A Winning Moment for #TeamTalon

You don't have to look far for stories during WCOOP. That was certainly the case during the most recent Series last month.

The more you look the more you uncover, including this story, not from one of the big winners, but from the type of players who get an enormous kick out of a three-figure cash rather than a six-figure one. It's not life changing money you might think, but it kind of life changing in a way. But more so, it's about those players who get your started in the game in the first place.


This story starts with a player from Brazil.

DArtagnan took part in WCOOP 46-L, and put in a pretty good performance. He made it all the way through to 19th place which, if not earth shattering, was still a pretty good result for the man himself, who picked up $432.76 for the effort.

But the money is not what this story is about.

Then there was Woodstock37. He won two different Omaha events on PokerStars, weirdly picking up $8,016.41 for each cash for a combined $16,032.82. But that's not what this story is about either.

Both were delighted with their results, and each celebrated in the usual way. And then, when the initial excitement of their success settled in, humility struck. Thoughts turned instead to those who had helped them get to this milestone, who'd encouraged them and made results like this possible.

Logging back in both knew exactly who had inspired them and figured they'd write to thank them. The funny thing is that both DArtagnan and Woodstock73 had the exact same player in mind.

"Thx thx Talon!! I'm on WCOOP-L NLO8 Day 2 thanks to your stream, I discovered and learned how to play NLO8 because of you!"


"I learned how to play o8 from your stream, really"


Both are part of the Twitch audience of Team Online's Adrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome. Both thought to reach out to thank her for the success they had, which they put down to their online community, sharing tips, advice, and learning the game one hand at a time.

"Twitch has given me the opportunity to bring mixed games to players who otherwise may not have explored them," said Rowsome. "In my experience, the biggest barrier to entry is that mixed games often put players out of their comfort zone. Once I show the game and break it down a bit, it is much less intimidating"

Adrienne_Rowsome_goals_12oct17_v2.jpgAdrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome

"One of the best things about my stream and #TeamTalon is how friendly they are and willing to help. It is a great place to come hang out, ask questions, learn different poker variants and meet some great friends"

Talonchick is not the online Team Pro broadcasting on Twitch (you can find details of them all here), and not the only one helping players develop their game and create Winning Moments like this.

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