Short and sweet from Deal winner Skarvurin

Skarvurin is a man of few words. When we reached out to him he was happy to talk us through his winning the Deal, but his answers were short, sweet and polite.

Then again that might have been a result of not sleeping since watching his bank roll boosted by six figures.

"I haven't slept much last night" he said (winking face emoji), as we spoke to him about the win.

While Skarvurin might prefer the low-key description, Team Online's Mikhail Shalamov was Streaming at the time and caught the moment the wheel spun around, landing on "jackpot", a total of $236,568, half of which, $118,381.99, would go to Skarvurin. You can watch Shalamov's reaction by clicking here.


So here are the details, gleaned mostly from the emojis used in Skarvurin's reply.

He plays the Deal a lot, using Stars' points (smiley face), the plan always being to hit the jackpot (makes sense).

Skarvurin has played poker for some time now, starting in 2005 (laughing face) as one of what he described as a large poker community in his local area. Nothing unusual about that you might think, until finding Skarvurin's home country, the beautiful and wind swept Faroe Islands, on the map. We'll give you a moment to find it on Google.

faroe-islands-20nov17_v1.jpgThe result was even more incredible when you factor in looking at a screen means not looking at scenery as magnificent as this...

Alternatively find the UK on the map, scan up a bit... no those are the Shetlands, keep going... up a bit more. No, those are the Orkneys, you've strayed too far east. Keep going to the north west until you find some islands in the middle of the ocean... There ya go, those are the Faroe Islands, half way between Iceland and Scotland. See, you learned something today!

faroe-islands-20nov17_v2.jpgOr this...

The Islands have a population of 50,000 (smiley face) and Skarvurin, when not playing in PokerStars, is a commercial diver, which you must imagine, living surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, must mean there's no shortage of work.

But that might have to change after the win in the Deal. Skarvurin is clear in his plans for the money, which will involve taking a break to travel with his wife and children, with Denmark on the list of destinations (thumbs up).


Congratulations to Skarvurin on a great result, and enjoying the trip.

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