not the 1975 British sitcom, mind...more

WCOOP 2017: The results and highlights from Day 4

Four more events today, with plenty of movement on the Player of the Series leaderboard where everybody seems to be in fifth place. Here's the story of the day... Day 4 The headlines from Thursday Four new winners since yesterday, the biggest of which was flauschi16 of Austria, who won...more

Paying More Places: The Evolution of PokerStars Online Tournament Payouts

The PokerStars Poker Operations Team is almost always spending at least some portion of our time tinkering with an interesting zero-sum maths problem: online tournament payouts. I'm going to share some detail here about the evolution of this subject at PokerStars, and provide information on the next stage of that...more

6 September

MPC27: Kian Weng Choong commands Red Dragon final eight

The penultimate day is in the books and the Red Dragon final table is now set! When proceedings began at 3pm there were 81 hopefuls still in contention but 11 hours later and we're down to just eight vying for the Red Dragon title, the prestigious trophy, and the HK$3,472,000...more

WCOOP 2017: flauschi16 flies to first in Event #9-H ($530 NLHE, Half-Price Super Tuesday)

The Super Tuesday -- PokerStars' weekly $1,050 buy-in tournament that routinely attracts poker's best and brightest -- has been drawing 350-400 players of late, which translates to $350K-$400K prize pools and first prizes in the $60K-$70K range. This week PokerStars hung the Super Tuesday name on one of yesterday's WCOOP...more

WCOOP 2017: Third COOP title for Jerry "hummylun" Wong in Event #10-H, $1,050 Stud Hi/Lo)

Former November Niner Jerry "hummylun" Wong won his first WCOOP title back in 2014, topping a Badugi event two years after a heartbreaking loss on the bubble of the WCOOP Main Event final table. After three more years of waiting he followed up on that victory during SCOOP 2017 with...more

WCOOP 2017: thehushpuppy wins the battle of the -COOP champions in Event #11 ($1,050 NL 5-Card Draw)

Would it be the Turbo Championship of Online Poker champ or the two-time Spring Championship of Online Poker and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champ taking away the prize? While the field for the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker's Event #11 $1,050 5-Card Draw tournament was a diminutive 81 players, the...more

WCOOP 2017: FluAnta finds the flow in Event #8-H ($215+R NLHE)

The last time FluAnta was this close to a major title, things went awry. With more than $205,000 on the line for the winner at the Sunday Million final table in June 2014, the Dutch player called all-in as a favorite only to lose out to a rivered flush and...more

Win Your Free WCOOP Entry with PokerSchoolOnline!

Every poker player dreams of hitting the big time, and for online poker players tournaments don't come bigger than those featured in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you battle it out at the tables against some of the best Pro...more

WCOOP 2017: veeea's win headlines Day 3

Three more results come in with familiar names in the win column. Meanwhile there's a new leader in the fledgling Player of the Series contest as four more events get started today. Day 3 The headlines from the day in WCOOP Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov is the biggest winner of the...more

5 September

MPC27: Thomas Ward bags Day 2 lead in Red Dragon

This morning we told you that Day 2s in live tournaments are called 'Moving Days'. It's a fitting name; throughout the seven 60-minute levels we played today, we moved 329 of the 410 players who returned out of the poker room, to leave just 81 survivors for tomorrow's Day 3....more

WCOOP 2017: Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov collects $197K for Event #6-H victory ($1,050 NLHE Prog. KO), Mateos fourth

Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov has made headlines here on the PokerStars Blog several times before, having won multiple Super Tuesdays and a couple of Sunday Millions while also winning a WCOOP in 2013 and a SCOOP in 2015. The Russian whom we finally got a chance to meet in person at...more

WCOOP 2017: Croatia's josip1313 Wins Event #7-H: $530 NLHE [8-Max] for $93,988.27

One of the tournaments to conclude on Day 3 of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) was WCOOP-07-H: $530 NLHE [8-Max], $400K GTD. The tournament drew 1,180 runners, which created a prize pool of $590K, and saw Croatia's josip1313 emerge victorious to capture a $93,988.27 first-place prize. It...more

WCOOP 2017: Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann earns first COOP title ($215 PLO, 6-Max)

With Sunday Warm-Up and Super Tuesday wins on his resume, Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann is certainly no stranger to tournament success at PokerStars. Somehow, though, despite appearing at COOP series final tables for years and making a run for the Player Of The Series title during SCOOP 2016, a COOP title...more

WCOOP 2017: All the news from Day 2 of the Championship

The first results of WCOOP 2017 came last night with the conclusion of the first four event, the biggest of which being the special edition Sunday Million, won by KumariOy. That means one player tops the leader board as the Championship gets up to speed. Day 2 The headlines from...more

MPC27: Feng flies the highest on Red Dragon Day 1C

Feng bags Day 1C lead; Celina Lin still in the hunt What would the Red Dragon be without another field record broken? PokerStars LIVE Macau has done it again, eclipsing their previous best effort with this week's field of 1,308 to improve on their title of boasting the largest freezeout...more

4 September

WCOOP 2017: KumariOy Wins Event #3-H Sunday Million for $310K, Bryn Kenney Finishes 4th

