Best of the weekend's low stakes winners

Each Monday we post the biggest results from the weekend on PokerStars, headlined by the Sunday Million. If you haven't already checked it out you can do so here.

These events are not the only Sunday Majors that take place on PokerStars. What's minor to one player is major to another, as our low stakes and micro stakes winners would probably attest - not to mention the weekend's major freeroll winners.


Below you'll find the best winners in each, some of which turn over a quite incredible return on investment.

Best of the low stakes winners

$11 Sunday StormDonkCommitedCosta Rica $24,095.91
$11 Mini Sunday KickoffS.totuliBrazil $7,111.62
$11+R Saturday RebuycakakarakaGermany $4,502.84
$11 Mini Sunday Startertrigs06Cyprus $4,082.51
$8.88 Saturday Spider [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo]wilbralBrazil $3,227.79
$5.50 Mini Sunday MarathonGrachevaJRussia$2,981.70
$11 Mini Sunday Wrap-UpArakiunBrazil $2,254.78
$11 Mini Saturday KO [Early Edition]mpsfzRussia$1,917.11
$5.50 Mini Sunday StacknfvniloveGreece $1,428.41

Best of the Micro stakes winners

$3.30+R Mini Sunday RebuydtminatorBulgaria $3,935.10
$3.30 Saturday MicroTrue36Ukraine $1,772.83
$3.30 Micro Saturday Speedway [Turbo]warrior24178Germany $1,278.24
$1.10+R Mini Saturday RebuyChavinhofabBrazil $1,026.98
$2.20 Micro Saturday KOrreckkles659United Kingdom $950.00
$2.20 Mini Sunday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]1973tolstyiRussia$684.79
$2.20 Mini Saturday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]#problem999United Kingdom $483.70

Best of the Freeroll winners

Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll, $10,000 Added proplexRussia$1,356.27
Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll, $10,000 Added LM8888888888Ukraine $1,355.69
Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll, $5,000 Added ovemind13Croatia (Hrvatska) $503.09
Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll, $5,000 Added BEGOMRussia$501.62

Check out the full list of weekend winners, large and small, on our results page for the weekend of 4 to 5 Novemer 2017.

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