November 2017

30 November

$2 million up for grabs in Christmas Challenges

Here in just a bit, it will be December, a time where everything is draped in holly and garland, a time when mulled wine rules the night. Or something like that. (Drink responsibly.) But it's also a time when you might be able to drape yourself in some cash. No...more

The #GameOn challenges continue. This week: Poker faces

Another #GameOn challenge this week, with Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt putting their poker faces to the test. There were some mixed scores, as Hart and Bolt tried to get the better of the other, with Team Pro Daniel Negreanu adjudicating. The results were interesting... but mainly funny, as you'll...more

Decision time: A trip to the PCA or more of this?

If you live in the northern hemisphere, tell us if the following is familiar to you: • The windows frozen over • Your car not starting in the morning • Your toes are numb from the icy wind, if they haven't dropped off completely • Temperatures are dropping faster than...more

29 November

PlayaPlz: Quarter million? Please & thank you!

I don't know about you, but Wednesday felt like an average day. Middle of the week. World news making it seems as though we're all about to be incinerated. People behaving badly. You know. Normal. But it's not every day that you see a final table of a $10K event...more

Jeff Gross on quads and that Phelps call: "The timing was amazing"

We can't all call up Olympic champions on Facetime, so if you happen to have one you may as well do so from time to time. That would be one interpretation of the appearance of Olympic champion (and "GOAT") Michael Phelps in a hand streamed by Team Pro Jeff Gross...more

Retread Redemption: Paul "pvas2" Vas Nunes on his 7-year Sunday Million repeat

Paul "pvas2" Vas Nunes won the Sunday Million this week. The 28-year-old pro from the UK recorded the win seven years after first winning the event back in 2010. The quality of the performance stands out in the report of the event, which you can read here. After what was...more

28 November

Super Tuesday: Ace Zzang's hot November continues with $57K win

It's been a great November at the PokerStars tournament tables for one South Korean. Ace Zzang won the $22 Mini Sunday Million for $19,788 two weeks ago, and has since spent the last two weeks parlaying it into a string of final table appearances and another $30,000+ in cashes. The...more

Bankroll Challenge alert! $1,000. 10 days. 24/7 stream.

We all do crazy things with our buddies. We go to the pub and stay too long. We taunt the monkeys at the zoo. We go back to the pub, talk about the monkeys. As you do. Kevin Martin and his buddy Ryan Schoonbaert are taking things to a different...more

Goias92 tops the weekend's low stakes winners

The weekend is mostly about the big winners in the Sunday Majors. But it's not all about them. Below you'll find details of those who won at the other end of the high stakes-low stakes spectrum, including those who won big for free. Low stakes winners TOURNAMENTWINNERCOUNTRYPRIZE MONEY $11 Sunday...more

Lex Vedhuis wins (again). Performs victory dance. Jeff Gross does same.

Lex Veldhuis is enjoying his poker right now, and it's hardly surprising. Last week he called his win in the PokerStars Thrill, and then promptly delivered (well perhaps not promptly, his 9,000 viewers for that performance will tell you it took about 15 hours). Lex Veldhuis on his way to...more

If you're going to stream quads, do it with Olympian eye-witnesses

So, you're sitting at home playing on PokerStars, streaming to a vast audience on Twitch watching your every move - who do you want calling on Facetime to pass the hours? Maybe your mother calling would be a little embarrassing, but maybe a good friend, especially if that friend happens...more

27 November

Fedor Holz defines early High Roller Week parameters

See, it was the end of the year, and someone at PokerStars got it in their heads to put together a week for the world's high rollers. On the live circuit, those people are usually pretty easy to spot. It's the same few dozen people battling each other for giant...more

6-Max Cash Game Guide, Episode 6 - 3-Betting


Weekend Review: Nunes scratches seven year itch, while Veldhuis calls it... wins it

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • Paul "pvas2" Vas Nunes win the Sunday Million • Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart declare #GameOn • Ulrich Pauls wins PokerStars Festival Hamburg • Lex Veldhuis calls it... wins it Paul "pvas2" Vas Nunes...more

