$2 million up for grabs in Christmas Challenges

Here in just a bit, it will be December, a time where everything is draped in holly and garland, a time when mulled wine rules the night. Or something like that. (Drink responsibly.)

But it's also a time when you might be able to drape yourself in some cash. No matter whether you're a tourney player, a cash game grinder, or a connoisseur of some of our other offerings like Spin & Go tourneys, we've got something under the tree for you in the new PokerStars Christmas Challenges promo.

From now until Christmas, there will be more than $2 million in prizes on offer and daily $25,000 all-in shootouts.


Over the course of the next few weeks you're going to have a long Christmas list of challenges ahead of you. Make them happen, and you're could be rolling in prizes. Santa's sack is full of CardMatch Challenges, Reward Point, Happy Hours, CardHunt Puzzles, Jacks or Better Challenges, Golden Sit & Go tourneys, and more. Above and beyond that, if you finish ten or more challenges, you will get an entry into a Christmas Day freeroll with a $100,000 prize pool and $30,000 in random prizes

To learn how to opt in and how much you can win, visit the PokerStar Christmas Challenges page.

Happy Holidays!

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Brad Willis
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