The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) crowned another winner on Monday, this time in WCOOP-03-H: $1,050 NLHE [Sunday Million SE]. Russia's KumariOy prevailed over a tough final table that included poker pro Bryn Kenney. If the name KumariOy sounds familiar, you might recognize him as a 2013 SCOOP...more

WCOOP 2017: Four bullets and a dream lead WeakyLeeks to victory in Event #4-H ($530 NLO8, 8-Max)

Not many games are better suited to a re-entry tournament format than No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, but even NLO8 rarely favors a player who opts to use all his re-entry chances in the first four hours of play. Event #4-H of this year's WCOOP was no different - by the time...more

WCOOP 2017: serevsini scores big in Event #2-H bounty bonanza ($530 NLHE, Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up SE)

Knockout bounties can liven up any tournament, but they're usually an afterthought by the time the final table is underway and the big money is up for grabs. Unless one player collects most of the bounties, that is, like serevsini did in Event #2-H of this year's World Championship of...more

WCOOP 2017: carpediem200 Wins WCOOP-01-H: $215 Sunday Kickoff for $115,278

The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) kicked off on Sunday, but the first event didn't wrap until the following day. WCOOP-01-H: $215 NLHE [Sunday Kickoff SE] crushed its advertised $300K GTD by attracting 4,034 players, which created an $806,800 prize pool. In the end, the UK's carpediem200 emerged...more

Philipp Salewski wins inaugural Sunday Million Live and €111,674

Philipp Salewski's etched his name into PokerStars history today. While several players will follow his footsteps, Salewski will always be the first Sunday Million Live champion. "It's a big one to win," Salewski said. "I always dreamed of winning the Sunday Million. Why not the Sunday Million Live?" Philipp Salewski...more

How does the "(insert your name) Open" sound?

It was the tournament inspired by the work of Team Online's Lex Veldhuis, who last year reached the final table three times within a week. In light of that, we named this $11 buy-in, $5,000 guaranteed prize pool contest "The Open", but with a proviso that the name would change...more

Sunday Million Live - Watch Now!


WCOOP 2017: All the news from Day 1

The World Championship of Online Poker has finally begun, only we don't have much to say about it just yet. Nevertheless, here you'll find the details from the weekend, including results from the weekend majors and what's coming up in WCOOP today. Day 1 Hurry up and wait Okay, fair...more

Sunday Million Live: Final day live updates

• CLICK TO REFRESH FOR LATEST UPDATES • Congratulations to Philipp Salewski, winner of the Sunday Million Live and €111,674 • CHIP COUNTS • Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter 9pm: Philipp Salewski wins the Sunday Million Live (€111,674); Dominik Alexander Kabas eliminated in second (€92,011) Level 36 - Blinds 1,500,000/3,000,000 (500,000...more

3 September

MPC27: Fernandez finds chip lead on Red Dragon Day 1B

Jesus Espinosa Fernandez bags chip lead on Day 1B The second of three Red Dragon Day 1 flights is now in the books after another 12 levels of play saw 388 try their luck on the felt. With yesterday's 328 in attendance that takes our running tally up to 716....more

MPC27: He's only gone and won $2.45M! Xiaobing He crowned Single Day High Roller champ

He's the champ! If you were in Macau with HK$100K lying around and you were looking to play some poker (and let's face it; in Macau, who doesn't fit that criteria?), then the City of Dreams Casino was the place to be today. By 3am, we'd created three HK dollar...more

Sunday Million Live: Kurdyukov bags massive lead to end Day 2

Day 2 was like a rocket that our 512 players were desperately trying to hang on to. Most of them failed as this fast-paced behemoth hurtled towards giant blinds at breakneck speed. After 15 levels of play, only 27 players were left. The chip lead was just as volatile, switching...more

2 September

MPC27: Gu rides off on Red Dragon lead after Day 1A

It seems like just yesterday that we were talking to you about Dragons in Macau. That's because it was. The Baby Dragon played down to a champ last night, which you can read all about here. But with that one over, it was time to move on up to the...more

MPC27: Deng Jiwei bests record-breaking Baby Dragon

Only a day after the Baby Dragon spread its wings, China's Deng Jiwei stepped up and slayed it, having overcome a record-breaking field of 793. Jiwei's impressive feat sees him take home the title, the trophy, and HK$942,000 (~$120,000) after a heads-up deal. Jiwei jostled himself to the middle of...more

Sunday Million Live: It's time to go live

After months of build up and preparation, the time has come for the Sunday Million Live to go, er, live. The first of it's kind for PokerStars, the Sunday Million Live offered players the chance to play an online Day 1 qualifier to Day 2 of a live tournament. Anyone...more

1 September

MPC27: Baby Dragon Day 2 coverage archive

Deng Jiwei wins Baby Dragon for HK$942,000! Deng Jiwei has overcome a record-breaking Baby Dragon field of 793 to take home the trophy, the title, and HK$942,000 after a heads up deal. We'll have a full wrap up of today's proceedings soon on the PokerStars Blog. Congratulations to Deng! 12:50am:...more

Weekend planner: WCOOP, Sunday Million live, Macau, & Megastack planning

We've just found the last of the Barcelona sand in our shoes. We miss the paella and tapas. We're already ready to have as much fun as we had at PokerStars Championship Barcelona. So, why not just barrel into the weekend as hard as we can. Here's what's up over...more