Sunday Million: Wild final table ends in heads-up deal, pvas2's second title

It's easy to see the world as a much different place than it was in 2010. So much has happened, so much has changed! But clear eyes reveal that most things are exactly the same as they were seven years ago. The sun rises every morning and sets every evening...more

26 November

Lubas the bridesmaid again as Pauls wins PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event

Ulrich Pauls: man of the hour The roll call of winners this week has included Reinhard Nack (Hamburg Poker Cup), Nebojsa Musulin (PokerStars Open), Jascha Ahmadi (Pot Limit Omaha) and Andre Haneberg (High Roller) but the marquee event is the PokerStars Festival Main Event and after three days of play...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: And then there were five

We're down to five now on the final table of the PokerStars Hamburg Main Event, and we're sorry to report that Team Pro Marcin Horecki was the first of the remaining eight to leave. He'd been making an effort with his short stack, shoving at every opportunity. But immediately after...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: After a double KO and chip leader change, it's final table time

After four and a half hours of play here on Day 3, we're now down to the official final table of eight players in the PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event. Here's how we got there. Ulrich Pauls When driving to the Casino Schenefeld earlier today, the Blog team were chatting...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Main Event final table player profiles

Top row (l to r) Behzad Zarnegar, Jan Sigel, Andrei Nodea, Marcin Horecki and Bo Rundstrom; bottom row (l to r) Michal Lubas, Ulrich Pauls and Karolis Domarkas Seat 1. Karolis Domarkas, 28 years old from Lithuania. 555,000 chips. Karolis Domarkas is an entrepreneur and poker player who has been...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Action-packed start to Main Event finale

You'd expect some butterflies in stomachs on the final day of a big Main Event, but here in Hamburg none of the remaining players seem to have any jitters. The action on this third and final day of the €1,100 Main Event started off thick and fast, with 15 players...more

25 November

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: As smooth as Silz

When we arrived at Maximilian Silz's table, things weren't looking good for the young German. His 9♥9♦ was trailing Armin Eckl's all-in with the J♦8♥ on a flop that brought a jack. He found no help on the turn or river, and Eckl doubled up. OK, so I should mention...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Ulrich Pauls leads 15 into final day; Horecki sitting third in chips

After the four starting flights, it was great to get all remaining players under one roof for Day 2 today. If you scanned the room closely at the start of play you would've been able to spot the winner in the crowd, but you wouldn't have got very good odds...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Fleischmann tries tanking his way to the bank, but bubbles instead

They're in the money! Everyone except Fabian Fleischmann that is. With the bubble just a few spots away, we began to notice that one table in particular had a floor person behind the dealer on what seemed like every hand. It turned out that was because the clock was being...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Dan Stacey cruising with the bubble looming

The UKIPT was one of the most successful regional tours of its time, a jewel in PokerStars' crown. It was loyally supported and attended by many regulars who loved the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and the lively social scene. It's great to see some of those familiar faces here at PokerStars...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Koster crushing, quads collecting, aces cracking, xflixx busting

With only 97 players remaining here on Day 2, the bubble is rapidly approaching. That hasn't prevented plenty of action throughout these past two levels though. Rudolf Koster has yet to relinquish his chip lead since taking it over earlier on, although the amount of his lead has dipped somewhat....more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Lubas' big stack brings back painful memories

Two levels are down on this Day 2, and a name very familiar to this particular PokerStars Blog writer has risen near the top of the chip counts. Michal Lubas We wouldn't expect you casual poker followers to know the name Michal Lubas, but when you once wrote about a...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Good first level for Team Pro

The red spade is represented on two fronts here at PokerStars Festival Hamburg this week, one from Team Online and one from Team Pro. Both made it through to Day 2 today but in trouble as each of them came back with fewer chips than they started with on Day...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: There's a whole lot to tell you about Day 2

Welcome back to the Casino Schenefeld for Day 2 of the PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event. For the first time, all the survivors from each of the four starting flights will be together in one room. We've got a lot to tell you, including last night's action, the prize pool,...more

