Keeping your cool the Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt way #GameOn

There are a great many elements to poker, and any player will tell you it's about more than just the cards you're dealt.

One example is keeping your cool, the ability to stay calm and focused so as not to give anything away. It's vitally important, and difficult to master, as Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt demonstrate in their latest #GameOn video.

usain_bolt_daniel_negreanu_kevin_hart_16nov17_crop.jpgUsain Bolt, Kevin Hart, an ice bath, and referee Daniel Negreanu

In the first of a series of challenges in the run up to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Hart and Bolt compete against each other to see who can win a "Keeping your cool" contest, using the less than traditional format of dunking themselves into an ice bath, refereed by Team Pro Daniel Negreanu.

The result, and the temperature, was eye-opening, as you can watch below.

Look out for more #GameOn challenges between Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt on PokerStars, each designed to test the core qualities and skills of poker, including reading opponents, emotional control, and bluffing. It all leads up to the PCA, where the two stars will face off against each other in a unique poker contest.

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