Big deal for first time player of The Deal

It took seven StarsCoin, the rough equivalent of what you might find in a vending machine change return than someone didn't bother to check before running off with their bag of treats. But for just that amount, a Polish man has banked more than a quarter million bucks in PokerStars The Deal progressive jackpot.

Earlier today, we told you about the PokerStars NJ player who spun some lunch money up into $100,000 (while on video, no less). Now, another story of big money out of nowhere, this one from Poland.

The man known as zuziek79 was playing The Deal for the very first time. It took him seven hands at the seven StarsCoin level. Next thing he knew, he'd hit the royal flush for the largest jackpot the game has ever paid out: $287,230.

With his brother on his virtual rail, the scene in Poland was, as zuziek79 tells it, "crazy."

"I'm very happy. It is a life changing amount of money for me. I plan to spend it wisely," he said


Since launching in December, The Deal jackpot has hone off more than 20 times and paid out more than $1.2 million. Here's how it has broken down so far.

December 21: $42,329.42
December 23: $103.720.04
December 25: $84,632.03
December 26: $65,774.86
December 27: $53,254.91
December 29: $75,703.91
December 31: $77,601.14
January 1: $23,138.02
January 4: $93,607.62
January 6: $50,155.62
January 7: $31,739.41
January 10: $55,231.28
January 11: $36,705.30
January 15: $39,531.70
January 17: $48,974.88
January 18: $22,860.39
January 28: $305,019.98


So, big congrats to zuziek79 for nailing a big one.

For more information on how you can play, visit The Deal website at PokerStars.

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