24 November

"It really does feel like a team effort": Lex Veldhuis on his $55,000 Thrill ride

Let's start the weekend with a philosophical question. If Lex Veldhuis wins a poker tournament, and nobody is around to see him do it, does he still make a noise? That's trick question, obviously, because Lex Veldhuis is never without a crowd. Players and fans flock to see him play...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Kroon sings a 'chip leader' tune as Day 1C comes to an end

A faster, but not necessarily furiouser, starting flight of the Main Event is now in the books. Day 1C had 30-minute blind levels instead of the usual 40, and attracted 134 entrants. That brings the total so far up to 453, meaning just 47 runners in tonight's hyper-turbo Day 1D...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Tom Holke is Casino Schenefeld's very own Bruce Banner

Casino Schenefeld is to Tom Holke what gamma rays are to Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner transforms into the Incredible Hulk for action and something similar happens to Tom Holke when he enters the doors of Casino Schenefeld. The colourful German came from nowhere two years ago to storm to victory...more

Weekend Warm-Up: #GameOn in Hamburg, and for High Rollers

A quick look at some of the stories from the week on PokerStars. • Then Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt #GameOn series continues • Hamburg proving a ball • High Roller series starts this weekend More #GameOn from Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart Last week it was Keeping your cool,...more

PokerStars Championship Prague - A Guide to a Winter Wonderland

Many of the most popular PokerStars live events take place under sizzling suns with beautiful beaches a stone's throw away. However, there's one stop in particular that proves just as popular, despite the fact that swimwear and sand are swapped with scarves and Christmas markets. We're talking of course...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Brunch time before crunch time

There was a delicious aroma wafting around the Casino Schenefeld poker room this morning upon arrival. One that instantly reminded us we'd yet to eat anything all day. Cue hundreds of stomachs beginning to growl. Replacing the standard player's party here at PokerStars Festival Hamburg was a 'player's brunch',...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Felix "xflixx" Schneiders, "The Twitch journey has only just begun."

There were a lot of skeptical voices in the poker world a few years ago when poker players started using Twitch. Jason 'JCarver' Somerville led the way but a lot of observers thought that streaming yourself playing poker wouldn't work, and that the platform was best for what it...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Speeding things up on Day 1C/D

Happy Friday everyone. The weekend is almost here. Of course, when you're covering a poker tournament, the weekend usually means you're approaching the end. We now have just three days to get the PokerStars Festival Main Event wrapped up, and we're still on the Day 1s. Time to speed things...more

23 November

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: How it all began for Germany's top 10 all-time money winners

While many of the players in action here on Day 1B of the PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event are experienced on the felt, there are likely to be quite a few who are still seeking that elusive first live cash. So if you haven't got a profile up on Hendon...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Matthias Rauscher tops sell out Day 1B crowd

When's a hard cap not a hard cap? Either when it's a helmet, or when 201 players are allowed to play a poker tournament when the hard cap is 200. The folk at Casino Schenefeld are reasonable people though, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Day 1B of...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Brutal beats and bust-outs so far on Day 1B

Registration is now closed here on Day 1B of the Main Event, and the numbers are in. We had a total of 201 entries, and at the time of writing 160 of them remain in the hunt for a chip bag come the end of Level 12. The player out...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Fabian Gumz enjoying the Festival's first year

The new era of PokerStars Live events started just over a year ago with the very first PokerStars Festival in New Jersey, United States. Since then the tour has stopped in 12 other destinations across South America, Asia and here in Europe. This week in Hamburg we're enjoying the...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: German eSports presenter Melek 'm3lly' Balgün on her first major poker tournament experience

The crossover between poker and eSports has been evident for years now. You only have to look as far as the PokerStars Team Pro rosters, where the likes of Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier and Lex 'RaSZi' Veldhuis transitioned from professional eSports (Starcraft in both cases) to winning millions in poker. As...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Day 1B expected to be a sell out!

