An Arcade Bomb jackpot worth $1.8 million

We don't feature many cross over posts on the Blog, but in this case we've decided to make an exception.

We have a pretty good reason. You could say we have 1.8 million reasons, or at least German PokerStars Casino player beckskr has.


Yesterday afternoon he logged into his account to play his regular game. Just short of seven minutes later he'd become a millionaire, winning $1,879,437 on the Arcade Bomb game. One minute you're pressing a button for a dollar, the next minute your account is spinning up wildly and everything is wunderbar.

That's a lot of buckets of change to take to the cage.

beckskr isn't the only Casino player to have this experience (no details of what else that experience involved other than running around the house howling). This is the seventh time this year we've had a $1 million plus jackpot winner, the third on the Arcade Bomb game.

Just for the record...

DateCasino GameJackpot Payout
26/07/2017Millionaires Island$2,439,369
10/12/2017Arcade Bomb$1,879,437
04/11/2017Millionaires Island$1,764,569
26/01/2017Millionaires Island$1,517,303
22/02/2017Millionaires Island$1,410,720
24/02/2017Genie Jackpots$1,368,821
27/07/2017Millionaires Island$1,348,813

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Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in PokerStars news