Wednesday was a full day in the poker room as the Main Event Day 1A played alongside the final day of the High Roller. Today it's all about Day 1B of the Main Event and the fullness will come from a (hoped) sellout crown. The flight has a hard...more

Bluffing... the Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt way. #GameOn

This week Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt continue the #GameOn series, this time working on that most vital of poker skills: Bluffing. Naturally, theirs is a slightly different take, using less traditional methods to cultivate this skill, but their version is a lot more fun. As the video below demonstrates....more

22 November

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Andre Haneberg forges a comeback to take down High Roller for €46,380

Haneberg's the High Roller champ While the Main Event was kicking off on one side of the room and cash games were running in the corner, a couple of tables slap bang in the centre of Casino Schenefeld were designated for a select few. Just 28 of the 90 High...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Rudolf Koster takes the early Main Event lead

The Main Event got underway today with the first of four starting flights in three days. Twelve 45-minute levels were scheduled with registration staying open until the beginning of Level 7. A total of 118 players made it in by that point and 37 made it through to Day 2,...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: The bubble bursts in High Roller; Jensen sole EPT winner remaining

We're down to just 13 players in the PokerStars Festival Hamburg €2,200 High Roller, and that means they're all in the money. The unfortunate soul who left the Casino Schenefeld with nothing turned out to be one of the three former EPT winners we told you about earlier on. But...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Three EPT champs return seeking High Roller victory

Cards are now in the air on the second and final day of the PokerStars Festival Hamburg €2,200 High Roller. Just 28 players returned to battle it out, and three of the biggest stacks belong to familiar faces at Blog HQ. For you see, left in the field we have...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Paul Janke talks The Bachelor, poker and football (soccer)

One of the main TV watching trends of this century has to be Reality TV. In an era on shrinking production budgets, it was a dream for those in charge of the money. Cheap to produce, no scripts need to be written and the everyday person (in large parts) replaced...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Main Event starts today and Nebojsa Musulin is an Open champion

Another day and another Euro to play for here at the PokerStars Festival Hamburg. The final day of the High Roller will play to a winner from 5pm, but before that the focus is very much on the Main Event. Day 1A kicked off at 1pm and at the time...more

21 November

Super Tuesday: Second time's the $48K charm for josef_shvejk

It was a quarter to midnight ET and all the other players were gone, save the one opponent with the lead. Sure, josef_shvejk trailed ModzillaPL with 2.5 million to 3.4 million as they exchanged a "gl" in the chat box and got down to business, but that was old hat...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Vardjavand bags High Roller chip lead with 28 remaining

What do successful business men and women do when they reach a certain level of financial stability? Retire and take it easy? Sometimes, but actually that's rarely the case. Success usually drives a person to achieve more. When you have a taste for it, it's a motivator that keeps you...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Two days to win €46,380

As the PokerStars Festival High Roller Day 1 heads around the final bend, the prize pool information was released by the important people in suits. Registration closed after dinner break (the beginning of Level7) and a record 90 entries had stumped up the €2,200 needed to enter, 10 of them...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: 90 in the High Roller; Christian Freimuller leads the way

When you come to a PokerStars Festival, you want to win the Main Event. That's the prestigious one. But coming in a close second has to be the High Roller. Deep down, we all dream of being high rollers, if we aren't already. The €2,200 buy-in PokerStars Festival High Roller...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Action's in the Open after Nack wins Poker Cup for €20K

When we hear that a PokerStars Festival Cup event has come to an end, we usually assume that Sander van Wesemael has won it. After all, the young Dutchman took down three consecutive events (the Marbella Poker Cup, Lille Poker Cup, and Barcelona Poker Cup) throughout June, July and August...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Who will follow Holke, Peters, Alt and Danzer?

May 2015. The month and year that a PokerStars event first took place in Hamburg, and specifically in Casino Schenefeld. The inaugural German Eureka Poker Tour event was a great success and so we returned last year to rinse and repeat. And here we are again for a third year...more

PokerStars Festival Hamburg: The High Rollers get the ball rolling

Guten tag everyone, and welcome to Hamburg for the first PokerStars Festival stop on German soil. We've been busy this year, having already visited Festivals in London, Rozvadov (almost German soil), Vina Del Mar in Chile, Marbella, Seoul, Manila, Punta del Este in Uruguay, Bucharest, and Sochi. Now it's...more

Something you didn't know about... Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome

The mixed poker game specialist opens up about her passions for Twitch streaming and cooperative board gaming, and why hiring a personal chef has been one of her best-ever moves Canadian Adrienne Rowsome has been grinding mixed games ever since she first tentatively sat down at a cash table...more

Buy-in low, winnings high: The low stakes winners from the weekend

We posted the biggest results of the weekend yesterday, and you can read those here. Today we look at the low stakes winners, who possess some of the biggest returns on investment of the weekend. Below you'll find the best winners in each. Best of the low stakes winners TOURNAMENTWINNERCOUNTRYPRIZE...more

20 November

Short and sweet from Deal winner Skarvurin

Skarvurin is a man of few words. When we reached out to him he was happy to talk us through his winning the Deal, but his answers were short, sweet and polite. Then again that might have been a result of not sleeping since watching his bank roll boosted by...more

Weekend Review: money_hunte wins Sunday Million, but who won everything else?

Weekend Review - Monday 20 November 2017 A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • money_hunte win the Sunday Million • Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart declare #GameOn • The latest from Poker In The Ears money_hunte wins Sunday Million As Jason...more

Sunday Million: Patient money_hunte's big comeback earns $95K atop five-way deal (11-19-17)

The typical journey for a short-stacked player at a Sunday Million final table ends almost as soon as it begins. money_hunte's path tonight was anything but typical. The player from the Netherlands entered the final with fewer than 20 big blinds but got off to a good start by doubling...more

17 November

PokerStars signs as Italian Poker Open sponsor

The Italian Poker Open has a new exclusive sponsor. PokerStars announced this week that it has signed on with the IPO to promote the massive Italian series and run online satellites to its events. The Italian Poker Open kicked off back in 2011 and at first drew a little more...more

Weekend Warm-Up: Festivals, High Rollers, and streaming for charity. #GameOn

A look at some of the stories from the week on PokerStars. • Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt practice "Keeping your cool" • Twitch hosts $100K charity event tonight • Listen to the latest episode of Poker In The Ears • News of the first PokerStars Festival of the New...more

From League of Legends to the PCA big leagues

It's not easy to see a route through a field of 3,200 players, especially when each of them are intent on winning a PCA package. So, it's probably best not to even try. Instead, play, play some more, and then see how things stand if you survive the first few...more

London to host first PokerStars Festival of 2018

London has always been a kind of hotspot for live poker, never more so than at The Hippodrome, where PokerStars returns early next year to kick off the PokerStars calendar. The PokerStars London Festival is the first Festival of the 2018 PokerStars calendar, coming just days after the PCA, and...more

16 November

The Biggest UK Celebrities Right Now

While British pros excel in poker games around the world, celebrities from the UK are making just as big a splash in their chosen fields. From household names on TV shows to world-beating sports stars, here are some of the biggest UK celebrities around today. Sports Personality - Anthony Joshua...more

Keeping your cool the Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt way #GameOn

There are a great many elements to poker, and any player will tell you it's about more than just the cards you're dealt. One example is keeping your cool, the ability to stay calm and focused so as not to give anything away. It's vitally important, and difficult to master,...more

The true test match - poker's longest heads-up battles

Deep-stacked heads-up poker is the closest the game comes to the purity and attrition of Test cricket. On the eve of the 2017/18 Ashes, join us as we bring you the five most epic heads-up encounters of all time When England lost their first Test match to Australia on...more

Manila Megastack 8: Season Opener

Manila Megastack 8 launches the 2018 Asia Player of the Year (APOY) season when the bi-annual poker festival arrives at PokerStars LIVE Manila from November 27-December 3. Like the name suggests, the Megastack is known for it's huge start stacks for all tournaments. The seven-day series now has 20 APOY...more

15 November

Super Tuesday: poker@luffyD survives competitive table for $57K victory

Stacked line-ups are not unusual in the Super Tuesday. Players who succeed here are typically the kind who do well anywhere. So it was hardly surprising that, with six players left, picking out the winner was difficult. While everyone seemed a coin-flip away from the title, play continued for two...more

14 November

6-Max Cash Game Guide, Episode 5 - Calling Opens


This week's low stakes winners on PokerStars

Each Monday we post the biggest results from the weekend on PokerStars, headlined by the Sunday Million. If you haven't already checked it out you can do so here. These events are not the only events to take place each week on PokerStars. Our low stakes performers also merit some...more

13 November

Weekend Review: Big win for WATnlos

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • WATnlos wins the Sunday Million WATnlos wins Sunday Million It proved short work for Austrian WATnlos in this week's main feature. He took a little over an hour to wrap things up, earning a...more

Sunday Million: WATnlos breezes to $145K win in just over an hour

Not all Sunday Million final tables are created equal. Some remain crowded, the knockouts never come and players try to outlast the blinds and antes. Others are more orderly, players dismissed at regular intervals setting up long heads-up match. Then there are those finals like tonight's, which saw former Sunday...more

10 November

Weekend Warm-Up: Stories from the week on PokerStars

A quick look at some of the stories from the week on PokerStars. • 100 players book PCA tickets in Ultra Satellite • From zero-to PCA in one weekend • The latest from PokerStars Schools • Listen to the latest episode of Poker in the Ears • London giveaway •...more

9 November

Catching up with the week on PokerStars School

There's a lot to catch up on this week from the world of PokerStars School. If you missed anything this is a good place to start. Videos First off there was Episode 4 of our 6-Max Cash Games Guide, which went live yesterday. You can watch Ep 4 here (or...more

8 November

Best of the weekend's low stakes winners

Each Monday we post the biggest results from the weekend on PokerStars, headlined by the Sunday Million. If you haven't already checked it out you can do so here. These events are not the only Sunday Majors that take place on PokerStars. What's minor to one player is major to...more

Aditya Kumar goes from zero to PCA package in one weekend

What would your first reaction be if you'd just won a package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure? To some it's the thought of playing against some of the best players in the game. To others it's all about the destination itself, time spent exploring a literal Paradise in the Bahamas,...more

6-Max Cash Game Guide, Episode 3 - C-Betting


7 November

Super Tuesday: DuTTiFruTTi9 seizes the day, beats experienced field for $53K win (11-7-17)

With just a dozen players in this week's Super Tuesday, DuTTiFruTTi9 was flying under the radar. The former Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million finalist had an average stack and was still looking for an opening. But that patience paid off. When the first opportunity opened-up, DuTTiFruTTi9 followed it directly to...more

Ultra satellite sends another 100 players to the PCA

Okay, so it turns out we're not in the habit of $500,000 overlays after all. Yesterday we ran our second PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Ultra satellite, bumping up even further the number of players heading to the PCA in January - an event we plan on making the most memorable incarnation...more

6 November

Weekend Review: G A W headlines with Sunday Million win

After a busy week last week, the new one starts with a brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • G A W wins the Sunday Million G A W wins Sunday Million As with a lot of players on PokerStars, the biggest...more

Sunday Million: After four-way deal, 99-minute duel ends in victory for G A W (11-6-17)

As is the case for many players, some of the biggest moments in the career of Romanian player G A W have come on a Sunday. Up until now those have mostly come in the Sunday Warm-Up, including one final table appearance back in 2009 and another during a WCOOP...more

3 November

Weekend Warm-up: It's all about the PCA Ultra Satellite

A quick look at some of the stories from the week on PokerStars. • An unmissable PCA Ultra satellite this Sunday • The 2017 ACOP concludes in Macau • The latest Poker In The Ears podcast First thing's first: We're going big (Ultra) on this weekend's PCA satellite Okay, we've...more

1 November

Super Tuesday: Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier stays hot with $44K win (10-31-17)

It's been a good year at the PokerStars tournament tables for Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemeier. He doubled his collection of COOP titles in September, converting on a quarter of his WCOOP 2017 final table appearances with one NLHE win and one Stud win during the series and finishing in third place...more